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Knotties Frame is a Singapore-based photography service specialising in wedding photography. Strong believers of creative wedding photography, we pride ourselves on crafting night photos that are one of its kind. Signature Night Photography is an exclusive service and as we progress, we have developed a certain style that's unique to us. Take a look at the following to view more of our photos!


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Actual Day - Michelle & Noel

120 Photos

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Actual Day - Gina & Sean

111 Photos

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Actual Day - Ying Hui & Yi Hui

139 Photos

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Pre-wedding : Sophie & Yigeng

19 Photos

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Pre-wedding : Agnes & Xavier

31 Photos

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Pre-wedding : Sarah & Joel

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Destination - Melbourne

84 Photos

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Destination -Bali

48 Photos

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Pre-wedding : Amaris & Edmund

25 Photos

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Actual Day - Shirley & Jackson

101 Photos

Good photographers produce good photos. What sets good photographers apart from great photographers is the process. Wan Jing (and not forgetting her jovial partner, Zac) is a consummate professional who was a great pleasure to work with. My fiancee (now wife ๐Ÿ™‚) and I really enjoyed the process โ€“ from the pre-wedding photoshoot to the church wedding and the wedding dinner. The photos were really good too

Wan Jing was a natural in making us feel comfortable during the photoshoot, and she certainly did her homework (by recee-ing the sites and coming early to survey the area).

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Choose Knotties Frame for a great photographer to etch those precious memories in film. Thanks Wan Jing and Zac! Was a pleasure working with you guys :)
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Hui Yi & Luke

Wedding Couple

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I think with so many photographers in the market, what makes knottiesframe stands out is really their dedication and passion in what they do. In addition, their signature light photography is truly one of a kind. I engaged them for a pre wedding shoot and it was one of the best decisions I made. From conceptualising, to setting up of props, to actual shoot, Wan Jing and Zack demonstrated great professionalism! They donโ€™t take short cuts and even tho a 3 hour shoot was so tiring, I remember Wan Jing being so encouraging and wanting to go out of the way to ensure that she got the best night shot with light painting. They definitely exceeded the stipulated 3 hours and was still cheerful and energetic towards the end. This is a true testament of their drive and passion in what they do. Needless to say, I loved the photos and am so glad I found knottiesframe. Thank you so much knottiesframe!
Testimonial lovelle 1

Lovelle & Benedict

Wedding Couple

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We engaged Wanjing for our AD wedding photography last month. Wanjing was very friendly, cheerful and professional during the shoot which made us feel very comfortable. She gave us alot of ideas on how to pose naturally (not making us do awkward poses) and also took alot of beautiful candid photos of us and our family & friends! Too bad that we do not know of Knotties Frame way before that. If we do, we will definitely engage her for our PWS as well because we really love her photography style! I will highly recommend my friends to engage her!
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Wendy & Zed

Wedding Couple

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Had my pre-wedding shoot end Nov with Knottiesframe and it was such a wonderful experience! Wanjing and Zack were super friendly from our very first meeting to discuss for the shoot and they provided lots of their professional tips for the shoot! As my fiancรฉ and I are both very awkward at posing for photos, we were worried as to how to pose for the photos. Wanjing with her bubbly self and patience made us very comfortable during the shoot, taught and guided us on how to pose for the photos and we were able to look natural in our poses ๐Ÿ™‚ Zack did a wonderful job with all the setting up of the props and lighting and we really appreciate all the work he was doing behind the scenes! ๐Ÿ™‚ The photos came back right on time as promised by Wanjing and I am really amazed by her work and she was able to deliver her work on time as promised! The whole experience was so wonderful and would definitely hire Knottiesframe again in the future when I get the chance to! ๐Ÿ™‚Thank you Wanjing & Zack! ๐Ÿ™‚
Testimonial shariel

Shariel + Ben

Wedding Couple

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It was truly a pleasure to have Wan Jing and Zack accompany us and cover our overseas pre-wedding shoots in Bosnia Hercegovina and Serbia. We were somewhat lost as to where would be picturesque places, and what would look good, but they went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and to have a sense of the location before we commenced on each day of shooting. As an example, they spent each evening pre-shoot going around the location and understanding the terrain so that when it came to the shoot, it was quick, enjoyable, very co-ordinated and structured. Wan Jing and Zack were very professional and took care to understand what we were comfortable in and were able to give us lots of ideas and experiment with different ways to do the shoot. Both are also very dedicated to their work and went the extra mile in ensuring that we get the most beautiful spots and shots in each city, even though we were all in very unfamiliar surroundings. It was a wonderful experience.
Knotties frame wanderlove bosnia serbia wf 54

Wan Pei & Faizal

Wedding Couple

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