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May 2018

Shyanne and Raymond’s Gorgeous, Organic Open Farm Community Wedding Party

Home baker Shyanne made her own wedding cake for her and husband Raymond’s gorgeous garden wedding party at Open Farm Community, along with other beautiful and personal handmade details by their family and friends.

Shyanne Oh, 28, Home Baker, and Raymond You, 33, Carpenter and Interior Designer, first met more than 12 years ago, but the time finally became right when they started working together. To celebrate their love, the couple threw an intimate solemnisation party for loved ones on 13 June 2017, styled in a gorgeous organic theme with a lot of DIY work by themselves and their family and friends, including bride Shyanne baking her own wedding cake!

Tell us how you met.

Shyanne: Ours is definitely not a typical love story. We have been through a lot, and are still trying our very best to create a better future for us ahead! We started off as colleagues in my uncle’s company, but I was working in the office while he was a carpenter at the workshop. That was when I was 20 and he 25. As I was new there, I tried to be really friendly to everyone, making friends to get a good rapport at work; but as time went by, we became closer friends, and soon enough we developed feelings for each other. Raymond is from China, and was holding an S pass then, while I’m a true blue Singaporean, who walked the normal route of education and all. Just a month ago, Raymond was granted a Singaporean PR! Can you sense our excitement?!

We met with disapproval initially given our differences, but as cliché as it might sound, love really is blind when you are deep in it! This might have been the most courageous thing I have done so far. And we believe it’s going to be a great decision that we both have made.

Fun fact! I got to know of it when we got together: he actually started noticing me when I was 15, when we had a family gathering and they were all invited to join in. He even remembered what I was wearing! Haha.

What drew you to each other? What’s one of the things you love most about your partner?

Shyanne: He tries his best to be romantic even though he is not! The effort is always there! We do the silliest of things together and he never fails to make me laugh when we are together. Our level of telepathy is so high that we tend to sing, say, or do things at the same time, so much so that sometimes it scares us!

Raymond: Her eyes! The way she looks into my eyes is one of the things I love the most.

What was the proposal like?

Shyanne: The proposal took place on a yacht, onboard Ximula Sail. It was a total surprise and a dream come true for me!

We were supposed to be just going for a date, which we haven’t been on in awhile due to our work load, but halfway through the journey into Sentosa, he had me blindfolded. That was when I started becoming suspicious, since all along we had talked about getting married. We had even gone ring shopping together, which we enjoyed for the great experience together, and are so happy that we got something for me that I love for life!

As I had my blindfold removed after I had stepped onboard, the first thing I saw was all my girlfriends gathered around, with fairy lights and our photos hung around the yacht, and definitely the big words that read, “Will you marry me,” on the sail! The next moment I knew, Raymond was down on one knee right in front of me! The feeling was so surreal! I had been looking at proposals online, with photographers, and never had I expected mine to be like one of those! It was such a romantic fairytale! I was so overwhelmed with emotions I didn’t know what to think. All I knew was, I said, “YES!” to the love of my life and I was getting married!

And, our captain of that day was celebrity Darren Lim! None of them had arranged for that, he just happened to be there gracing our big moment and this definitely made it even more memorable for us!

What did you want for your solemnisation?

Shyanne: We decided to go with an outdoor venue for our solemnisation. The greenery, garden theme is definitely my style and my dream! We went for site recees at several other locations but Open Farm Community definitely fit the bill best because we got the whole place to ourselves and the size of it made it warm and cosy! We wanted it to be a small and intimate party where close friends and relatives can mingle and celebrate our best day with us, and I believe we did it, because they were coming up to us saying they enjoyed themselves, be it enjoying our speeches or the programme, and of course the food!

What was the preparation like?

Shyanne: SingaporeBrides was definitely one of the resources we turned to while looking for inspirations! The whole process of planning was very tedious, but who does not want their big day to be perfect? We’re so happy we engaged Wulala, run by Lalu who happens to be my friend, so it was not at all difficult to let her know what we wanted, and she even managed to work within our budget, which was great!

We also wanted to add personal touches so as to leave greater impressions on our guests as well as have the best memories and experience for ourselves. To start off, we had the best help from my cousin, who had a background in design. The invitation cards, place cards, menu, and quotes in frames were all done by her! For ourselves, we spray-painted the frames and did the leaf garlands for the dining tables. In fact, there was quite a lot of DIY, and without the help of all our angels, we would not have fulfilled our dream!

Our wedding vendors were marvellous! We had our friend, Lalu from Wulala, do up the solemnisation arch, photo, favour and dessert carts. Bloc Memoire were our photographers. Need I say more about them!? We had Rekordhaus as our videographers. All of them were great! We met once to get to know each other, to discuss a little about what we wanted, and that’s about it! They just played around that day and without a doubt they brought everything alive for us!

We had a very, very bad experience with K Tailor while making a shirt and a pair of pants. We even had to spend the same amount to alter the whole suit! We’re just so glad we managed to get everything done before the day.

Oh! We also had two vendors, our makeup artist and our florist, whom we did not meet before at all; any discussions done were only through Whatsapp! Take a look our bouquet and boutonniere; they were so pretty! Of course, the Open Farm Community wedding planners did a great job, from our food tasting, to table seating, and ensuring the day’s programme flowed nicely!

What was your solemnisation day like?

Shyanne: Our day started at 6am, when the makeup artist came over to our place to get us all dolled up, then we arrived at Open Farm Community at 10am, when I had to go place the final touches of flowers on our wedding cake, which I baked myself.

We had our ceremony at 11:30am at Open Farm Community’s lawn area, and we were so afraid of wet weather! We’re so glad the day was perfect, albeit just a little hot. After the exchange of vows, our guests were led to have some small cakes and canapés while we had our balloon release ceremony. We wanted to incorporate something special and to have everyone play a part in it, so instead of writing on guest books, balloons were given out to all to write their wishes for us before we all released them together. That was a wonderful scene!

Thereafter, lunch was followed with cake cutting. All in all, everything happened really quickly but we were so glad that it all went well with the help of our friends and family.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Shyanne: For me, it definitely has to be our solemnisation. The moment we have been waiting for, to say our “I do’s”. It was so magical. I never knew how much emotions one can feel, how much anxiety can fill one up, until that very moment. Looking into the eyes of my husband, I said my vows. It was so surreal that everything was happening!

Raymond: The solemnisation ceremony, for sure. I’ve finally caught hold of her, of our happiness.


Watch the highlights video by Rekord Haus!

The Size of the Wedding: 60 pax
The Cost of the Wedding: Approximately $15,000
The Venue: Open Farm Community
The Wedding Day Photographer: Bloc Memoire
The Gown: Jarlo London
The Bride’s Shoes: Pedro
The Suit: K tailor for shirt and pants // Benjamin Baker for blazer
The Groom’s Shoes: Pedro
The Engagement Ring: Cartier
The Wedding Bands: AW Jewellery
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Christine Chia
The Nail Artist: The Nail Artistry
The Wedding Cake: Baked by the bride, The Rosette Co
The Florist: My Floral Loft
The Wedding Stylist: Wulala
The Videographer: Rekord Haus
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Bride’s sister
The Wedding Favours: Self-potted succulents
The Solemniser: Mr Lee Ka But

Credits: Bloc Memoire Photography

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Shyanne and Raymond’s Gorgeous, Organic Open Farm Community Wedding Party