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December 2017

Joyce and Melvin’s Intimate and Elegant Wedding at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Lovebirds Joyce and Melvin tied the knot in a lovely wedding celebration at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

What was supposed to be a simple yacht trip out with a small group of close friends turned out to be a romantic surprise proposal for Joyce Chong, 28, Pharmacist, planned by her beloved Melvin Lin, 29, Lawyer, who played the guitar and sang a self-written song to ask for her hand in marriage. They tied the knot on 25 March 2017 at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore’s Tower Ballroom in a classic white, gold and blush wedding surrounded by their friends and families. Read about their story and beautiful wedding here!

Freshfromkenneth Freshfromkenneth

How did the two of you meet?

Melvin: We met when we were studying in a university overseas. We started out first as friends, then progressed on to being good friends, before I finally mustered the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend.

What do you love most about your partner?

Melvin: We got to know each other better at church, where we attended the same fellowship and hung out together. We hit it off because of our common interest in music, board games and food. What drew me to her is her caring and easy-going personality, and her unique ability to make me feel completely at ease whenever I am around her.

Joyce: Melvin and I were close church friends, when suddenly one day, he caught my attention as we were preparing for a church worship session. I liked his genuine personality and tender heart. He was caring to everyone around him.


What was the proposal like?

Melvin: We dated for six years before the proposal, so it wasn’t easy for me to plan a surprise for her as she would usually know if I’m up to something. So in the weeks leading up to the actual proposal, we had a series of special dates in a proposal-like setting, which was to distract her and to get her to let her guard down. Thankfully the plan worked. I managed to surprise her by proposing at a “boat party” with our closest friends, where she said “yes” after my nervous delivery of a song which I wrote for her.

Joyce: I was just expecting a yacht trip out with a small group of my close friends. We had a couple of boat trips out prior to this, so it wasn’t anything out of the blue. Then suddenly he blindfolded me and brought me to the bow of the yacht where he sang while playing the guitar, a song which he wrote for me. It melted my heart, and I said “yes” immediately.

What was your wedding planning journey like? Did you face any challenges and if so, how did you overcome it?

Planning a wedding is probably the biggest one-off project which we have undertaken together as a couple. Naturally, that comes with its fair share of stress and squabbles. But it is also through this process that we have learnt more about each other, and also on how to reconcile our differences.

We decided to engage a professional wedding planner, even though we had finalised most of the major decisions by then, as we did not want to burden our family and friends with responsibilities on the day itself, but had wanted them to enjoy the day along with us.

Freshfromkenneth Freshfromkenneth

Where was your wedding venue? Was there a reason for choosing it as the place to wed?

We had originally wanted a cosy intimate venue for our wedding, which would enable us to interact with our family and friends.

But we eventually chose to have our wedding at the Tower Ballroom in Shangri-La Hotel Singapore due to other considerations. Our decision was based on a myriad of factors, but the hospitality and sincerity extended by our hotel contact person, I-Lyn Tan, as well as the hotel’s flexibility in adapting to our feedback and requirements, eventually won us over.

We entrusted the challenge of transforming the ballroom into a cosy intimate venue to our wedding planner, who did a splendid job at that.


Did you have a wedding theme? How did you go about creating it?

Melvin: We had wanted a memorable wedding not just for ourselves, but for our guests as well. Therefore, the focus of our wedding was not so much on the theme, but rather on how to maximise our interaction with our guests, as well as on the fringe activities for them. We eventually went for the cosy-elegant theme, as that complemented our objective, and fitted well with our ballroom decoration. While the process of settling on a theme wasn’t easy, we were thankful for our wedding planner’s help in putting together the ideas which we liked from the various online resources.

Joyce: We did not have a specific theme; however, we did have a few colours in mind – we selected white, gold and blush. The colour combination gave a very elegant and classy overall look; and the layout suggested by our wedding planner, Caroline from The Wedding Stylist, was perfect! We were initially afraid that the ballroom would be too spacious for our 20 tables, but Caroline managed to arrange the tables (mixture of both the long and round) in a manner that gave the ballroom a cosy and intimate atmosphere yet was well spaced out.

Take us back to your wedding day. What was the day like and how were you feeling?

We started the day with breakfast at the bride’s place together with our bridesmaids and groomsmen. After the breakfast and a few mandatory group photos with the family, we made our way to the Dutch Pavilion at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, where our church solemnisation was held. We had a short cocktail break thereafter, which gave us a brief opportunity to mingle with some of our guests before the lunch banquet.

Our lunch banquet was held at the Tower Ballroom, where our wedding planner did a splendid job in creating a cosy yet elegant looking ballroom. Several features enhanced the ballroom ambience, such as the live music provided by our superbly talented wedding band, MXGX, as well as the flowers scattered around the ballroom, along with the soft lighting in the ballroom. We particularly liked the table layout of our ballroom, where we had the dance floor in the center, flanked by long tables with Tiffany chairs. The empty space in the middle helped to facilitate our guests, allowing them to mingle with their friends from the other tables, which created a casual and celebratory mood.

Not knowing what to expect, we had started the day feeling rather jittery. But once the ceremony started, the rest of the day went by in a flash. We felt very blessed that day, as we were overwhelmed by the well wishes from our family and friends. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

What did your family/friends have to say about your wedding day?

Melvin: We generally received positive feedback from our guests for the wedding. What surprised us was our guests’ compliment of some of the vendors we engaged (in particular our wedding band, MXGX). Overall, our guests seemed to have enjoyed themselves, and we are glad they did.

Joyce: Our guests were very pleased with the whole arrangement of the wedding. Our guests who turned up for our holy matrimony commented that the transition from the solemnisation venue at Dutch Pavilion to the wedding ballroom was very smooth and there was little waiting around, which was what we had wanted. We also received many compliments for the prompt commencement of both the solemisation and the wedding banquet, as well as for the decorations at the venues.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

There were many special moments throughout our wedding, but the one which stood out in particular was our exchange of vows in front of our family and close friends. What made it special, is the presence of our family and close friends there to witness us exchanging our vows.

What is one lesson you’ve learnt from your wedding planning that you’d like to share with other couples?

Time management is key. Even though we had a relatively small banquet, regrettably we did not manage to spend as much time with all our guests as we would have loved to. On hindsight, we felt we could have better used our time to mingle with our guests if we had a time keeper with us while we were mingling, so as to prompt us when to move on to our next group of guests.

The Size of Wedding: 200 guests
The Venue: Sharngri-La Singapore, Tower Ballroom
The Photographer: Pixioo Photography / Freshfromkenneth (Feature image and where stated)
The Videographer: Freshfromkenneth
The Wedding Gown: Rebecca Caroline, Jessicacindy and Divine Couture
The Wedding Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
The Groom’s Suit: Rebecca Caroline
The Groom’s Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
The Wedding Bands: JannPaul
Hair and Makeup: Bobbie from The Makeup Room
The Caterer: Stamford Catering (Breakfast)
The Florist: CC Lee Designs
The Event Stylist and Wedding Planner: Caroline from The Wedding Stylist
The Photobooth: Moving Stills
The Wedding Band: MXGX
The Solemniser: Reverend Darren Choo from Church or Our Savior

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