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April 2017

I’ll Be There For You: Central Perk Singapore Wedding Styled Shoot

We couldn’t BE more excited to share with you our Central Perk Singapore wedding styled shoot, shot through with retro vibes and lots of fun and laughter!

We’re big fans of the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S., so when Central Perk opened its themed café doors in Singapore, we were excited to soak up the warm and fuzzy nostalgia with a styled shoot together with wedding planner and stylist Amperian, wedding photographer Eggs Benedict Chan, and Fidelis Toh of The Luckiest Chick Makeup. Founded by even bigger fans than us, Central Perk Singapore stays true to the original set with its iconic orange couch, Gunther’s coffee bar (and sign!), and New York sidewalk, while incorporating a spacious layout that seats up to 150 people, making it a great place for fans to propose, or celebrate a solemnisation or intimate wedding. The coffeehouse drops us right into the show, bringing back fond memories of Ross and Rachel’s lobster on-again, off-again, finally off-the-plane relationship, Chandler and Monica marrying their best friend, and Phoebe’s New Year’s snow-covered wedding involving the whole group of friends. There’s nothing like celebrating your joy with the people you love.

This styled shoot celebrates the show’s themes of love, friendship, and lots of laughter, with a fun and colourful time with our cast, Debbie and Shawn and their friends. Describing themselves as a supportive team like the Bings, Debbie and Shawn are preparing for their happy day in June, after celebrating their surprise proposal watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reruns in a loft that Shawn had set up with romantic fairy lights and flowers. They’re still watching reruns together, and the shoot gave the pair a chance to be part of the show. “We loved that we could bring along four other friends and had so much fun mucking around with one another,” shares Debbie. “There were lots of crazy antics and good energy on set!” We’re so glad to gift them their own special episode of love and laughter, in time for their wedding!

To set the stage, the creative people behind Amperian came up with a beautiful colour palette of copper and coral to echo the café’s iconic orange couch, and gave the 90s’ vibe a trendy update with botanicals and succulents. Evoking Phoebe’s fairy-lit sidewalk wedding, Central Perk’s front door was strung with magical lights and a backdrop. Retro hair and makeup by Fidelis dropped the cast into the 90s sitcom, and our fun group were well prepared to have a good time. Ben captured tender moments between our two Bings, and more fun-filled ones of the whole gang letting loose with the foosball table and the Ms. Pacman machine. So, here’s The One with the Styled Shoot!

With many thanks to our great team of vendors!

Organiser and Publisher: SingaporeBrides
Venue: Central Perk Singapore
Photography: Eggs Benedict Chan
Styling and Florals: Amperian
Hair and Makeup: The Luckiest Chick Makeup

Credits: Images by Eggs Benedict Chan Photography

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I’ll Be There For You: Central Perk Singapore Wedding Styled Shoot