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June 2021

Sophie Willocq and Eka Benui’s Romantic Proposal at Sunrise

Sophie Willocq said yes to her love Eka Benui in a romantic proposal with ethereal florals by the water under the beautiful morning light.

Eka Benui, 32, won Sophie Willocq, 31, Content Creator, over by sending her memes and asking her out every day for lunch! With COVID-19 spoiling plans for an overseas proposal, Eka reached out to our Editor-in-Chief Michelle for ideas on a beautiful proposal here in Singapore. Against the romantic backdrop of florals over the water at sunrise, Sophie said yes to the dawn of a new chapter together!

How did the two of you meet?

Eka: We have quite a number of mutual friends so I’ve always seen her around. One night I saw her talking to a friend and I plucked up the courage to approach her! We exchanged numbers on the pretext of something work-related but I slowly won her over by sending memes.

Sophie: I was working in an office job at that time and he kept asking me out during lunch hour, to the point that my colleagues nicknamed him “Every Day Lunch”.

What made you fall in love with your partner?

Eka: I’ve got to admit that I was first attracted to Sophie because of her looks! But over time one thing I’ve grown to love is her honesty—I can always count on her to give me her frank opinion and to be level-headed when I’m not.

Sophie: I think he’s a very patient and giving person; he’s always willing to help me out with my work or errands that I hate doing, even when I get frustrated that it doesn’t go the way I want. It’s all the little things he does for me (probably without even thinking about it) that I appreciate most.

How did you plan the proposal, Eka?

Eka: We had actually been talking about tying the knot for some time by then. I knew that Sophie wanted an overseas proposal but unfortunately COVID-19 happened and that’s when I had to get a little more creative! I knew Sophie loved the shoot that we previously did with SingaporeBrides for The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair, so I reached out to them for recommendations. Michelle got me in touch with the photographer and florist and helped me every step of the way.

Tell us about the proposal! How did you both feel?

Eka: I hinted to her two days before the proposal that she should dress up and do her hair nicely that coming Saturday. She laughed and asked if it was for our proposal. There was no way to deny it because I also had to get her to the location by 7am for sunrise! So it wasn’t entirely a surprise but luckily that’s not something that particularly mattered to her. Saturday morning came, the weather was perfect and everything went well.

Sophie: I quickly told my hairdresser and nail salon that it was an emergency! Over the next two days I kept joking that I was going to say “no” at the proposal whenever he asked me for a favour. The actual proposal setup was still a big surprise to me because I was blindfolded on the way down. The morning light was beautiful and at that moment it all still felt a little surreal that we were there, doing this.

What are your wedding plans?

Sophie: We’ve toyed with the idea of doing a solemnisation this year for close friends and family and then the bigger banquet next year, where hopefully by then our family overseas (mine in France and his in Indonesia) will be able to join us. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, things have continued to be very uncertain, so we’re trying not to plan too far ahead and will just have to see how things go!

The Photographer: Beixin and Robin
The Florist: Blanc Studios

Credits: Images by Beixin and Robin

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Sophie Willocq and Eka Benui’s Romantic Proposal at Sunrise