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August 2022

20 Fun Ways to Personalise Your Wedding

Your wedding is all about you! Make your wedding day the best day of your lives with these fun ways to personalise your wedding!

It’s not often you get to have your closest family and friends all together at the same time. In fact, your wedding is probably the only time all of the people you love and who love you most will be gathered in one place, just to celebrate you. Your wedding is a beautiful opportunity for guests to learn a little more about your story, so they can celebrate it to the fullest.

Instead of having guests feel like they’ve been to a wedding just like yours before, you want them to leave your wedding thinking, “Wow, that wedding was so them!” A wedding full of individuality and personal touches will be a heartwarming and memorable celebration, not just for you but also for your guests.

To start planning the best and most personal day of your lives, first, decide on the overall feel you want to create. With your partner, talk about things you’ve liked in other weddings, things you’ve always wanted to try, things you found funny, and things you found beautiful or emotional. Talk about what makes you you. The most heartwarming weddings are those that truly celebrate the couple’s story, and your guests will be delighted when you infuse your wedding with personal touches.

To give you some ideas on celebrating your story, here are 20 fun ways you can personalise your wedding, and delight your guests.

Antoinette and Terrence’s Dreamy and Modern Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore by Bridelope Productions

1. Go for unconventional style

You don’t have to feel limited to a lace wedding gown if that’s not your style. Wear a bridal jumpsuit, a two-piece, or a coloured gown if that feels more you! Grooms can have sartorial fun with their outfits too, with unconventional suit colours, flashy suit linings, or funny socks.

2. Tell your story

Let your guests know more about you with a short timeline of your relationship on a customised sign. Or name your guests’ tables after a shared hobby, such as your travel destinations, and include a little fact about yourselves on each table.

Ellen and Andre’s Fun, Animal-Themed Wedding at The White Rabbit by Colossal Weddings

3. Name your tables

Tables 1 through 20 have such a boring ring to them. Name your tables after something fun and in line with your wedding theme, whether it’s animals for an animal-themed wedding, or your favourite movies. On each table, display a little card that tells the story behind its name.

Amy and Shiuh Liang’s Minimalist Rooftop Aura Wedding by Andri Tei Photography

4. Play a game

Place a game at each table to help guests break the ice, or host a banquet-wide game such as Bingo or trivia about yourselves, and offer prizes for prizes to win!

5. Have a unique wedding guest book

From wooden heart notes to thumbprint wedding guest books, there are many creative alternatives to the traditional wedding guest book. If you love to travel, have your guests sign a globe, or if you met at a music class, display a guitar for guests to write their well wishes.

Jophia and Larry’s Mystical Origami Crane Wedding at The Joyden Hall by Caline Ng Photography

6. Give out Wearable wedding favours

if your wedding has a specific theme, wearable favours are a great way to set the mood. As you welcome guests in, have a table set up with favours like handheld fans for a vintage-themed wedding, or fresh-flower hair clips for a beach ceremony. For something even more personalise, try customised pins for your guests.

7. Have fun with your wedding party procession

You don’t need to get a ring bear, but having fun with your ring bearer can draw some laughs or oohs and ahhs at your solemnisation ceremony. Have your bridesmaids and groomsmen dance down the aisle in sunglasses, get an older sibling to draw a baby flower girl down the aisle in a wagon filled with tulle, have your page boy carry a funny sign, or make your dog your ring bearer.

Suit from SuitYourself, from Dionne and Wei Zhe’s Charming, Light-Filled Wedding at Andaz Singapore by Bottled Groove Photography

8. Have fun with your signage

Colourful neon lights, romantic calligraphy, or bold acrylic signs all personalise your wedding with your style. Have fun with signs and include quirky or punny phrases to direct guests to the food and celebrations, or display your favourite quotes.

9. Play your song at the processional

You don’t have to walk down the aisle to Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March”. To make your solemnisation ceremony more unique and reflect you, pick a song that speaks to you and your relationship, select an instrumental version, and cue it to your march-in. (I walked in to “A Sky Full of Stars” covered by The Piano Guys!)

Kamelia and Jeremiah’s Cosy Cafe Solemnisation at Belo by Bobby Kiran Photography

10. Include Your Pets

If you have beloved pets, why not include them in your wedding? Dress them up with floral collars and have them bring your rings down the aisle to a chorus of oohs and ahhs.

11. Write personalised notes

Make your guests feel special with a personal, handwritten note. It doesn’t need to be long to be meaningful; a simple thank-you for their presence and their role in your relationship will make your guest feel very appreciated. Leave the note for them at their seat or have your helpers hand them out during registration.

Janice and Gerald’s Magical Harry Potter Wedding in Orchidville by Click! Photography

12. Get creative with your bouquets and boutonnieres

Especially if you’re having a themed wedding, your bouquets and boutonnieres are a fun way to personalise your wedding. Fans of Harry Potter, this couple carried a bouquet of mandrakes and wore a bowtruckle boutonniere. Your bridesmaids’ bouquets can be a unique point in your wedding too—think wreaths or candles instead of traditional posies.

13. Showcase words

Showcase words or quotes that are meaningful to you and your relationship with calligraphed banners, framed prints, or acrylic signs. These could be vows, lyrics from a favourite song, quotes from a beloved book, or verses from your Scripture reading. You can place these around your ceremony or have them part of your reception or photo display.

Phoebe and Paul’s Bright and Colourful Garden Wedding at Raffles Singapore by Arture Photography

14. Write your own vows

For a very personalised exchange of vow, write your own! Express your love for your partner and make your promises to each other in a way that truly reflects your relationship. Just remember to make sure they’re on the same page, whether you’re going for humour or romance. Check out our guide to writing your own vows here.

15. Have a Travel suggestion table

Instead of marriage advice, why not set up a table with postcards and ask your guests for travel recommendations for places they’ve visited?

Phyllis and Leslie’s Lush, Light-Filled Wedding at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering by Kai Picture

Perform a first dance

A first dance is a romantic and unique touch in a local wedding. Even if you’re not professional dancers and don’t want to take classes, a simple snuggle and sway can set a mood for romance, and you can invite your guests to the dance floor after.

16. Acknowledge your VIPs

Don’t feel like your ceremony has to follow a strict and formal structure. Wave to the aunt you haven’t seen for awhile, or step out of the aisle to give your grandmother a quick hug. It’s your day!

Mabel and Cheong Jun’s Free-Spirited Lawn Wedding at Wheeler’s Estate by Juanmoley Fotologue

17. Exit in Style

A sparker exit is a fun and romantic way to exit your wedding, and gives your guests a great experience as well. Bonus, they make for amazing photos!

Audrey and Fadzillah’s Intimate Cliffside Wedding at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa by Kent Wong Photography

18. Surprise your spouse

Don’t forget to include a personal touch for your soon-to-be spouse! Write them a love note and hide it so they can read it the morning of the wedding, order them a breakfast they love, or prepare a special wedding gift.

Azelle and Daniel’s Modern Traditional Wedding with Blooming Pink Florals at The Clifford Pier by Antelope Studios

19. Personalise your own experience

Make sure you savour every moment of your big day as a bride or groom. Get yourself a pretty lace robe to get ready in, hang your wedding gown on a monogrammed hanger, or initial your spouse-to-be’s name inside your wedding attire or write I do on the underside of your shoes. These little details will help make your day more special.

20. Do things your way

The key to creating a personalised and authentic wedding is simply to do things your way. Don’t like certain wedding traditions? Throw them out the window! Do what makes you happy on the biggest day of your lives. Have fun with your wedding, be silly, be weird, and most of all, be yourselves. This will make sure the end result is a day that feels unique, genuine, and completely you.

Credits: Feature image from Reaiah and Jeremy’s Intimate and Heartfelt Wedding at Conrad Centennial Singapore by Smittenpixels Photography

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