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December 2019

20 Very Practical Pre-Wedding Shoot Tips

Preparing for your engagement session? Check out our list of very practical pre-wedding shoot tips, from what to bring, to how to get the most natural-looking shots!

A pre-wedding shoot or engagement session is so much more than pretty photos to display in an album or a slideshow during your wedding banquet. It’s a chance for you to document your relationship and capture your emotions for each other in beautiful keepsakes. It’s also a great way to build rapport with your photographer before your wedding day, if you are engaging the same one.

With so much at stake (including your wallet), you want your pre-wedding shoot to go well. We’ve got some very practical pre-wedding shoot tips for you, whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, in Singapore or overseas!

Beauty Prep

1.Schedule your facials.

Plan to have your facial sessions two weeks in advance of your pre-wedding shoot date so that you don’t have unsightly red spots or other scars during your shoot. Don’t try a new product or procedure either, in case you get an unexpected allergic reaction that doesn’t resolve in time.

2.Avoid bloat.

The day before your shoot, don’t eat too much salt to avoid bloating and a puffy face. Stay hydrated, which will help flush toxins and give your skin a healthy glow.

3.Get a good night’s sleep.

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Avoid dark circles or tired skin by getting at least eight hours of sleep in the days leading up to your shoot.

4.Don’t condition your hair.

Ironically, soft and silky hair doesn’t look good in photos, because it’s difficult to style, and doesn’t hold its shape. The night and morning before your shoot, skip the conditioner and any hair serums. Dry and rough hair will have more volume, be easier to style, and hold its shape for longer.

5.Say no to tan lines.

In the months leading up to your shoot, avoid spending too much time in the sun, and forego that beach holiday, so you don’t get unsightly tan lines that last forever in your pre-wedding photos.

Chloe Choo and Tan Choon Yan’s Cool, Urban Pre-Wedding Shoot by Pixioo

What to wear

6.Select outfits to suit the location.

Coordinate your outfits with your selected photography locations. Ask your photographer for advice on colours that will pop against the scenery, whether formal outfits or casual ones would work better against each backdrop. Grander silhouettes such as ball gowns or long trains might stand out more against certain scenes, while matching sneakers might be perfect for a cosy picnic set up. Don’t forget accessories such as your veil!

7.Wear the right underwear.

A stick-on nubra is the most practical option to wear under different silhouettes and necklines. Remember to wear nude, seamless underwear as well. If you’re going for an overseas pre-wedding shoot, remember to pack these essentials, especially since you won’t know which gowns and necklines you’ll select at your overseas bridal studio.

8.Discuss your hair and makeup beforehand.

If you’ve already selected your outfits, show them to your hair and makeup artist along with your makeup references, so that she can advise you on the best look for your shoot. Tell her if your location is particularly windy, so she can make sure your hairstyle won’t get blown away!

9.Don’t forget your hands.

Get a manicure and remember to clean your sparkler so that those close-up shots of your engagement ring look amazing!

Elaine and Gabriel’s Gorgeous Pre-Wedding Adventure in Sumba by Darren and Jade Photography

What to bring

10.Bring the right shoes.

You don’t need to mince around all day in your gorgeous but uncomfortable wedding heels, especially if you’re shooting outdoors on rough terrain. Bring along a pair of slippers, sneakers, or platforms that you can wear during the shoot, and only change into your heels when the shots expose your feet.

11.Pack battery-operated fans.

Shooting outdoors? You’ll both be glad of portable fans when you’re trying to smile under the hot sun in your big wedding gown and three-piece suit!


Bring along bottles of water or cold drinks so you stay hydrated during your long day, especially if you’re shooting in parks or forests where you won’t be able to purchase drinks.

13.Pack an easy change of clothes.

Select an outfit that’s easy to change into and out of that you can wear when you break for lunch, such as button-on tops or slip on shorts, so that you can change quickly and discreetly in a car if you have to.

14.Bring a cosmetic touch-up.

If your makeup artist isn’t following you around during your shoot, pack some tissues for blotting sweat and oil off your face, and your lipstick in case you need a touch up. Bring some wet wipes as well, to deal with any dirt or mud from an outdoor shoot.

15.Keep your flowers fresh.

A jar of water to place your bouquet in when you’re not using it will keep your flowers fresh and camera-ready.

16.Add some props.

You can add some personality into your shoot with simple props like fairy lights, sparklers, or a picnic blanket.

17.Don’t forget the elements.

When shooting outdoors, you’ll also want to bring along some insect repellent, and sunblock spray.

Emily and Jun He’s Wild and Breathtaking Pre-Wedding Adventure in the Faroe Islands by Synchronal Photography

Looking natural in your photos

18.Try some couple poses.

Worried about being in front of a camera? Browse Pinterest or our couple poses article for inspiration, and practise a few in front of the mirror before your shoot so you feel more confident.

19.Laugh and have fun.

The best way to have natural-looking photos is to actually have fun while on the shoot. Forget the camera and enjoy yourselves exploring a new place, or pretend you’re on a date and make each other laugh!

20.Get the emotions flowing.

Help your photographer capture real emotion by reminiscing about your relationship. What was your first date like? What are three things you love about your partner? What are some promises you’d like to make to your partner as you move into your next chapter? Talking about these things during the shoot will fill you with love, which will translate to beautiful, emotive photographs.

Credits: Feature image from Steph and Weilun’s Travel-Themed Capella Singapore Wedding by Bobby Kiran Photography

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20 Very Practical Pre-Wedding Shoot Tips