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Darren and Jade Photography

We are Darren and Jade Photography, a fun loving, always camera carrying team based in Singapore.


Hello there! We are Darren and Jade Photography, a fun loving, always camera carrying team based in Singapore.

We've been shooting weddings since 2012 and treat every wedding as if it was our own.

We've been blessed to have been recognised for our wedding photography, having won 11 awards from Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). Our videography team has also been recognised with 2 Crowbar Awards for film cinematography.

We're all about the relationship - and we'd love to get to know you better and hear all about your story. We can't say enough about how thankful we are to have been trusted with capturing our couples' wedding photographs, and hope we have the privilege to shoot your wedding and all the genuine heartfelt emotions on your special day!




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We met Darren in Moomedia's Best Shoot Ever competition in Mongolia, and we feel so blessed that he was the one to take our pre-wedding photos and that we could journey with him through the 7 days in Mongolia!

He has a very keen eye for good shots and pays a lot of attention to small details like how the dress falls, our expressions, and even down to where our hands go when we pose. His shots are beyond amazing and he was even able to work with the other couples and give his best every single minute! He will always give any idea a shot, even when that means that he only gets 2 hours of sleep and he has to stand outside in the freezing cold for an hour. He takes great pride in his work and puts in the hours and years to perfect his craft, at great sacrifice.

Most of all however, we feel like after the shoot with him, he became like family because of all the awesome memories we shared creating epic shots, his warm, (very) excitable personality and the fact that he is truly the coolest. We feel that the shoot with him gave us many memories and many many epic shots that gave us a huge boost to start off our marriage. I believe this is only the start of a long term relationship with him because he is really that good.

You can stop looking around for other photographers now, you've already found THE ONE!
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Kara-Anne Tan

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Darren brought us out for our pre-wedding photography on an amazing morning in Mongolia. He made us very comfortable and gave us a quick and extremely helpful "How to Pose for Photos 101", that did wonders for someone as stiff and camera shy as me.

Darren's photos of us turned out wonderfully (no words are needed - they speak for themselves!), and our favourite photo us taken by him will always have a place on the wall of our future home. Besides the photos themselves, the session was an unforgettable experience by itself! Heartfelt thanks Darren! We really appreciate you!
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Shawn Kwa

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Darren and Jade are simply amazing! We got to know them through a mutual friend and the moment we sat down to chat, we knew that they were the ones for us! They approach photography with such fine detail and you can definitely see the passion they have, igniting within their eyes!!

It was sooooo much fun during the shoot where they had a very keen eye to ensure that the photos were captured perfectly. They were constantly super encouraging during the shoot and always gave clear directions in order to capture the best shots. None of our photos felt forced and they were able to capture the most candid photos with the best lighting/scenery!

We wanted to ensure that we had a meaningful shoot and did a basketball themed shoot - initially we were not sure if they were up for it, but it turns out that they were 100% game and ended up being even more excited then we were! Along with that, we wanted to use a keyboard for our 2nd shoot and they were completely open to new ideas and the usage of any props :)

Truly the most sporty, adventurous and also perfect photographers!

If you are looking for wedding/pre-wed photographers, look no further!! Just get them and you wont regret it :)
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Ian Lee

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A master in posing, Darren gives very detailed instructions on where to stand, face & look; how to place our hands & feet, even our thumbs & fingers! He has sharp eyes and already envision the picture in his mind before taking shots.

Together with a very positive, eager and sincere attitude, we feel very confident in him. And indeed, he deliver awesome photos!

Despite the precious limited time we had with Darren in Mongolia, it's a truly amazing experience. Thank you so much for helping us take such beautiful photos!
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William Goh

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Amos and I did three shoots with Darren & Jade - our pre-wedding, actual wedding day and a styled post-wedding shoot. It was lovely working with them - they are professional, easy to work with and all their shoots were a lot of fun! They also allowed us as much creative freedom as we wanted and gave suggestions as needed over the duration of each shoot. It was great working with the two of them as they each bring different ideas and perspectives to the table and complement each other really well. We look forward to working with them in the future for lifestyle shoots or any other events we have!
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Hannah Oh

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Darren is the most popular photographer filming Moomedia's Best Shoot Ever competition in Mongolia. Darren's portfolio, photos, style and work ethics stands out and all the 5 couples wanted to work with him very badly. There was even an intense bidding war among the couples to secure his services!

Really respect the passion and hardwork he has shown in this trip, doing many extra sunrise and night shoots on top of the primary challenges.
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Chen Zonghan

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I honestly think Darren and Jade are one of the best photographers I know! Darren really knows how to capture the important (and rare) moments and he does it so effortlessly. What my husband and I really liked about them was how they made it such a fun experience for all of us, including our baby (who was at the time 7 months old)!! Our daughter, who usually hates strangers, was smiling ear to ear when Darren and Jade were around because they really knew how to make her happy. I was almost shocked to see how comfortable she looked while Darren was taking photos of her!

We totally LOVED the photos they took for us in Japan - they all came out beautiful and so artistic - and we are so glad to have worked with Darren and Jade for our special trip. I would recommend them to my friends and family in a heartbeat because I know they'll do a fantastic job!! Thank you Darren and Jade for such a great photo session. It was so much fun and we appreciate all your hard work!!
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Kaoru Yamaguchi Eng

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