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December 2021

The Most Creative Pre-Wedding Shoots of 2021

These couples got creative amidst the travelling restrictions of 2021, and got some very unique pre-wedding shots right here in Singapore!

A pre-wedding shoot isn’t just a prerequisite of a wedding banquet; it’s a chance for you and your love to document your unique story as a couple. Get inspired by these eight couples and their photographers, who got really creative with their pre-wedding shoots amidst the restrictions of 2021! From a couple who got their cinematic story aboard a train as a reflection of their thoughts on time and travel, to a couple with a tennis themed shoot to commemorate their tennis proposal, to a couple who went on a hiking adventure in hiking boots and backpacks around Coney Island, these unique pre-wedding shoots reflect their journeys together.

1. Stefani and Kevin’s Glamorous, Art Deco Wedding Aboard The Orient Express Singapore by Dapper Pictures

Dapper PicturesDapper PicturesDapper PicturesDapper PicturesDapper Pictures

A couple who enjoy art and artefacts, Stefani and Kevin decided on the 1920s, travel, and time for key concepts behind their wedding. Having chosen The Orient Express Singapore for their unique wedding venue, of course they had to shoot their pre-wedding there too! With glamorous outfits and dramatic shots, their cinematic shoot travels back in time.

“The original 1920s Orient Express Carriage naturally became our core shooting location. We also shot at the exterior of the Capitol Theatre in the evening—the neon sign on top of the classic architecture gave a classic cinematic feel. The National Gallery and the National Kitchen by Violet Oon was recommended by our photographer. We hoped the pictures could carry a cinematic 1920s mood and feel. Our photographer was a wedding photographer but he also had rich fashion and commercial photography experience. He guided us to produce pictures with the mood we wanted, which is different from typical wedding photographs. We also worked with our tailor Leslie and sourced the right clothing for the shoot.”

2. Shiyun and Darren’s Hiking Pre-Wedding Shoot on Coney Island by Happyphotopeople


Hiking is a big part of Shiyun and Darren’s love story. In fact, the couple got engaged on a hike at Lake Tahoe in the United States! The adventurous pair originally had plans to document their love for hiking with a campervan road trip through Austria, so they got creative and donned their hiking boots and backpacks for a hiking shoot in Coney Island. They stopped for kopi and toast at a traditional coffee shop, and ended their day with a picnic at the scenic Canterbury Road!

“We initially wanted a campervan-inspired photoshoot in Austria because we love to hike and enjoyed the road trips we have been on overseas. The concept of our local shoot was to capture that adventure aspect. We told our photographer that we wanted our photos to look as though they were taken somewhere foreign, and not Singapore. She suggested a few places and we decided to go with Coney Island. We love how those photos turned out. My husband loves his good oldkopi-o-kosongand toast so what better place to take some shots than at an old-school traditional coffee shop at Heap Seng Leong. We killed two birds with one stone as we had a good tea break there while having our shoot.”

3. Nadine and Owen’s Quirky Vintage Pre-Wedding Shoot at Golden Mile Tower by Fleur and Craft

Fleur and CraftFleur and CraftFleur and CraftFleur and CraftFleur and Craft

When Nadine and Owen’s plans to wed in 2020 were disrupted by COVID-19, they decided to make the best of an unusual year and embarked on a quirky, retro pre-wedding shoot in Golden Mile Tower. With their retro styling and quirky accessories, the couple had fun striking unconventional poses, and shoot looked like scenes out of an old Hong Kong film with its colour palette of sepias and oranges.

“We had a lot of fun at our pre-wedding shoot! The whole concept and styling were unlike the usual couple pre-wedding shoots where the couples dressed in their wedding outfits for a romantic photoshoot. 2020 was a strange year for us and we thought of doing an unconventional shoot to commemorate this special year. Our ideas were quirky, and we feel that we have outdone ourselves with the help of our photographer Gloria and makeup artist Shino who helped push our boundaries. Golden Mile Tower, famed for its theatre in the early 1970s, came to their minds quickly. It is also where the hip cineplex The Projector is situated now. The building features untouched rustic 70’s architecture from the stairway to the rundown mailboxes which are different from the ever-evolving Singapore.”

4. Rachell and Sean’s Peranakan-Themed Pre-Wedding Shoot with OneThreeOneFour


Rachell and Sean headed to traditional dessert shophouse Kim Choo Kueh Chang for a beautiful Peranakan-themed pre-wedding shoot full of bright colours, nyonya kueh, and Peranakan ornaments. The vintage shophouse was styled with antique marble tables, colourful Peranakan crockery, and florals in a rich, vintage palette of burgundies and sepias. Rachell wore a pink cheongsam and jade Si Dian Jin bridal jewellery, and carried an embroidered Oriental fan to complete the Peranakan theme.

“Our first set at Kim Choo Kueh Chang with the cheongsam was really eye-catching and definitely very unique as compared to many other traditional wedding shoots I’ve seen before. The venue styling with the props and flowers really helped to elevate the whole vibe of the space. When we posted behind-the-scenes posts on Instagram, I received a lot of messages asking me for the location and comments on how nice the set looked! We also sent some photos we took on our phones to my grandmother, and she loved them a lot!”

5. Antoinette and Terrence’s Dreamy and Modern Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore by Bridelope Productions

Bridelope ProductionsBridelope ProductionsBridelope ProductionsBridelope ProductionsBridelope Productions

Antoinette and Terrence looked every inch the editorial couple in their sharp wedding suits! We love Antoinette’s fashion-forward bridal look with her sleek cape and suit, paired with a bird cage veil and bold red lip. Their shoot took on a New York vibe against classic architecture and stone walls, and the pair even got an iconic traffic crossing shot for their urban pre-wedding editorial.

“We were also very blessed to have our supportive friends with us throughout the planning, preparations and during the shoot itself, which made some of the challenges we had in terms of logistics and transport less difficult. It was also a very fun experience to have them with us, especially when we shoot at the zebra crossing where everyone did their best to help in managing the traffic.”

6. Jolene and Clement’s Dreamy and Intimate Wedding at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel by Leslie Photography

Leslie PhotographyLeslie PhotographyLeslie Photography

Clement proposed to Jolene on a tennis court he hand-made and placed at home, with the ring hidden in a tennis ball. Their pre-wedding shoot threw back to their tennis-themed proposal with a few shots at a tennis court, to celebrate their being partners for life.

“The theme for the proposal was tennis, so I created a mock-up of a tennis court out of a huge sheet of cardboard. The plan was for us to stand on the ‘tennis court’ where I will go down on one knee to propose. I had a few tennis balls scattered around, with a special one hiding the engagement ring placed at a specific corner.”

7. Cherie and Isaac’s Sun-kissed Shoot at Lower Peirce Reservoir and Sum Yi Tai by Andri Tei Photography

Andri Tei PhotographyAndri Tei PhotographyAndri Tei PhotographyAndri Tei PhotographyAndri Tei Photography

After a golden morning capturing the sunrise over Lower Peirce Reservoir, Cherie and Isaac headed to Sum Yi Tai for a dark and moody shoot with glamorous Oriental vibes. Dressed in a traditional cheongsam and suit, the couple caught the best angles under the glowing red neon lights, Oriental wallpaper, fancy mirrors, and rich jewel tones.

“Andri is very passionate about his work, and this is very evident during the creative process. He’s always on the hunt for unique angles and points of view and was able to capture the all the emotions and heartfelt moments. When Andri showed us a few sample photos, we were both blown away. The angles were brilliant, and he savoured every ray of the morning sun, making the 4.00a.m. morning call worthwhile. At Sum Yi Tai, he made use of the reflections from the mirrors as well as the interior lighting to create absolutely gorgeous photos. It gave us a whole new perspective on wedding photography! Amazing!”

8. Celine and Marcus’ Taekwondo Pre-Wedding Shoot with Z Wedding

Celine and Marcus first met when she signed up for his Taekwondo class. The couple started dating after Celine became an instructor too. With Taekwondo being such a big part of their story, the couple decided to hold their unique pre-wedding shoot at the community centre where they both still teach classes.

“We both do Taekwondo, and Celine and her younger brother joined the class I instructed, sometime around 2009-2010. We’ve known each other since then, but it was only in 2016, after I had returned from studies overseas, and Celine had become an instructor herself, that we started dating. We did the shoot at Kampong Kembangan CC, where we still help out with teaching Taekwondo to this day. It is a place filled with many memories for us.”

9. Sherlene and Kenneth’s Quirky Kungfu Hustle Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot by Iki Company

Sherlene and Kenneth were soulmates who eventually found their way to each other after a mutual friend commented that they shared similar personalities and character traits. As expected, the lovebirds hit it off the minute they met. The couple decided on a not-so-common and unique Kungfu Hustle shoot that showcased their fun-loving and quirky natures.

“So, we’re known amongst our friends as funny and a little obnoxious, so why not use that to our advantage. We also play a lot of mahjong, which explains the mahjong set. But the main style for me was inspired by the landlady from the movie Kungfu Hustle. Because I’m loud and everyone says I’m exactly like her, so I played along and I have no regrets. Actually, back in 2016 (even before I met my husband), I saw these two photos of the actors in another movie and I already made up my mind that whoever I married needed to do this with me. Thank god my husband was up for it!”

Feature image from Shiyun and Darren’s Hiking Pre-Wedding Shoot on Coney Island by Happyphotopeople

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The Most Creative Pre-Wedding Shoots of 2021