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October 2018

10 Wedding Decor Ideas and Themes on Trend for 2019 and 40+ Ways to Style Them

10 popular wedding decor themes on trend for 2019, and over 40 different ways to make them your own!

Next to your wedding dress, your wedding décor and theme is the probably the most fun item on your wedding checklist. Inspiration is all around, from Pinterest to wedding websites’ features of real weddings and styled shoots. Gorgeous floral arrangements, beautiful calligraphy details, neon signs, you want them all. With so many possibilities for a beautiful wedding, you’re hard-pressed to narrow it down to a cohesive wedding theme.

For a wedding that truly reflects your personalities and your journey as a couple, the both of you should sit down and discuss what’s important to you. How do you want your wedding look to convey your story?

Your theme should complement your wedding venue as well. If you’re going for a garden wedding vibe, set your celebration outdoors. A beautiful setting will go far in creating the look and feel you want, without you needing to spend a huge sum on decorations.

To help you find your own wedding style, here are 10 different wedding themes that are popular with couples in Singapore right now. From fun tropical themes to classic and minimalist ones, here are over 40 ways our SingaporeBrides couples have made the popular themes their own. Get inspired with our style tips on how you can also achieve the look.

Tropical Wedding Décor Themes

1.Moody Tropical

In the Mood for Hot Love: Moody Tropical Little Island Brewery Co Wedding Styled Shoot by Andri Tei Photography

Style it: With Wulala!, we put a spin on the tropical theme with a dark and moody colour palette and exotic fruit, with tropical florals and foliage by Bucket Full of Roses. Neon lights, acrylic signage, and gold accents completed the glamorously edgy vibe.

2.Tropical Party

Candice and Jiwen’s Intimate Little Island Brewing Co Wedding by Thomas Tan Photography

Style it: Candice and Jiwen kept their wedding fun and lighthearted with colourful bunting that made a big impact. Tropical floral arrangements featuring pineapples and bright flowers and foliage added to the fun.

3.Lush Tropical

Pearlyn and Kang Cheng’s Urban Tropical Forest Wedding at Conrad Centennial Singapore by Feldberyl Images

Style it: For their urban tropical theme at Conrad Centennial Singapore, Pearlyn and Kang Cheng had lots of lush, tropical foliage in wild arrangements, styled with the help of FLOUR. Getting really into the mood, both the bride and groom had tropical foliage painted on their outfits by Amanda Lee Weddings!

Bohemian Wedding Décor Themes

4.Bohemian Backyard

Gayle and Marc’s Bohemian Backyard Wedding at Wheeler’s Estate by Andri Tei Photography

Style it: Gayle and Marc pulled off a laid-back bohemian vibe with lots of bohemian patterns rugs and drapes, lacy dream-catchers, and a floral-topped tepee, with the help of Bucket Full of Roses.

5.Dreamy Bohemian

Run Away with Me: A Dreamy Bohemian Elopement Styled Shoot by Darren and Jade Photography

Style it: To capture the dreamy feel of an elopement, we dressed open yet intimate spaces at Capella Singapore with a diamond wedding arch and a sweetheart dessert table with rustic bohemian blooms and pampas grass in a dreamy colour palette of dusty blues and soft lilacs, with the help of Med Kärlek Inc.

6.Rustic Bohemian

Dex and Kenneth’s Rustic Royal Lombok Wedding with a Pool After Party by Timeless Photography

Style it: With Kebun Villas & Resorts’ help, Dex created a bohemian picnic with a royal, Moroccan vibe, using rich red drapes, tapestry rugs, pillows, and hanging floral installations.

7.Wild Bohemian

Boho Dreaming: A Bohemian Hen Party Styled Shoot by Antelope Studios

Style it: For a cosy bohemian session that celebrated friendship over food, Wulala! curated a bright and girly bohemian look with pillows and throws, dried flower arrangements, and dessert plants, with beautiful food platters styled by Pout and Chow.

8.Retro Beach Bohemian

Free-Spirited Bohemian Beach Wedding Styled Shoot by Cindy Bri Photography

Style it: To achieve a bohemian look with a seventies vibe, Le Fairymeadow styled the set with a macramé wedding backdrop, earthy colours, and a vintage Vespa.

Botanical Wedding Décor Themes

9.Bright and Botanical

A Springtime Botanical Wedding Styled Shoot at Botanico at The Garage by Synchronal Photography

Style it: With Styled Story and Floral Magic, we created a clean botanical look at Botanico to highlight its modern space, by focusing on lush greenery, floral and foliage installations, lasercut wooden signage, and elegant gold and glass accents.

10.Botanical Neon

Shermaine and Kelvin’s Wild, Botanical Wedding at Chijmes Singapore by Nicolethen Photography

Style it: Shermaine and Kelvin wanted a fun and different wedding experience for guests, and with the help of The Wildest Dreams, they dreamt up a lush foliage backdrop with neon signage, tall tropical arrangements, and a flower bar in Chijmes.

11.Vintage Botanical

Charis and Joshua’s Vintage Botanical Wedding at Nosh by Bloc Memoire Photography

Styled it: Centred around a vintage botanical theme and styled with the help of Fiona Treadwell, Charis and Joshua’s wedding incorporated gold, vintage candlesticks, antique roses in dusty hues, and old-fashioned hand-lettered stationery by bride Charis herself.

12.Lush Botanical

Jiayi and Javi’s Lush Botanical Wedding at Masons at Gillman Barracks by Bloc Memoire Photography

Style it: Jiayi curated a luxe botanical theme at Masons with the help of Fiona Treadwell, styling her wedding with a lush backdrop of foliage, greenery in black frames, botanical garlands, and escort cards strung on leafy vines.

Garden Wedding Décor Themes

13.Intimate Garden

Shyanne and Raymond’s Gorgeous, Organic Open Farm Community Wedding by Bloc Memoire Photography

Style it: To complete the intimate garden feel of the venue, Shyanne styled it with a rustic dessert display on a wooden cart, white streamers over their outdoor aisle, and a pretty floral arch, with the help of Wulala!

14.English Garden

Wheeler’s Estate Elegant English Garden Wedding Styled Shoot by Andri Tei Photography

Style it: Accentuating the venue’s colonial charm, we styled the space with classic flowers, delicate vintage china, and retro rattan chairs, together with FLOUR.

15.Whimsical Garden

Jocelyn and Marcus’ Gorgeous Succulent Wedding at The Rabbit Hole by Click! Photography

Style it: With Stitch x Marker Styling Studio, Jocelyn and Marcus styled their dreamy garden wedding with ribbon backdrops and lush arrangements of succulents and florals whimsically set on swings.

Movie or TV Show Wedding Décor Themes

16.F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Themed

I’ll Be There for You: Central Perk Wedding Styled Shoot by Eggs Benedict Chan Photography

Style it: Bringing to life the popular sitcom, this F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed styled shoot was set in Central Perk Singapore. Staying true to the show’s iconic set, with Amperian, we styled the venue with a palette inspired by the orange couch, fairy lights as a nod to Phoebe’s street wedding, and a banner with the theme song’s apt lyrics.

17.Star Wars

Emi and Andre’s Elegant Star Wars-Themed Wedding at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa by Grow Old with Me Photography

Style it: Big fans of Star Wars, Emi and Andre used their collection of figurines and helmets to dress up their wedding at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa. With the help of Med Kärlek Inc, the styling was kept elegant with a clean white and green palette and gold accents.

18. UP

The Greatest Adventure of John and Sher by One Eye Click

Style it: Sher and John’s wedding theme was significant because their very first date was watching the movie UP. They had customised balloon and Vespa boutonnieres, a colourful hot air balloon piñata filled with Ellie’s pom-pom badges, and pom-pom love quote banners that all came together to create whimsical and warm-hearted celebrations, with the help of In Merry Motion.

Whimsical Wedding Décor Themes

19.Dreamy and Whimsical

Dreamy and Whimsical Fort Canning Park Wedding Styled Shoot by Just Like Magic Co. and Nik Voon

Style it: To create a whimsical feel in the woods, Holy Moly and O’Hara Weddings brought in dainty chairs, a soft pink-clad table laden with whimsical and vintage ornaments, and a dreamy colour palette.

20.Around the World

Steph and Weilun’s Travel Themed Capella Singapore Wedding by Bobby Kiran Photography

Style it: With the help of Wulala!, Steph and Weilun celebrated their love for travel at Capella Singapore with a whimsical set up of hot air balloons, world maps, globes, and of course, beautiful photos of their time together abroad.

21.Socially Conscious

Sherry and Ying Kai’s Socially Conscious Wedding at Food for Thought National Museum by Harriet Koh Photography

Style it: It was important to Sherry and Yingkai to be socially conscious in their celebration, and the couple opted to use social enterprises in their wedding. Their wedding was held in Food for Thought, with wedding favour cookies baked by the Association for Persons with Special Needs, and flowers that were later repurposed as gifts to a nursing home.

22.Whimsically Elegant

Qiuyun and Will’s Whimsical and Timeless Wedding at Chijmes Singapore by AndroidsinBoots

Style it: Qiuyun worked with The Wedding Stylist to create her whimsically romantic wedding vision at Chijmes, using tall, delicate floral arrangements and a classic palette of blush, gold, and white.


Charlene and Jeremy’s Modern Geometric Wedding at Tin Hill Social by Eggs Benedict Chan Photography

Style it: Wanting something sleek and modern, Charlene and Jeremy styled their wedding with paper geometric shapes, a geometric backdrop, and colour-blocked details, with the help of Amperian.


Romona and Lincoln’s Marathon-Themed Wedding by Avenue 8 Photography

Style it: With the help of Yours Fetefully, Romona and Lincoln went all out for their marathon theme, with an inflatable marathon arch, customised trophy toppers, a race track aisle, and personalised medals and trophies for friends.

25.Fuchsia Festival

Hildra and Philippe’s Fuchsia Festival Wedding at Kult Kafe by Eggs Benedict Chan Photography

Style it: With the help of Amperian, Hildra and Philippe created a outdoor festival vibe for their wedding with fairy lights, rustic benches, wild flowers, and colourful streamers.


Peipei and Keat’s Fun Lego Wedding at Da Paolo Bistro Bar at Rochester Park by Glen Sin Photography

Style it: Peipei and Keat went all out to create a LEGO experience for their guests, with handmade LEGO figurine pins, a LEGO tableau of their dating journey, LEGO shoes, a LEGO bow tie, a LEGO ang bao box, and even LEGO-shaped desserts, with the help of Inside the Knot.

27.Mystical Origami

Jophia and Larry’s Mystical Origami Crane Wedding at The Joyden Hall by Caline Ng Photography

Style it: The creative people behind FLOUR, Jophia and Larry handcrafted 1000 golden paper cranes to be suspended from the ceilings, and styled their wedding with beautiful rustic props, lasercut cranes, and lush florals for their wedding at The Joyden Hall.

Moody Wedding Décor Themes

28. Cosmic Mood

Written in the Stars Styled Shoot by Adrian Seetho Photography

Style it: With Wedrock Weddings, we dreamed up a glamorously dark and cosmic palette shot through with gold and stardust, with a gorgeous calligraphy table runner and welcome sign, gold accents, and dark and moody florals for our styled shoot at Sinfonia Ristorante.

29.Romantic Opulence

Romantic Opulence on the Bay Wedding Styled Shoot at Monti at 1-Pavilion by The Beautiful Moment Photography

Style it: With Le Fairymeadow, we highlighted the bayfront venue’s elegance with an circular arch, florals in deep reds, dark table runners, and lots of romantic candlelight from hanging votives, tall candles, and table centrepieces.

30.Passionately Romantic

A Passionate Romance After Dusk at Lewin Terrace by Stanstills Photography

Style it: Together with Wedding Diary, we created a passionately romantic setting at Lewin Terrace with a candlelight solemnisation, calligraphy geode place cards, and richly hued florals and garlands. Candles all over the floors added a passionate touch.

Romantic Wedding Décor Themes

31.Sweet and Pastel

A Summertime Pastel Romance Styled Shoot at The Summerhouse by KAI Picture

Style it: Together with The Wedding Stylist, we captured the romance of The Summerhouse’s garden gazebo with lush floral arrangements, and brought summer indoors with tall floral centrepieces and vintage china for the table settings in the venue’s charming interiors.

32.Pastel Elegance

Asyiha and Sahil’s Dreamy, Pastel Wedding at Our Tampines Hub by Bliss Photo + Cinema

Style it: Asyiha wanted a garden-themed wedding, which she achieved with lush floral arrangements in soft, pastel colours, with the help of With Love Yumi Bridal.

33.Romantic Pastel

Caiyun and Terence’s Gorgeous, Romantic Wedding at Montigo Resorts Nongsa by SVK Studio

Style it: Caiyun made the most of the backdrop of sea and sky with a soft and romantic look in a colour palette of rose quartz and serenity, with watercolour stationery, a beautifully draped arch, and lush florals, with the help of FLOUR.

Rustic Wedding Décor Themes

34.Colourful Rustic

Sarala and Kelvin’s Merry and Vibrant Wedding at Masons at Gillman Barracks by AndroidsinBoots, cropped from original

Style it: Rustic weddings aren’t just about burlap. Sarala and Kelvin loved Masons’ colonial feel and monochromatic look, against which their vintage red flowers really popped. With the help of Med Kärlek Inc, they created a rustic theme with vintage trunks, a calligraphy backdrop, and a chalkboard sign.

35.Rustic Country

Frieda and Winston’s Beautiful Sky Garden Wedding at iFly Singapore by Darren and Jade Photography

Style it: Wanting a rustic, country vibe, Frieda chose to celebrate at Sky Garden, where she accentuated the garden feel with a classic floral arch and tiffany chairs.

36.Rustic and Cheery

Eve and Scott’s Bright and Cheery Wedding Solemnisation at MacRitchie Reservoir by Andri Tei Photography

Style it: With the help of OC Weddings, Eve styled her garden wedding with rustic wooden crates, bright orange florals, and a beautiful dessert spread in the same colours.

37.Earthy Vintage

Warm, Vintage Wedding at Open Farm Community with Organic Florals by Smittenpixels Photography

Style it: The Bloom Room brought back the simplicity of yesteryear by focusing the styling on organic, free-form florals in warm, vintage-inspired hues of soft blues, taupes, and peaches.

Minimalist Wedding Décor Themes

38.Ethereal Simplicity

Geraldine and Kenny’s Pinterest-Worthy Green and White Wedding at The Chapel@Imaginarium by Andri Tei Photography

Style it: In love with the clean, minimalist look of their venue, Geraldine and Kenny kept their décor ethereal and elegant, with natural green and white florals in simple arrangements, a white calligraphy backdrop, and delicate gold accents, with the help of Megu Weddings.

39. Minimalist Geometric

Amy and Shiuh Liang’s Minimalist Rooftop Aura Wedding by Andri Tei Photography

Style it: Amy and Shiuh Liang kept their wedding simple, yet memorable for their guests, with a monochromatic backdrop, clean geometric table runners, and minimalist decor, accented with pops of bright red, with Amperian’s help.

40.Minimalist and Elegant

Sherie and Young Leong’s Elegant and Jubilant Solemnisation at Alcove at Caldwell House by Love Confetti Stills and Motion

Style it: Sherie and Young Leong let the simplicity and beauty of their venue shine, keeping their décor minimal with a white wedding arch and rustic florals.

Glamorous Wedding Décor Themes

41.Luxurious Fairytale

Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong’s Exquisite, Whimsical Wedding at The Ritz Carlton, Millennia Singapore by Trouve Photography

Style it: Cheryl’s fairytale wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore had luxuriously whimsical elements like gold staircases on the stage, life-size unicorns, a real-life ballerina twirling on a spinning pedestal like in a music box, and woodland creatures in a magical forest, created with the help of Boenga Flowers & Design and Bliss Pact.

42.Glamorous and Fun

Letty and Benjamin’s Incredible Myanmar Pre-Wedding and Stylish Wedding by Super Panda Presents

Style it: Designer Letty and Benjamin’s wedding at InterContinental Singapore was all glitz and glamour with tall floral centrepieces that drew the eye to the crystal chandeliers. They celebrated their love of whisky with a fun whisky bar, featuring his and her concoctions.

43.Glittering and Magical

Alexandra and James’ Breathtaking Clifftop Wedding in Uluwatu, Bali by Terralogical

Style it: For Alexandra and James’ breathtaking wedding, a canopy of fairy lights, a shimmering over-water aisle, and wide open space created the magical atmosphere.

44.Elegant and Classy

Joyce and Melvin’s Intimate and Elegant Wedding at Shangri-la Hotel by Pixioo Photography

Style it: To keep their wedding timelessly elegant, Joyce and Melvin chose formal all-white floral arrangements in elevated centrepieces, and a cascading white floral backdrop, with the help of The Wedding Stylist.

Oriental Wedding Décor Themes

45.Modern Peranakan

Si Ling and David’s Modern Peranakan Wedding at Empress by Studiokel Photography

Style it: To celebrate their Peranakan heritage, Si Ling and David accented the modern traditional décor of Empress with heritage props like tingkats, kueh baskets, and porcelain vases, with the help of 8dec. Completing the whole atmosphere, they asked their guests to come in traditional kebaya and batik.

Credits: Feature image from A Springtime Botanical Wedding Styled Shoot at Botanico at The Garage by Synchronal Photography

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10 Wedding Decor Ideas and Themes on Trend for 2019 and 40+ Ways to Style Them