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May 2024

Darren and Jade Photography and Videography

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Founded by a couple of the friendliest, warmest people you’ll ever meet, Darren and Jade Photography treat every wedding like their own, and put their heart and soul into capturing beautiful memories from each couple’s momentous day. Passionate storytellers, the Darren and Jade team is all about telling a couple’s unique story by capturing pure emotions and creating beautiful memories. Read more about their photography style and pre-wedding adventures.

Phone: 9297 0077
WhatsApp: 9297 0077
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @darrenandjade
Services: Photography and Videography
Destination Pre-wedding Photography and Videography - From $5,976
Actual Day Photography - From $1,550 for 5 hours
Actual Day Videography - From $2,588 for 5 hours
Local Pre-wedding - From $600 for 2 hours
Wedding Livestream Add-On - $1,430 for 1 hour
See for full details on prices.

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