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March 2016

Free Wedding Checklist Spreadsheet for All Your Wedding Planning To-Dos

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now what? We break down the major stages of wedding planning in the ultimate free wedding checklist, with a to-do list that’s tailored to Singapore weddings, and a handy budget calculator.

Like most girls, I’ve been planning my wedding since Pinterest was invented. All those gorgeous gowns, pretty details, and four-step DIY pins (calligraphing 300 watercolour escort cards looks so easy and doable!) meant that my wedding was basically planned. Right?

Unfortunately, no. While all those pretty pictures and little details may make me sigh with longing for my dream wedding, the reality is, a wedding is a big event that requires loads of logistics, organisation, and budgeting. To help you get started, we’ve put together a customisable, free wedding checklist that breaks down to-dos into manageable sections, so you don’t start the panic attacks too early, or spend the bulk of your time envisioning the perfect wedding on Pinterest, only to find out that it’s logistically impossible to bring to life.

wedding planning checklist singaporean weddingsMake a copy of our wedding checklist and budget and get started on your wedding planning!

Free Wedding Checklist Spreadsheet

Our ultimate wedding checklist has been tailored to Singapore weddings, and lists tasks in order of importance, so you can prioritise no matter how long you have to plan your wedding.

To use our free wedding checklist, simply click this link and you’ll be directed to make your own editable copy on Google Sheets. You’ll need to be signed into Google Drive to do this. Saving your wedding planning on a Google Sheet makes information and progress easily accessible to whomever is involved, so you don’t have to keep emailing your latest vendor rates to your significant other. Simply adjust your Sharing settings so that all parties can make changes to your lists or update on progress online.

Our to-do list helps you keep track of your progress too; simply strike off an item by typing anything into the first column.

Wedding Budget

We’ve also included a vendor comparison sheet where you can list down package details and rates before making a selection. And to keep you on track financially, we’ve done up a free wedding budget spreadsheet for you to record your estimated and actual costs for each wedding item. See how much you’ve spent at a glance, with the totals automatically added up for you by item type and in a grand total.

iphone6plus-3aDownload our dedicated wedding checklist app

Free Wedding Checklist App

If you prefer planning on a dedicated wedding checklist app, SingaporeBrides has that too. Sign up and get started. We’ve tried to include most wedding planning necessities on our checklist, but you can edit the items to suit your unique wedding. Delete the florist meetings if you intend to DIY paper flowers for your wedding, or add in song rehearsals if you want to surprise your guests with a performance.

The Big Picture

You won’t be able to plan your wedding without first determining your budget, and your guest list. Have a frank discussion about how much you can and, more importantly, want, to spend on your wedding. Talk about what type of wedding you want, how you want your day to feel, and whom you want to celebrate with. Discuss the guest list with your families and use that estimated headcount when searching for a venue. Your venue should be the first thing you lock down, and our wedding venue price list includes prices and capacities to help you get started before you start making venue viewing appointments. Check out our featured solemnisation venues, wedding banquet venues, and alternative restaurant venues too, and consider travel times if you are booking one space for your solemnisation and another space for your reception.

The Details

After you’ve secured your wedding date (by securing your venue), you can hunt down your dream team of vendors. Now’s the time to break out your Pinterest board, and decide on your favourite style of photography, or what wedding gown silhouettes you gravitate towards. Start with vendors who have a finite number of weddings they can service a year, such as photographers, planners, etc. Once you’ve booked these priority vendors, you can move on vendors who can service more weddings in a day, such as bakers, florists, catering. You can also choose to prioritise what matters most to you, whether it’s finding your dream gown or securing your favourite wedding band. If you’re planning to DIY a lot of décor, start early to leave ample time for failed experiments!

Free customisable wedding day schedule

The Logistics and Details

Finally, get down to the logistical details on your wedding checklist. Draft your wedding day itinerary (made easy with our free customisable wedding day schedule), delegate tasks to your bridal party, arrange your rehearsals, write your speeches, finalise the wording on your invitations. Here’s when the deadlines start overlapping and your eyes start crossing with the many details to keep track of, so stay on top of things with our checklist!

The Nitty Gritty

The final week or so before your wedding will be full of errands, so enlist help where you need it! You’ll be arranging who should be setting up where and when, who’s arriving in which car, and what travel routes are less likely to mess up your tight schedule. For most tasks, once you’ve delegated them, trust your family and friends to take care of things, and relax! Take a night out to celebrate your hen’s or stag night as well, or go for a relaxing massage together.

The Day Before

Take a deep breath; you’re about to be married! You’ll probably need to collect a few wedding items, send your bridal car for decoration, and tie up some loose ends. Sleep early so you’re well rested and fully able to soak in every moment of your beautiful wedding day ahead.

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Free Wedding Checklist Spreadsheet for All Your Wedding Planning To-Dos