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July 2023

Rebecca and Abloy’s Destination Pre-Wedding Shoot in Switzerland with Breathtaking Scenery and Powder-White Snow

Rebecca and Abloy travelled to the beautiful Switzerland to capture their love against its breathtaking scenery and landscapes.

Rebecca Goh, 29, Software Engineer, and Abloy Koh, 29, Technician, first met when they were in secondary school. They were first classmates who became desk mates and eventually poly mates before they become a couple. After spending more than a decade as friends and lovers, Abloy decided to take the next step in their relationship with a simple but sweet proposal. The pair then decided to embark on a destination pre-wedding shoot in Switzerland, a country they had always dreamt of visiting together, where they captured their love against the majestic powder-white mountains, rolling green hills and jewel blue waters and sky.

What drew you to each other? What do you love most about your partner?

Abloy: As the saying goes, opposites attract. I suppose that’s what drew us to each other as we are complete opposites of one another. I love how Rebecca always makes me feel like I’m the most important person in her life.

Rebecca: For me, I adore Abloy’s eccentricity – it never fails to make me giggle. I also love his willingness to be there for me at any time I need him to be.

What was the proposal like?

Rebecca: Abloy proposed on a typical Friday date night where we planned to splurge on our meal before we started saving up.

Tell us about your pre-wedding shoot. Why did you choose to travel to Switzerland, and what was the experience like?

Rebecca: We chose to have our pre-wedding shoot in Switzerland because it has long been a dream of ours to visit the country, and we want to go somewhere cold and lovely for the shoot. I remember feeling awkward during the pre-wedding shoot, especially for kissing shots! And it was really cold, to the point where our hands and feet were in excruciating pain. But, it got better and we ended up having a good time after all.

During the shoot, we had people stopping by to congratulate us and take photos of us, and that made us feel like celebrities. The breathtaking scenery all around us also took our breaths away, and definitely something we’d always remember.

Do you have any advice for couples who are planning a destination pre-wedding shoot in cold weather?

Rebecca: During our pre-wedding shoot, we experienced difficulties transporting our bulky luggage, since in Switzerland, there were many steps and trains to catch, so try to pack lightly. Also, pack more heat packs with you to keep you warm during the shoot.

The Pre-Wedding Shoot Venue: Switzerland
The Bride’s Outfits: Taobao
The Bride’s Shoes: Timberland
The Groom’s Outfits: Assemble
The Groom’s Shoes: Ferragamo
The Engagement Ring: MADLY
The Pre-Wedding Photographer and Videographer: Wanderlust Dream
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Adeline Ariel.L Professional Hair & Makeup

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Rebecca and Abloy’s Destination Pre-Wedding Shoot in Switzerland with Breathtaking Scenery and Powder-White Snow