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March 2023

15 Romantic Proposal Ideas She’ll Say Yes To

Want to put a ring on it? Check out our list of romantic proposal ideas to sweep her off her feet and get a resounding, “Yes!” to that all-important question.

You can’t imagine a life without her. When you think about the future, she’s always in it. You look into your heart, and you see only her. You’re sure you want to spend the rest of your days with this girl. Now, it’s time to think of the perfect way to ask her to marry you. If you’ve got the ring, we’ve got some proposal ideas for you!

1. Sparklers

Tessa and Sean’s Disney-Inspired Proposal at the Raffles Singapore Fountain by Super Panda Presents

Let sparks fly with a pyrotechnic show that will sweep her off her feet! Pop the question with a fantastic display of sparklers and fireworks to commemorate this momentous occasion. You can create that magical and dreamy backdrop with Sparkulars, sparklers that look just like fireworks, and are safe for indoors and outdoors.

2. Give Her a Sign

Valerie and Keith’s Surprise Proposal at The Secret Patio by Wedding Authors

Spell out the words “Will you marry me?” with a beautiful sign that will also create the perfect backdrop for those proposal moment photos.

3. Enlist Your Pet

Angie and Horng Perng’s Rustic Bohemian Wedding at Open Farm Community by Knotties Frame

Rope in your furry friend to help you propose! Dress up your pup and hang a placard or the ring on him and surprise your significant other with the cutest proposal.

4. The Yoga Proposal Pose

Valerie and Wei Zhong’s Sunrise Yoga Shoot at Upper Peirce Reservoir and Singapore Botanic Gardens by Senica Photos

From downward dog to bended knee. If you’re both into fitness and yoga, lure her into a romantic sunrise couples yoga session so that you have a gorgeous outdoor backdrop for your surprise proposal. Transition from a yoga pose onto bended knee and pop the question!

5. Brunch Surprise

Nicole Chang Min and James’s Sky-High, Tropical Floral Wedding at 1-Atico by Androids in Boots

Instead of proposing after the classic romantic dinner, why not surprise her during one of your weekend brunch dates? It’s a beautiful way to commemorate all the times you’ve been cafe-hopping together and deepened your relationship over long talks over good coffee.

6. Whisk Her Away on a Trip

Novy and Jinkai’s Grand Budapest Themed Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore by Sayher Heffernan

Pack your bags and whisk her away on a surprise weekend trip! Pick a nearby destination that you can enjoy over the weekend or long weekend (so she doesn’t need to apply for leave), subtly check that her calendar is clear, and show her how well you know her by packing all of her essentials.

7. Natural Backdrop

Sophie Willocq and Eka Benui’s Romantic Proposal at Sunrise by Beixin and Robin

If she loves nature, why not propose to her outdoors in front of a beautiful natural backdrop? Create a focal point for your proposal with a floral hedge, and choose sunrise or sunset timings for gorgeous light.

8. Trail of Candles

Belicia and Nicholas’s Surprise Proposal at The Fullerton Bay Hotel by Amarepixels

Lead the light of your life to the proposal setting with the classic candle trail. It’s a classic for a reason; the flickering lights set the scene for romance and the trail builds anticipation. To create this, simply line a path with two rows of tea lights or taller candles, and use electric candles if your venue doesn’t allow candles to be lit.

9. Photo Gallery

Valerie and Keith’s Surprise Proposal at The Secret Patio by Wedding Authors

Give her more reasons to say yes by reminding her of all of your special memories through a photo gallery. Choose the highlights of your years together and print out the photos to decorate your proposal setting. Hang them on helium-filled balloons or ribbons, stick them on a board, or flash them on a screen. She’ll love reminiscing your beautiful moments and all that you’ve gone through together.

10. Serenade with a Song

Celene and Brandon’s Romantic Surprise Proposal at Blankbox by Lens of Mira

If you play an instrument, now’s the time to impress her with your musical skills. She’ll be so touched that you took the time to learn her favourite romantic ballad that she’ll be sure to accept your proposal. Even better, why not make the moment extra personal and memorable by writing your own song or lyrics? Tell her what you love about her through song!

11. On a Boat

Valerie and Leon’s Sunkissed Bali Wedding Photoshoot by Knotties Frame

Whether it’s in a romantic row boat where you’re both keeping time with the oars, or aboard a glamorous yacht with a party of her friends, proposing on the water is a special surprise that she’ll hold dear to her heart.

12. Choose a Significant Spot

A Wild and Free Spirited Bohemian Styled Shoot in Bali by Wanderlust Dream

Bring her back to where you first met, where you fell in love, or another spot with a significant memory. If you were high school sweethearts, why not propose after a walk down memory lane in your alma mater? Or propose on the beach if you had your first date at the seaside.

13. On Top of the World

Elaine and Gabriel’s Gorgeous Pre-Wedding Adventure in Sumba by Darren and Jade Photography

Are you both avid hikers? Go down on one knee when you’re on top of the world, and add to the climber’s high with a proposal against the stunning scenery.

14. Ride In Like Prince Charming

Joanne and Russell’s Magical Horseback Wedding at Capella Singapore by Pixioo

Take a leaf from groom Sanee and ride in like Prince Charming on a horse. “I took inspiration from “白马王子,” literally,” says Sanee. “First, I had to find a white horse and then spend the next few months learning how to ride a horse.”

15. Pack a Picnic

Shi Yun and Darren’s Hiking Pre-Wedding Shoot on Coney Island by Happyphotopeople

Pack up her favourite snacks and a bottle of bubbly in a picnic basket, and bring along a cosy picnic blanket where you can cuddle and feed each other before you pop the question.

These proposal ideas may inspire you, but of course, your own proposal will be a unique experience that’s all about her personality and your own love story. Make your proposal unforgettable by telling her all the reasons why you love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her, and she’ll find it hard not to say yes!

Credits: Feature image from Tessa and Sean’s Disney-Inspired Proposal at the Raffles Singapore Fountain by Super Panda Presents

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15 Romantic Proposal Ideas She’ll Say Yes To