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A quiet dude behind the camera helping couples to document their wedding day since 2011.


It is strange how my journey in wedding photography began. It all started with the need to earn some pocket money as an Engineering student then (mainly for my bills and booze). Coming from a landscape and street photography background (the latter which I still love and do), the intimacy and connection in wedding photography felt a little foreign to me.

However throughout my journey of shooting weddings, I have been blessed to see and be a part of some of the most genuine and heartfelt moment in my life. It is the anxiety and anticipation of the groom before getting his bride, the tears of sadness from a mother as she veils her daughter and the proud father who is walking her down the aisle. I see people from different cultural/ethnic background coming together and reciting their vows to be there for each other in sickness and in health. There is that beauty, a magic or sort that can not be explained.

The best wedding to me, more often than not is a combination of factors. The beautiful setting in which the wedding takes place, the custom decorations and schedule of the day. I can’t for example, make a hotel wedding in Singapore looks like it was taken somewhere in the wilderness of America or Europe. However, irregardless of the above I place upmost importance on the ability to capture the essence of your story – the soul to speak. I invite you to share your relationships, dreams and stories with me. That’s all I am ever interested in.


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Thomas & Jane Actual Day

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Marc & Gayle Actual Day

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Jonas & Melissa Actual Day

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Eujin & Ying Actual Day

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Bertram & Jasmine Actual Day

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Alex & Ashley Actual Day

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