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May 2024

Hero-icon Wedding Planning
To-Do List

When you’re planning for something as important as your wedding, you need a to-do list you can refer to any time, whether at home or on the move. We don’t want you misplacing that list, so we’ve done one for you, one that you can even create from scratch if you want, right here.

Simplicity Meets Intuition

What makes a good list? We think a simple one does the job best, and that is what SingaporeBrides’ Wedding Planning To-Do List is. You’ll find this clean and straightforward interface so easy to use because everything’s just a click away. It’s almost like a paper folder, except we’ve saved you the trouble of flipping the pages.


Everything’s Been Tabbed

We’ve created a timeline with tabs so you’ll be able to jump from Month 9 of the planning to Month 3 with just a quick click. If you’ve postponed a meeting with a wedding vendor, you can even move the item to another tab with an easy drag-and-drop. Navigating between the precisely-labeled tabs is such a breeze and having all your tasks listed on one page in a user-friendly typeface and size will make you one happy list-o-holic.

Feature-organise Feature-drop Know what’s even better? You can drag-and-drop items to another tab too!

Flexibility in Structure

We think you could use some help with the wedding planning, so we’ve designed the SingaporeBrides’ Wedding Planning To-Do List to contain pre-added items. However, we know you’re unique, so you are free to add or delete any item on the list. If you need to “Consult Feng-Shui master for an auspicious wedding date”, just click on the “plus” button for a new tab. Don’t need to “Book your car rental service”? Delete it with a click. It’s that easy.


At Your Fingertips

What’s even better about the SingaporeBrides’ Wedding Planning To-Do List is its accessibility on smartphones. Check on the remaining items on your list or jot down notes from your meetings with wedding vendors even when you’re on your way home. Now you don’t have to wait until you’re sitting in front of a computer to do all of these.

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