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May 2018

Candice and Jiwen’s Intimate Little Island Brewing Co. Wedding

Creative couple Candice and Jiwen styled their colourful and intimate Little Island Brewing Co. wedding by themselves!

When two artists tie the knot, you just know it’s going to be a creative and unconventional affair! Candice Phang, 34, Illustrator and Bai Jiwen, 32, Photographer celebrated with an intimate wedding at Little Island Brewing Co. on 2 July 2017. The stylish couple decorated the wedding venue themselves with colourful bunting, pineapple and floral arrangements, and beautiful illustrations.

How did you two meet?

Jiwen: We went to the same design school and met through mutual friends.

Candice: We hit it off almost immediately and I think it was because of Gossip Girl. Yes, Jiwen watches chick flicks too.

What drew you to each other?

Jiwen: The thing that drew me to her is her character. She is opinionated, and she’s not afraid to share her own thoughts and ideas.

Candice: I think what drew me to him was that I could completely be myself around him. As it turned out, we also share a lot of common interests and a similar aesthetic, so we can talk about almost anything under the sun.

What was the proposal like?

Jiwen: I wanted something intimate, and which must also be a surprise to her. I set it on my birthday, knowing that she would not expect any gift from me. So right after she handed me my birthday present in our hotel in Hong Kong, I got down on one knee and popped the question.

Candice: I have to give it to him—he really outsmarted me! I’m glad that it was in the hotel room as I’m not a fan of flamboyant gestures. I never thought I would cry, but I did. I remember feeling that the change of status from being “attached” to “engaged” was very surreal.

What did you want for your wedding?

We wanted something simple yet special for the wedding. We were both not very keen on a banquet-style wedding, so we were very happy to eventually hold it at a semi-outdoor, cosy venue with our Little Island Brewery Co. wedding. Because it’s not a banquet wedding and we didn’t engage a wedding planner, a lot of the decoration and services had to be sourced separately, so we’re pretty happy that we managed to put everything together for that day. There’s a lot of information on SingaporeBrides that really helped us plan our big day. It covers practically every area we needed to know to make the wedding possible.

What was your wedding day like?

Jiwen: It was rather hectic. Honestly, I don’t remember how we got through the day. Everything moved so quickly—from the morning gate crashing, to the tea ceremony, to the actual solemnisation, followed by the Little Island Brewery Co. wedding dinner. I only remember having a small window of time in the afternoon, after the tea ceremony, that allowed us to take a short power nap before heading down to the dinner venue for the solemnisation.

Candice: I cannot agree more with Jiwen. The day went by so quickly we didn’t even have time to catch our breath.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding at Little Island Brewery Co.?

It was when we were exchanging our vows, along with all the brief panic attacks when something didn’t quite go as planned, that made it so memorable in a good way. It’s also pretty moving to have our close relatives and friends all gathered at one place to celebrate our union in marriage.

Candice: But if we were to list one of the most memorable thing from the entire planning and wedding, it would be the nickname “Baizilla”. Because Jiwen did most of the planning and logistics for the wedding, for which I’m extremely thankful, I gave him the name “Baizilla”, a pun on his surname and “bridezilla”. The name has kind of stuck with our circle of friends, even until today!

The Size of the Wedding: 220 guests
The Cost of the Wedding: $20,000

The Wedding Venue: Little Island Brewing Co.
The Wedding Day Photographer: Thomas Tan Photography
The Gown: Blessed Brides

The Bride’s Shoes: Melissa

The Suit: Blessed Brides

The Groom’s Shoes: Dr Martens

The Engagement Ring: Stelliyah

The Wedding Bands: Stelliyah

The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bridesmaids’ own
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Groomsmen’s own
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Xara Lee

The Florist: Fleurapy

The Wedding Stylist: Bride and groom
The Wedding Planner: Bride and groom
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Trent and Jessie Photographers
The Videographer: Friends

The Photobooth: Social Booth

The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Bride and groom

The Wedding Favours: Bride and groom
The Band: Friends

The Solemniser: Dr Phua Tan Tee

The Wedding Car Rental: Volkswagen Singapore

Credits: Images by Thomas Tan Photography

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Candice and Jiwen’s Intimate Little Island Brewing Co. Wedding