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February 2021

6 Simple Ways Grooms Can Help With The Wedding Planning

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than helping your fiancée with the wedding planning, even if you’d rather not.

Wedding planning often falls on the shoulder of brides since most grooms don’t have the aptitude for planning a wedding. But ideally, the planning of a wedding should be a collaborative effort between a bride and groom since weddings symbolise two individuals coming together to become one.

So, as much as you prefer not to be involved in the planning, show your girl that she is not alone in this union by stepping up to lend a hand with the planning with these six easy ways grooms can help out with the wedding planning. We guarantee you that your bride will be a happy one and fall in love with you even more than before.

1. Offer an opinion or give an input when she asks for it

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You want her to have the wedding she’s always dreamed of so you let her have all the say in the wedding planning. You thought it would make her happy, but when she gets angry when you tell her ‘It’s up to you’ or ‘I’m fine with anything’, you wonder what you did wrong.

While it is great that you’re letting her wants take precedence over yours for the wedding, you should also voice out your opinions or input when she asks for it. It’s not so much that she needs your opinions or input to help her make a decision, but rather, you are a safe space for her to mull over options and decisions, a sounding board she can trust. Besides, offering your opinions and input will also show her that you care enough about the wedding to have given it some thought, a gesture that will make her day.

2. Ask if there is anything you can help her with

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Even if you’ve unanimously decided that she’ll be in charge of the entire wedding planning, you can still offer your help to lighten her load by asking if there is anything you can help her with, or if she would like you to take over the tasks that she’d rather not do.

Once she has handed over the tasks that she’d like you to handle, do work on them at once instead of leaving them for later. You don’t want to end up having to rush these tasks at the last minute or have her chase you to complete them. After all, the main objective here is for you to help take some of the stress of wedding planning off her, so that she isn’t too overwhelmed or stressed out.

3. Don’t leave your responsibilities to the last minute

Leann and Kar Wai’s Destination Wedding in a Melbourne Vineyard by Rick Liston

Likewise, you should work on your list of wedding to-dos instead of procrastinating.

Your fiancée might be the one in charge of all the planning, but don’t expect her to take over the list of tasks that you, as a groom, are responsible for. Do your part and take care of your list of to-dos for the wedding, such as putting together the guest list for your side of family and friends, gathering their addresses or email addresses, and making sure that your groomsmen have their attire and are up-to-date with the wedding plans.

You should always work on them at the earliest possible opportunity instead of putting them off thinking that you have plenty of time. Doing so will only lead to a last minute scramble which will leave you and your fiancee in a bad mood leading up to your wedding day.

4. Show your support by being there for her

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If you are really unable to help directly with the wedding planning, the next best thing you can do to help her is to offer your support by being there when she needs you, whether it is driving her to and fro vendor meetings, accompanying her for these meetings, or offering to pick things up for the wedding on her behalf.

If she’s tired out from running wedding errands, help ease the exhaustion away by giving her a massage or a foot rub. If that is not your forte, you can always treat her to a relaxing spa session at her favourite haunt. Or, it can be as simple as listening to her relay her excitement or frustrations about the wedding plans.

The truth is, it is not what you do that matters, but the unconditional support you offer behind the act that matters the most to her.

5. Always be on her side

Yeon Hee and Pei Qian’s Elegant Destination Wedding at Andaz Singapore by John15 Photography

Discussions with your parents about the wedding planning may not always turn out to be the easiest or the most pleasant, especially for your fiancée. So, do show your support for her when your parents disagree with her on the wedding. If they express their displeasure over your plans of keeping the wedding small, take the lead in explaining why both of you have decided on hosting an intimate wedding instead of a grand celebration like your parents expected, instead of leaving her to defend the decision on her own, to let her know that she can always trust you to have her back in difficult situations.

6. Check in on her periodically to make sure she is okay

Linette and Joshua’s Autumn-Inspired Bohemian Wedding at Hotel Fort Canning by Androidsinboots

Staying away or keeping quiet because you think it is best to do so while she is busy running errands and planning the wedding may not be the wisest thing to do. While your intentions are good-willed, your fiancee will not see it that way. Your silence or distance will seem like you don’t care enough to ask how she’s doing or how the wedding planning is coming along.

So, even if you know she is busy running errands or shopping for wedding essentials, it is best to check in on how she’s doing and her progress with the wedding with a simple phone call or text message, or even better, picking her up from work to taking her to a nice meal. By doing so, you are showing her that although you are not helping her directly with the planning, you still care about the wedding to show interest and ask about the progress and how she’s coping with it. It will mean the world to her, and she will definitely appreciate the gesture very much.

6. Help her take a break from wedding planning

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Your fiancée is likely to be very busy planning the wedding, with her mind focused on getting the tasks on her to-do list ticked off, with little time to relax or have fun. Help her take a break from the wedding planning by taking her out on a date night from time to time, or whenever you feel that she is too strung out by the planning. Take her out to a fun date so you can reconnect as a couple and spend the day talking about everything under the sun other than your wedding.

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6 Simple Ways Grooms Can Help With The Wedding Planning