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May 2021

Celene and Brandon’s Romantic Surprise Proposal at Blankbox

Brandon sprung a surprise proposal to the love of his life and she said “Yes!”

Celene and Brandon met six years ago on a dating app but the lovebirds did not get together despite having feelings for each other. In fact, they only became an item two years later. In order to propose to Celene, Brandon planned and executed a surprise proposal with a stage he designed and built himself at Blankbox, where she said “Yes!”. Sneak a peek at their proposal story here.

What is it about your partner that you love the most?

Brandon: Being a selective extrovert, I don’t open up to people easily. But when I met Celene, she made me open up immediately and I felt very comfortable sharing everything with her! I could talk to her all day, every day, until she tells me to stop (jokingly)! I love her reactions when I irritate her on purpose. There are just too many things that I love about her!

Celene: Brandon’s consistency drew me to him throughout the years that we have known each other. He treats me the same, with respect, patience, and kindness, since day one! At first, I thought he was very ‘dramatic’ when he spoke or did certain things, but I realised it’s in him – he is very committed, detailed and puts in effort in things he does. He makes me grow as a person too, and that’s what I love about him!

Brandon, how did you go about planning the surprise proposal for Celene?

Brandon: While planning for the surprise proposal, I wrote down some of her favorite things and places she loves such as fairy lights, places with hanging lights and so on. It was really hard keeping the ‘secret’ from her because she is very smart and observant!

It took me a week to build the set from scratch and spruce the space up with some of her favourite elements, and during this time, I had to disappoint her by telling her I have to work overtime everyday but I was secretly preparing for it! It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my crew and friends!

I wanted our proposal to be memorable and personal to us. I practiced on the keyboard she bought me for two whole months so I could play Perfect by Ed Sheeran for her – the first song I ever sang and played guitar for her when I asked her to be my girlfriend! I almost wanted to give up on the keyboard idea because it was so tough.

Celene, did you suspect Brandon was planning something in secret prior to your proposal, or were you completely taken by surprise?

Celene: I was quite surprised on the day itself! Although, a week prior to the proposal, my sister received dresses from Zalora and wanted me to try on for her. A little bit suspicious, I thought. Anyway, I rejected all of them!

Share with us what happened on the day of the surprise proposal!

Brandon: I guess it was all thanks to my “great” acting skills! Actually, I was extremely nervous when I picked her up – my hands were perspiring and everything. So, I avoided holding her hand in case she asked why my palms were perspiring.

Celene, did you suspect something was up on the day itself?

Celene: On the day itself, Brandon intended to bring me on a nice date and told me to dress nicely. I thought, “This is it”. But halfway to the “date place”, his colleague called and told him that their colleague was injured and he needed to return to send him to the A&E. He drove back and I thought to myself, “Well, I guess I was wrong… not today.” When we reached his workplace, he went to “help” the colleague while I waited. He then called me to go into the workshop to assist him. When I opened the door… tada… he was there with the photographer and videographer! My heart stopped!

Was the engagement ring a complete surprise as well?

Both: We both watched a lot of proposal videos together and would comment on their rings and settings. I would also send him pictures of rings to tell him they look nice! Brandon then customised them based on what I have shared with him.

What was the most memorable moment of that day?

Celene: The most memorable moment of that day for me was when the video montage for me started playing. At the end of the video, it showed a picture of what he wrote on a balloon two years ago that says something like “I am going to make this woman my wife one day”. I cried a lot when I saw that.

Brandon: Needless to say, it was the moment when I knelt down and put the ring on her finger, as I knew that she has finally become my fiancée!

Brandon, any tips for grooms-to-be who are planning a surprise proposal?

I think the most most important thing would be to follow your own heart and style! As long as you’re sincere in what you are doing, she would say ‘YES’! Oh, and do practice kneeling in front of a mirror first!

The Venue: Blankbox
The Engagement Ring: Poh Kim Jewellery
The Wedding Photographer: Lens of Mira
The Stylist and Florist: Hello from Flour
The Wedding Videographer: Lin Studios
The Staging and Props: Blankbox by Onstaging SG

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Celene and Brandon’s Romantic Surprise Proposal at Blankbox