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May 2018

Lynn and Zhisheng’s Awe-Inspiring Pre-Wedding Travelogue in Bali

Lynn and Zhisheng’s breathtaking pre-wedding travelogue in Bali shows a different side of the popular island in Indonesia.

From mountainsides to the fields, a traditional Balinese marketplace and the scenic seaside, Lynn and Zhisheng’s pre-wedding travelogue is beautifully emotive. Match-made by a dear friend, Lynn Ong, 27 years old, and husband Hou Zhisheng, 30 years old, embarked on a breathtaking pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali with KAI Picture that resembled an artistic travelogue of their adventures more than a pre-wedding photo session. Sneak a peek here!

How did the two of you meet?

Lynn: We met through a dear friend, Adeline. She had returned home two years ago from America ,where she was studying, for a short holiday and had separately said to each of us, “There’s someone I’d like you to meet.” She was sure we’d make good friends, though she was hoping for more. She said little except that we were different in quite many ways but similar in important ways, and had an inkling that this could be something special. Two years later, we got married. She is a neuroscientist – she studied our minds and knew we’d connect. “It is not despite our differences that we are one, but because of our differences, that we are one”, and this is a beautiful testament of that.

Zhisheng: Adeline had said the kindest things about Lynn and asked if I’d like to know her. I said yes, got Lynn’s number and started talking to her. Our text conversations evolved to tele-conversations, and then I asked her out for dinner on a Friday night.

What drew you to each other? What is one of the things you love most about your partner?

Zhisheng: I was drawn to her sincerity and gentleness. She has the warmest and kindest heart, always places others before herself and always encouraging. It was a bonus that she has the most beautiful eyes.

Lynn: He is faithful in the little things, principled and dependable. He was single-minded on the relationship, steadfast and enduring in his pursuit, and gentle at the same time. He wrote many cards expressing his thankfulness to God, thankfulness for our relationship and his longing for a future together. What I love most about him is his faith and patience that can move mountains – he waits out every difficult moment and conversation with a deep sense of calmness, warmth, love and patience that knows no end.

What was the proposal like?

Zhisheng: I had planned for a surprise proposal at dawn, the time of the day she’s not quite yet awake, set against the rising sun. I’d arranged for Lynn’s friend, Zhixiang, to take her out for a sunrise photoshoot at a garden as shooting in nature was something they enjoyed doing. There was a heavy downpour that morning but I was unstoppable like the rain! Together with my best friend Darren, and his wife, Lixin, we set up the picnic in the middle of the garden with floating balloons of Lynn’s name. We hid among the bushes till she arrived. When she did, she walked right past everything, until she saw Darren filming with his conspicuous video camera.

Lynn: There was an album-book on the mat, among the cupcakes and champagne – he’d put together our photos and wrote of our story. He was nowhere to be seen the whole time, and when I had flipped to the end of the album, he was on one bent knee before me.

Why did you decide on Bali for your pre-wedding photoshoot?

Lynn loved Kai’s photos and wanted to meet him. We met over coffee and walked away feeling, more than a great photographer, he is first a great person. We got on very well from the time we met and it felt like we were travelling with friends we had known for a long time, who also had an amazing gift for photography!

Kai was the first photographer we had approached and met. He showed us his works and a pre-wedding photo set he had done in Bali earlier captivated our hearts. He had done it so beautifully and artfully. We decided that same night that we’d have our pre-wedding shoot in Bali, and with Kai.

What was the theme of your pre-wedding photoshoot?

We left everything in Kai’s good hands from the time we engaged his services. Together, we had decided on a travelogue with nature and our little selves. The night before the photoshoot, Kai and Yeow went through the outfits we had packed for the shoot – the wedding gown, dresses, suits and shirts. They paid little attention to what we laid before them and asked if we had anything else. We added our casual wear, shirts and shorts to the pile and Kai picked them up, the plainest pieces, and said “Let’s use these.” He said they were the most beautiful of all.

Walk us through your pre-wedding shoot. What was it like that day and did you have fun?

It rained when we were there and we didn’t get much sun. Kai and Yeow made the best of the weather, light and space. As a result, we had something special. We don’t know where the photos were taken – we headed in a general direction and hopped off the car whenever something caught Kai and Yeow’s eyes. We went up mountains, through padi fields, into wet markets and alleys and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

What advice would you share with couples who will be embarking on their pre-wedding photoshoot?

We went for our pre-wedding photoshoot having faith that it will be a wonderful experience. We thought – if the photos didn’t turn out well, it was because we didn’t have a good time and the photos captured just that! Also, it would be wonderful if you enjoy the company of your photographer(s) and get along well because that is a memory you will both share.

What was the most memorable moment of your pre-wedding shoot?

Lynn: We were walking on a raised layer of mud, between the parcels of paddy fields that were wet, soft and drudgy from the rain, and had a difficult time keeping our balance. Soon, Zhisheng lost his balance and his legs went right into the mud that went half-way up his knee! We had fun pulling him out of the field and saving his slippers that were lodged in the mud. While I was washing his legs, he brushed them off and said they were unimportant – he said his hands were important because he wanted to hold my hands then.

The Pre-Wedding Location: Bali
The Photographer: KAI Picture

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Lynn and Zhisheng’s Awe-Inspiring Pre-Wedding Travelogue in Bali