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August 2021

9 Ways to Say “I love you” Without Words

You don’t need words to show your love to your partner with these simple actions.

Saying ” I love you” to your partner at any stage of your relationship is crucial to the health and happiness of your relationship. It allows your other half to know that you love them and leaves no room for doubts in your relationship. However, when you repeat those three words on a daily basis, it may feel like you’re simply repeating them instead of meaning them.

Other than words, there are other ways you can show your love to your significant other without ever having to say a word. After all, actions speak louder than words. Be inspired by these nine ways to say “I love you” without saying a word.

1. Take the lead and volunteer for chores that they don’t like

Janice and Glenn’s Stunning Pre-Wedding Shoot in Cappadocia, Turkey by Kursat Acar and White Grandeur

While this may not sound particularly romantic, volunteering to do the chores (or, all of them!) that your significant other would rather not do is the best way to say “I love you” without words.

Most newlywed couples (and even those who’ve been married for a while) tend to fight over who does what household chores because they’re used to having someone else do it for them. But now that they own a home of their own, they have to split the responsibility between themselves, however unwilling they are.

So, when you volunteer to take over your partner’s share of the household chores for a day or two, even those that you’d rather not do, he or she knows that you are doing it out of love for them. That beats surprising them with flowers or saying “I love you” any day.

2. Do something unexpected to make their day brighter

Valerie and Leon’s Sunkissed Bali Wedding Photoshoot by Knotties Frame

Acts of kindness can go a long way, especially in a marriage. Sending a text message to your partner to remind them of the dinner appointment you both have with your folks or buying them their favourite food or drink just because you passed by their favourite eatery on your way home simply tells them that you are thinking of them all the time.

Going out of your way to help someone you love also says “I love you” without ever needing to use any words, especially if help is given before it is even being asked for. Doing so shows that you think of and care about their wellbeing, and nothing spells love more than that.

3. Prepare their favourite food

Fareeha and Hafiz’s Intimate COVID-19 Wedding at Warehouse 16 and The Lakehouse@Orto by Mavericks Wedding

It is said that the easiest way to a guy’s (or girl’s) heart is through his stomach, so why not show your love for your partner by cooking his favourite food or preparing food the way he likes it? Nothing beats waking up to a delicious breakfast lovingly prepared by their love or coming home to a warm meal that was specially whipped up for them.

If you can’t cook to save your life, don’t fret! You can still show your love through food by ordering in food from your partner’s favourite restaurant! The whole point is not to show off your cooking skills, but rather, that you’re thinking of them and putting their happiness before yours.

4. Take them out for a nice dinner date

Letty and Benjamin’s Incredible Myanmar Pre-Wedding and Stylish Wedding by Super Panda Presents

Or, even better, plan a spontaneous date and take them out for a romantic dinner date. Make a reservation for two at their favourite restaurant and treat them to their favourite dessert, even if it is a little out of the way. Once in a while, it’s nice to break the daily routine of married life and go back to how life was like during your dating days to feel those butterflies fluttering at the pit of your stomach when your love does something sweet for you.

5. Plan a romantic date night at home

Amelia and William’s Dreamy Destination Pre-Wedding Adventure in Indonesia by Fire, Wood & Earth

Now, if your partner is a homebody, then consider planning a date night at home instead of heading out. Whip up your love’s favourite meal or if you can’t cook, order in some of your partner’s favourite food and drink. Head out together to stock up on your favourite snacks so that you can munch on them while you have your very own movie marathon on Netflix after dinner.

Above all else, make it a point to put your smartphones and devices away for the night so you can fully focus on and connect with each other, spending quality time without any interruption.

6. Be an active listener

Elaine and Gabriel’s Gorgeous Pre-Wedding Adventure in Sumba by Darren and Jade Photography

Nothing says “I love you” more than being attentive to what your partner is saying by actively listening and participating in a conversation with them, instead of simply hearing what they have to say.

So, put away your electronic devices and smartphones, and spend some quality time listening to and connecting with your significant other. Ask them how their day went or what they’d like to do over the weekend and really pay attention to what they are saying and how they’re saying it. Good listeners also pay attention to what they are not saying with words but with their body language or facial expressions.

Being able to pick up on these verbal and non-verbal cues will show your partner that you genuinely care about how they feel and help you connect more as a couple, because saying “I love you” is easy, but it is not always easy to remember to actively listen and connect with your partner.

7. Say it with your touch

Stephanie and Li Ming’s Rustic Wanderlust Styled Pre-Wedding Shoot in Coney Island by Bridelope Productions

Actions speak louder than words, so whether you’re a newly-wedded couple or one who has been married for a long time, don’t forget to show your partner that you love them through your touch. Holding on your partner’s hands or hugging them is a show of love and will make them feel good and remind them that they are loved.

Rekindle that spark of passion and desire you had when you met by showering each other with kisses that shout “I love you!”. It doesn’t need to be a passionate make-out session (although, it can be!), but a kiss on the lips or a peck on the forehead just because will make your partner feel just as special and attractive as when you had your first kiss.

8. Do an activity that they enjoy, even if it is not your cup of tea

Lynn and Zhisheng’s Awe-Inspiring Pre-Wedding Travelogue in Bali by KAI Picture

The greatest act of love you can bestow on your partner is to engage in the things that he or she loves even though it is not your cup of tea. The fact that you are making an effort to try and enjoy and appreciate the things they love shows that you care enough about them. It also shows that you want to spend time with them even if it means doing something you don’t really fancy, and if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

9. Remember the important dates and celebrate them

Jillian and Daniel’s Gorgeous Bali Post-Wedding Shoot and Celebration by Maria Shiriaeva

I cannot stress how much it means to have your partner remember the important dates and celebrate them even though they may not be a fan of celebrating. Remembering important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries, and the small details really shows how much attention your partner has paid to the occasion.

Make the effort to plan a surprise or a celebration for the love of your life to celebrate your relationship or life milestones to make them feel special and loved. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or throw an elaborate party to show your love. It can be a romantic dinner at one of your favourite restaurants or an intimate meal at home for just the two of you – the key to making him or her feel loved is to make an effort to plan something special to celebrate.

Feature image from Amanda and Kevin’s Magical Wedding at St. Ignatius Church and The Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore by Smittenpixels Photography

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9 Ways to Say “I love you” Without Words