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October 2017

Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong’s Exquisite, Whimsical Wedding at the Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore

Actress and entrepreneur Cheryl Wee marries her high school sweetheart Roy Fong in an exquisite, fairytale wedding, surrounded by whimsical unicorns, deer, and a life-size musical box with a real ballerina!

Time stopped for Cheryl Wee, 30, Actress and Entrepreneur, when she first met Roy Fong 30, Architect, in Victoria Junior College. After 12 years of romance, Roy proposed first to Cheryl’s parents, the duo behind Jean Yip Group, before asking for Cheryl’s hand in a beautiful surprise proposal in Kyoto. The couple celebrated over a wedding weekend on 1 and 2 July 2017, with a poignant church ceremony, a traditional tea ceremony, and exquisite dinner celebrations filled with whimsical unicorns and woodland creatures, a life-sized musical box with a real ballerina, and dance performances by the couple themselves. Roy even learned to play the piano to surprise his new bride!


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We’ve heard that the sparks flew between you two when you first met in Victoria Junior College. Tell us more!

Cheryl Wee: Haha, this is a long story, but here’s the condensed version! Roy spotted me in March at the principal’s office, but I didn’t see him then. I saw him in April at a 7-Eleven store right after a school fun fair. It sounds super cheesy, but when I saw him, in that instant, I felt time literally stop, like in a time vacuum. I don’t know if he saw me, but I developed a crush on him then. Because I was really shy, I intended to just keep it a secret. He could just be my eye candy, I thought. I never even found out his name.

Then one day, after school, I happened to see him again! This time, we were at the school canteen, and he was with a group of friends playing carrom. I was just sitting a bit further away, and decided to go home a little later. Just then, a mutual friend asked me to sit by her, and I replied, “You don’t have the right view from over there!” She guessed whom I was referring to, even though I was really shy and tight-lipped about it. She happened to know Roy, so she called him over. My heart was beating so fast for the first time! That night, he asked my friend to arrange a lunch together after our Chinese examination on May 15.

What’s one of the things you love most about your partner?

Cheryl Wee: At first, I fell in love with his eyes. I love how Roy has a big heart and loves my family like his own.

Roy: There are too many to name.

What was the proposal like?

Cheryl: I never expected to get proposed to so early, because I thought my parents were dead serious when they said I could marry at 38 or so, and Roy said he would wait. I was filming My Love Sinema in Ipoh, and Roy decided to propose to my parents while I was away. He invited them to dinner unsuccessfully a few times, and when he finally managed to, thanks to Aunty Dawn, he had a video set up to film them as he proposed to them at 1-Altitude.

Having received their blessing, Roy had wanted to propose to me in March or April last year, maybe in a hot air balloon or something. Suddenly, in January, I decided to go with my parents to Kyoto and Takayama for a break. Roy teamed up with my family to plan a surprise proposal in Kyoto at supersonic speed. Roy, my Aunty Dawn, Aunty Pai Hong, Uncle Paul and my mom all had serious, urgent late night meetings about the plan’s execution.

Was the surprise a success?

Cheryl Wee: It’s a miracle that he pulled it off! Roy managed to get a Japanese makeover and rickshaw company to help him plan everything within 7 days. My family tricked me by saying that we were going to Kyoto for a holiday, and that we would celebrate my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary with a rickshaw ride and photos in Japanese kimonos.

Roy flew in a day earlier and spent 18 hours training to pull a rickshaw, and to set up the proposal in Aryashiyama, the bamboo forest in Kyoto. On the day itself, I followed along with my family, getting made up, dressing up in a kimono, and riding in the rickshaw. Halfway into the forest, they told me that my rickshaw broke down, and that I had to get into another rickshaw, which Roy was pulling! I didn’t recognise him because he was all covered up. I heard music playing, but still didn’t suspect anything. I even said to my aunts, “Wow, the Japanese are so nice. They even have music and a string quartet in this forest.” I thought the tourism board was making a great effort, but it was actually a quartet Roy flew in from Osaka! When the rickshaw stopped near the string quartet, I was Snapchatting away to share with Roy how nice the place was, and how they were playing our song. We’ve loved the song “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by the Beach Boys since we watched the movie 50 First Dates together at 18.

I feel that this was the most perfect proposal, because it’s intimate, yet grand in gesture. I didn’t want a whole load of people there, but Roy made sure that my most loved ones were there as I said the most important “Yes” in my life. His meticulous planning and grand gesture in so many ways is the biggest gift that I truly cherish. I’ve never ever imagined a proposal so amazing. It was above any diamond ring, or anything that money can buy.

Your wedding looks stunning! What was your theme?

Cheryl Wee: We are really grateful and can’t believe how much help and love we received for our wedding. We initially thought of a wedding theme of champagne and blush tones, and it turned out into something more magical than expected.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Cheryl Wee: That would be our church ceremony. As we’re both Catholics, the church wedding was the most important part, as it’s a sacrament and covenant, and not just any contract. We really felt the presence of God and my late grandmother celebrating this joyous occasion with us during the ceremony.

The Size of the Wedding: 100 guests for tea ceremony // 650 guests for 1 July dinner // 650 guests for 2 July dinner
The Cost of the Wedding: 12 years of courtship!
The Venue: The Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore
The Gown: Vera Wang
The Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Roger Vivier // Louboutin
The Suits: Giorgio Armani // Santoria Rossi // Hugo Boss
The Groom’s Shoes: Louboutin // Giuseppe Zanotti
The Engagement Ring: Customised
The Wedding Bands: Cartier
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Her Velvet Vase, sponsored by bridesmaid and founder Ms. Clare Chan
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Tailor
The Flower Girls’ Dresses: Tailor
The Page Boys’ Suits: Tailor
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Jean Yip Group // Peter Khor // Cass Yee
The Nail Artist: Jean Yip Group
The Caterer: Wedding Knots by Lavish for church ceremony // Grand Park Hotel for tea ceremony // The Ritz Carlton for dinner
The Wedding Cake: Bengawan Solo for 1 July dinner // Sweetest Moments for 2nd July dinner
The Dessert Buffet: Crème Maison for 1 July dinner
The Florist and Stylist: Boenga Flowers & Designs
The Wedding Planner: Bliss Pact
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Pier Nicola Bruno in Florence // Alexander Newton in London
The Wedding Photographer: Trouvé Photography // Pixioo
The Videographer: Substance Films // Fresh From Kenneth
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Designed by Cheryl and Roy
The Wedding Favours: Customised teas curated by Cheryl and Roy
The Band: Ms. Elaine Chan with eight-piece band
The Solemniser: Fr. John Paul // Fr. Collin Tan // Fr. Stephen Yim // Fr. Michael Raj
The Wedding Car Rental: Own Rolls Royce with wedding entourage sponsored by BMW
The First Dance Choreographer: Step Dance Studio
The Guo Da Li Items: Love Leknot
The Bridesmaids Gift Box: Shopbox

Credits: Images by Trouvé Photography. Feature image cropped from original.

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Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong’s Exquisite, Whimsical Wedding at the Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore