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July 2018

6 Ways To Keep The Love Alive While Planning Your Wedding

Check out these six ways to keep the love alive while planning your wedding for a truly happily-ever-after!

I’m not going to lie and tell you that your wedding planning will be all rainbows and sunny days. Well, some of those days will be, but the truth is, planning your wedding is often going to be more stressful and trying than you can ever anticipate it to be. Sometimes, the stress of wedding planning may even put your relationship to the test and make you forget the love you had for your partner. While some quarrels and displeasure are expected and completely normal during your wedding planning, it is important to remember why you’re planning one in the first place. To help you take the edge off your planning and remember the love you have for your partner, here are six ways to keep the love alive while planning your wedding.

1. Make Date Night A Priority

Shu Ling and Chin Feng’s Casual Paparazzi Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot in Bangkok by Sanit Nitigultanon of sanit.portfolio

As most happy couples will tell you, the key to keeping the love alive is to make date night a priority. Just because you’ve snagged the girl (or guy) or are in the middle of planning your wedding doesn’t mean you stop romancing them. Shrug off the wedding stress by setting aside a day each week to spend time with your partner without the distraction of wedding planning – that means no mention or talking about your wedding is allowed.

Spend the day at the movies or book yourselves a pampering staycation, or even go on a mini moon to unwind if budget and time permits. Or, if you’re homebodies, simply stay in with your partner and get comfy in your PJs as you binge watch your favourite Netflix series in the comfort of each other’s company. At the end of the day, what activity you do on date night doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you’re spending time with your partner to reconnect and focus on your relationship without the wedding being the center of your conversations.

2. Establish “No Wedding Talk” Nights

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Just because you’ve embarked on your wedding planning doesn’t mean you have to spend your every waking moment talking about it. It may be all you wanted to talk about it in the first few weeks, but once the initial excitement dies down, you and your partner may dread discussing your big day plans every single night. Overcome this by setting aside “no wedding talk” nights. It could be one or two nights a week where you and your partner talk about daily mundanes like your day at work or which cafe you want to visit over the weekend – just like you often did before wedding planning came into the picture.

Doing so allows both of you to de-stress from a hectic day at work by reconnecting with each other on an emotional level without the added stress of wedding planning. “No wedding talk” nights are also great alternatives to date nights if your schedules don’t allow for one that month.

3. Spend Some Time Apart

Joyce and Felix’s Nostalgic Hong Kong Pre-Wedding Photography by Brian Ho, thegaleria

Everyone needs a little me time every now and then, couples included, especially those who are living together, to de-stress and do the things we love as an individual, whether it is going for brunch with your girls or going to the gym. And just because you’re planning your wedding now doesn’t mean you or your partner has to stash your usual plans and give up your me time. Whether it is a night out with your own group of friends or sweating it out at a gym, try to spend some time alone and apart from your partner.

Socialising with your friends and spending time apart from your partner will allow you to have fun and unwind as an individual, temporarily putting your wedding planning at the back of your mind. That way, both you and your partner will feel less cornered by planning your wedding and return refreshed and ready to talk about your plans.

4. Try Out A New Activity Together

couple casual shootImage from Elegance With a Touch of Vintage by Wishwander Pictures

Inject some excitement and new life into your relationship by trying out new activities together as a couple, especially during a stressful time like your wedding planning. So, don’t wait until you’re done with the planning to try something new. Carve out a day to attend a cooking class or join a hiking group together and leave the planning behind temporarily. Who knows you might discover another side of your partner that you never knew!

5. Always Plan As A Couple

Florence and Ting Kong’s Incredible, Beautiful Taobao Wedding and Engagement Session by Pratya

If you ask most grooms why they chose to take the back seat when it comes to planning their wedding, the most common reason they give for doing so usually boils down to this: “I want her to have her wedding dream, so I let her decide on the details.” While that may sound like the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard, I can promise you that it won’t seem half as sweet when you’re doing all the planning by yourself while your groom takes on a passive role.

A wedding is the coming together of two individuals working hand in hand towards a common goal of building a family together. Both you and your partner should be working together on your wedding rather than one person handling everything. Regardless of good intentions such as the one above or a general disinterestedness or cluelessness, both you and your partner should take on an active role in planning your wedding. Go through your to-do list and delegate tasks according to your strengths or interests. Even if it is not something you’re good at, if you offering to take over the task will relieve your partner of some stress, then do it to show your support and interest in getting your wedding underway.

6. Don’t Plan Your Wedding. Plan Your Future

Lynn and Zhisheng’s Awe-Inspiring Pre-Wedding Travelogue in Bali by KAI Picture

Many couples put their everything into planning their wedding day, but it only lasts a day. Marriage, on the other hand, lasts for a lifetime. Instead of focusing all your energy on planning your dream wedding, take some time to plan your future together. Discuss what you want your future home to look like, or if you’ve already moved into your new home, talk about your goals as an individual and a couple, and plans for a family in later years.

Doing so will allow you to focus on the big picture, which is building a family and home together, instead of looking at the now and dwelling on temporary problems caused by your wedding planning.

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6 Ways To Keep The Love Alive While Planning Your Wedding