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December 2022

A Recap Of 10 Beautiful and Inspiring Pre-Wedding Shoots in 2022

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the best pre-wedding shoots of 2022!

Pre-wedding photoshoots are a rite of passage every soon-to-be-wed couple needs to go through. Not only is it a great way to capture the joy and excitement of your upcoming nuptials, it is also an excellent way for you to showcase your personalities to your guests.

Plus, you’ll get to bond over this special activity with your beloved and create a precious memory that only the two of you will share. Whether you are planning a romantic photo shoot by the beach or one with a unique theme that represents both of you as a couple, let these 10 couples inspire you with their unique and beautiful pre-wedding shoots in 2022 for your upcoming nuptials in the year of the Rabbit and beyond!

1. A 1920s Shanghai Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot at 酒庄 Jiu Zhang Dempsey

Images by Mike Chen Photography

Mariana and Kelvin were match-made by their mutual friend who knew they’d hit it off with their similar interests and hobbies. Love blossomed and the pair decided to commemorate their love with a unique pre-wedding shoot at 酒庄 Jiu Zhuang at Dempsey, where Mariana’s custom-made cheongsam complemented the 1920s Shanghai inspired decor perfectly.

2. A Grand Budapest Themed Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore

Images by Sayher Heffernan

After catching a few Wes Anderson movies, Novy and Jin Kai fell in love with how colours and composition were used to tell a story. Together with her team of vendor friends, they came up with a subtly styled set that used colour play and symmetry to tell their love story, resulting in a modern pre-wedding shoot with pops of colour.

3. A romantic Pre-Wedding Shoot in Nature with《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》vibes

Images by Dapper Pictures

Jane and Joel share a love of the outdoors, so it was only natural for them to have their pre-wedding shoot done in the outdoors. They wanted their pre-wedding photos to be sentimental and nostalgic, with lighthearted and innocent vibes that popular Taiwanese film《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》(You Are the Apple of My Eye) gave off, as a reminder of the years he was chasing after Jane.

4. A Modern and Moody Pre-Wedding Shoot Around Singapore

Lyly and Jim's Pre-Wedding Shoot in SingaporeLyly and Jim's Pre-Wedding Shoot in SingaporeImages by Manis Moments & Fidphoto

Due to the pandemic, Lyly and Jimmy had to postpone their wedding indefinitely. But they wanted to commemorate the day that they had carefully chosen over others, and they did it with a pre-wedding shoot with moody and mysterious undertones around Singapore, paying homage to their relationship and the wedding that never happened. The result was an album filled with raw, unfiltered and beautiful images of their relationship and bond.

5. An Urban Jungle Pre-Wedding with a Minimalist and Gritty Warehouse Vibe

Images by Supercolerolls

Pearlyn and Cody knew right from the get-go that they wanted an urban jungle vibe for their pre-wedding shoot. Inspired by the aesthetics of architecture, both new and old, the lovebirds chose a monochromatic and simple backdrop at Marina Square Maze for the first half of their shoot, and moved on to the industrial buildings at Tanjong Pagar for a more contrasted, gritty warehouse vibe.

6. A sunrise Yoga Shoot in the outdoors

Images by Senica Photos

A certified yoga instructor, Valerie’s love for exercise rubbed off Wei Zhong, and they wanted to capture their common love for exercise in a once-in-a-lifetime pre-wedding shoot. They chose to shoot their yoga themed shoot in the outdoors, against the golden glow of the rising sun, before they proceeded to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for the second part of their shoot, where they got to enjoy the golden glow of the setting sun, resulting in pre-wedding photos that were utterly unique and to die-for.

7. An Outdoors Pre-Wedding Shoot at an Undisclosed Location

Images by The Good Citizen

Right from the start, Pei Wen and Jeng Wei knew they wanted an outdoors pre-wedding shoot in nature. When their photographer suggested a newly discovered venue with plenty of raw nature and outdoors, they were all for it!

8. A Post-Wedding Shoot To Capture The Afterglow of Marriage

Images by Pixioo

After an intimate home solemnisation with their dearest family, Elizabeth and Felix decided to capture the afterglow of their “I do’s” with a stunning post-wedding photoshoot that captured the beautiful and quiet moments of love they shared.

9. An Intimate Pre-Wedding Shoot in the Outdoors

Images by Rheza Paleva

Rachel and Hui chose to celebrate their love in an elegant, honest and no-frills pre-wedding shoot in the outdoors, where their love for each other was clear as day and overflowing in every frame.

10. A Beautiful Pre-Wedding Shoot Filled With Love

Images by Chris Ling Photography

Actress Kimberly Chia celebrated her love with a beautiful pre-wedding shoot, where she journeyed to a handful of different locations to capture their love and bond over a series of concepts, from a dreamy beachside romance, to a modern city love and 1920s Shanghai inspired set.

We’ve seen many unique and beautiful pre-wedding shoots in 2022, with couples thinking out of the box on how to make their local pre-wedding shoots stand-out without having to travel out of Singapore. Now that travel has been resumed, we are sure to see many more beautiful and picturesque pre-wedding shoots locally and overseas, and we cannot wait to see what our soon-to-be-wed couples have in store for 2023!

Feature image from Valerie and Wei Zhong’s Sunrise Yoga Shoot at Upper Peirce Reservoir by Senica Photos.

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A Recap Of 10 Beautiful and Inspiring Pre-Wedding Shoots in 2022