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December 2023

The 8 Most Inspiring and Creative Pre-Wedding Shoots on SingaporeBrides in 2023

Get inspired by the magic of love and the artistry of storytelling through imagery as we reveal the most beautiful and creative pre-wedding shoots of 2023!

As we bid farewell to another beautiful year of gorgeous weddings, it’s time to look back at the most enchanting and imaginative pre-wedding shoots featured on SingaporeBrides in 2023. Love knows no bounds, and this year’s collection of pre-wedding shoots proves that creativity and romance truly have no limits.

From stunning mountainous landscapes to quirky vintage train stations, these pre-wedding shoots take us on a visual through space and time. Each couple’s unique love story is beautifully captured, reflecting their personalities, interests, and dreams. As we showcase these captivating moments, get inspired by the endless possibilities open to you when it comes to capturing your unique story.

Join us as we unveil the most memorable pre-wedding shoots that graced our platform this year. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own pre-wedding shoot or simply looking to bask in the love stories of others, this roundup promises to be a delightful and heartwarming celebration of love and creativity.

1. Sandy and Weilun’s Stunning Pre-Wedding Adventure in Sumba by Kael from Darren and Jade Photography

Adventure-loving Sandy and Weilun celebrated their love for travel with a pre-wedding shoot in the vast natural beauty of Sumba, Indonesia, visiting a goat farm, swimming in a waterfall, and blasting colourful smoke bombs against a stunning backdrop of mountains.

“We did our pre-wedding photoshoot and videoshoot at Sumba, Indonesia,” say Sandy and Weilun. “We knew that Sumba, though a small island, had so much to offer, with insane sunrises and sunsets. There were beaches, hills, farms, waterfalls, rice fields, traditional villages and so much more.”

“The nature-lover and adventure-seeker inside us screamed yes, and the fact that it is an unusual place for a pre-wedding shoot made us want to be one of the few unique couples in Singapore to do it (first).We wanted to capture the vastness of nature with us being as candid as possible when portraying our love story. Darren and Jade made all of that possible.”

2. Vivian and Nicklaus’s Fun and Nostalgic Pre-Wedding Shoot in Vibrant Traditional Chinese Outfits by Freddy Wong Photography

Vivian and Nicklaus had a lot of fun with their pre-wedding shoot, celebrating their lively personalities and heritage by dressing up in colourful, traditional wedding outfits and elaborate headgear. They reminisced the dawn of their relationship at their old school, where they first met and became best friends.

“We didn’t think of a theme in particular, but I’ve always loved the traditional Chinese culture and costume, so when I came across this 国潮风 wedding photo shoot in China on social media, I was really tempted to fly over to get my pre-wedding shoot done as well!” says Vivian. “However, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we couldn’t travel to China. Thanks to my ever spontaneous husband, Nick, who was ready for my funny ideas and requests, we went to four locations for our pre-wedding shoot.”

“One of the locations we went was the secondary school we met and fell in love at. Most of our teachers were still teaching at the school, so it was good to go back. Our photographer Freddy then suggested we head to Joo Chiat for our casual photoshoot, and we ended the day at Marina Cruise Center, watching the sunset together.

3. Pei Wen and Rayson’s Vintage, Hong Kong-Style Pre-Wedding Shoot in Friends Cafe and Geylang by Iki Company

Vintage is definitely having a moment! Inspired by the Hong Kong films of their childhood, Pei Wen Rayson decided to do something very different to the conventional pre-wedding shoot. Their nostalgic, vintage pre-wedding shoot captured them perfectly in their 80s-style wedding outfits!

“Unanimously, we decided to do something different instead of the traditional pre-wedding shoot, share the couple. “Due to our childhood exposure to Hong Kong films, we love the Wong Kar Wai cinematic style (noise and neon lights).We decided to shoot at Friends Cafe, a cafe that resembles the authentic char chan teng of Hong Kong. For the night shoot, our photographer proposed shooting along Geylang which has ample neon signboards and a grungy feel. We agreed and the photos turned out great!

4. Grace and David’s Charmingly Candid Pre-Wedding Shoot in the City by Bora from Always Sunday

Grace and David prove that there are plenty of beautiful photo opportunities right here in Singapore, with their candid and natural pre-wedding shoot that focused on capturing their relationship in fun moments, framed in the most magical light.

“We wanted something more candid, casual and not too overly staged for our pre-wedding shoot,” they share. We chose to shoot around the area of Victoria Concert Hall because we wanted an aesthetic place for the shoot, and that area came to mind immediately. We also went to Golden Mile Tower as suggested by Bora, our photographer, after we showed her our moodboard that had a very casual feel to it.”

5. Fion and Shawn’s Vintage Pre-Wedding Shoot at Bukit Timah Railway by Fleurandcraft Film

Fion and Shawn captured nostalgic 90s vibes in their adorable pre-wedding shoot at Bukit Timah Railway, with their two dogs. They then bared their souls in a grittier, old Hong Kong-inspired shoot in vintage malls, shot on film.

“We both wanted our dogs to be a part of the photo shoot, so we decided to have it in Singapore instead of planning an overseas shoot, even though we initially wanted to shoot in Hong Kong for that 90s vibe,” they tell us.

“We brainstormed with our photographer and opted for two different styles of vintage shoots. In the morning, we visited Bukit Timah Railway with our dogs to capture a lively and fun vibe. In the evening, we headed to the older shopping malls, Excelsior and Peninsula Shopping Centre at City Hall, to infuse a 90s vibe, which will be the basis for our wedding theme.”

6. Alina and Sean’s Romantic Pre-Wedding Shoot Aboard A Yacht by Joelle Cecilia

When it came to planning for their pre-wedding shoot, Alina and Sean let their planner, Create Your Story, have full autonomy over the theme and venue of the shoot. They were pleasantly surprised with a unique and beautifully styled pre-wedding shoot aboard a yacht, where they toasted to their love for each another on the sea, against a romantic sunset.

“Our planner Daniela made sure everything was well-planned-out and taken care of, and all we had to do was to turn up! She was very responsive and made sure that we were at the right place and on track for the photoshoot throughout the day. The weather, which initially presented an obstacle to our shoot, eventually cleared up and made way for a beautiful sunset, which resulted in some stunning shots for our shoot.

7. Eunice and Daniel’s Intimate Pre-Wedding Shoot in the Romantic and Magical Wilderness by Hey Stranger

Eunice and Daniel embarked on an intimate pre-wedding shoot in the secluded wilderness, filled with the magic and romance of the raw outdoors, to commemorate their love and commitment to one another.

“Daniel is pretty camera shy and we wanted to shoot in a secluded area,” shares Eunice. “Hence, we went with the idea of a romantic outdoor shoot, literally at an abandoned open field. The location was beautiful with overgrown trees, ferns and mosses. We couldn’t have found such a dreamy spot, with the sunrise in the background, without the help of Hey Stranger. For the second location, we wanted the theme to reflect our everyday life. Being together for seven years, we tend to stay home a lot and enjoy the little things like cooking and running errands together.”

8. Rebecca and Abloy’s Destination Pre-Wedding Shoot in Switzerland with Breathtaking Scenery and Powder-White Snow by Wanderlust Dream

Rebecca and Abloy embarked on a destination pre-wedding shoot in Switzerland, a country they had always dreamt of visiting together, where they captured their love against the majestic powder-white mountains, rolling green hills and jewel blue waters and sky.

“We chose to have our pre-wedding shoot in Switzerland because it has long been a dream of ours to visit the country, and we want to go somewhere cold and lovely for the shoot. I remember feeling awkward during the pre-wedding shoot, especially for kissing shots! And it was really cold, to the point where our hands and feet were in excruciating pain. But, it got better and we ended up having a good time after all.”

Credits: Feature image from Vivian and Nicklaus’s Fun and Nostalgic Pre-Wedding Shoot in Vibrant Traditional Chinese Outfits by Freddy Wong Photography

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The 8 Most Inspiring and Creative Pre-Wedding Shoots on SingaporeBrides in 2023