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September 2021

8 Responsibilities Grooms Can Oversee For The Wedding

Let your groom take charge of these details to help lessen your wedding planning load!

When it comes to wedding planning, grooms tend to have it easy. As you mull over every little detail for the wedding, your groom watches on from the sidelines as you work hard to plan the perfect wedding. Well, guess what. As much as it is your big day, it is also your groom’s special day and he should pitch in to help with the wedding planning wherever he can.

While it is true that there are some details that only you can handle, there are things on the to-do list that your groom is fully capable of handling without your involvement. We’ve listed eight responsibilities that you can delegate to your groom and let him take charge for the wedding.

1. Shortlisting Venues

Joanne and Russell’s Magical Horseback Wedding at Capella Singapore by Pixioo

Your wedding venue will set the theme and ambience of the celebration so it is utterly important that you choose a space that will bring your wedding vision and theme to life. Understandably, searching for the right venue will take up much of your time, especially when you have to pay a visit to those you’ve shortlisted.

Here’s how your groom can help you: task him with the responsibility of shortlisting a handful of venues that both you and he would love to be married at. If you have some criteria for your dream venue, do let him know so that he can keep a look out for venues that meet these criteria and shortlist them.

Once you have narrowed down your selection of venues to a handful, both of you can pay these locations a visit to see them in person before you make a decision.

2. The Guest List

Lynnette and Kelvin’s Intimate and Colourful Wedding at Candlenut by Darren and Jade Photography

Planning the guest list for your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most stressful part of wedding planning, especially if you are going for an intimate celebration. As much as you’d like to invite all of your loved ones and friends, most of the time it isn’t practical.

Since brides tend to be more emotional and may find it hard to cut people out of their guest list, grooms are the perfect person to oversee and complete this task with a more objective and logical approach.

3. Wedding Playlist

Rachell and Sean’s Peranakan Themed and Dreamy Rooftop Pre-Wedding Shoot by OneThreeOneFour

Unless you have a set of songs in mind that you’re adamant about having in your wedding playlist, or a band that you have to hire for the wedding, you can delegate this task to your groom and let him handle the music for the celebration. Let him know if you have any preferences on the type of songs to be played during the wedding, and leave him to create a wedding playlist of songs that represents both you and him, or engage a band or DJ to keep your guests entertained.

4. Hands-on Labour

Sheena and Vivegan’s Steller at 1-Altitude Wedding with Bold Florals by Thomas Tan Photography

Let your groom handle the tasks that require any hands-on labour! You can enlist his help in any DIY projects for the wedding, such as making signs or placards, or setting up if you are DIY-ing your wedding decorations. Alternatively, if he is especially handy with design, he can even design your wedding invitation cards and wedding stationery on his own without engaging a wedding stationer!

Your groom can also help you out by volunteering to collect items for the wedding, such as your wedding flowers and wedding gown, so you can focus your time and energy on tasks that require your attention urgently.

5. Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Suits

Evangeline and Joel’s Ethereal Impressionist Monti Wedding by Trouvé Photography

Your groom knows what looks best on him, so give him full autonomy to decide his wedding outfit. However, if you are not a fan of fancy or loud men suits, do let your groom know of your preference before you send him shopping.

Like you, your groom probably has a vision of how he wants his squad to look like on his big day, so let him have the say in what his groomsmen are going to wear for the wedding. If you have a particular wedding or colour theme for the celebration, do remind him that he should try not to stray too far from it so that your bridal party and yourselves would look nicely coordinated.

6. A Second Opinion

Antoinette and Terrence’s Dreamy and Modern Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore by Bridelope Productions

With so many options available and so many limitations at hand (wedding budget, size of wedding, and so on), you may not be able to come to a decision at times and need a second opinion to help her decide. That’s where your groom can come in and offer his help and a second opinion.

Grooms can step in and offer a fresh set of eyes and a second opinion on a matter that their brides cannot seem to decide on, but do remember to do so sincerely and with ample consideration. Don’t patronise her with a “I’m okay with whichever you decide to go with” or “I have no preference so long as you are happy”. That would do nothing to help her with her dilemma and would only serve to frustrate her even more.

If you truly have no strong feelings for the matter at hand, you can put yourself in her shoes and consider the matter with logic and practicality, and offer a useful and practical opinion on the matter to help her come to a decision.

7. Playing host

Joleen and Clement’s Dreamy and Intimate Wedding at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel by The Perfect Statement

Since grooms typically take a shorter time to get ready, they can assume the responsibility of hosting the wedding while you get ready for the wedding.

As the host of the wedding, he should be present to greet and welcome his guests at the venue, and make sure that they are comfortable while they wait for the celebration to begin. During the wedding, he should also take care of the guests’ wellbeing by making sure that their food arrives on time and handle any requests that they may have regarding the food and beverage served.

10. Everything else that you’d rather not do or do not have the time to do

Cherie and Isaac’s Sunkissed Shoot at Lower Peirce Reservoir and Sum Yi Tai by Andri Tei Photography

Not great with numbers? Don’t have time to prepare the necessities to file for the Notice of Marriage, or look through a list of licensed solemnisers to find the perfect one for your wedding? Well, you can delegate these tasks to your groom and let him handle them on your behalf.

Remember, it is your big day as much as your groom’s, so let them pitch in on the wedding planning by giving them responsibilities they can handle without your input. You shouldn’t need to do all of the planning yourself. After all, a marriage is a partnership, and what better way to begin your married life than to work together on your wedding planning.

Credits: Feature image from Amanda and Kevin’s Magical Wedding at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore by Smittenpixels Photography

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8 Responsibilities Grooms Can Oversee For The Wedding