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A quiet dude behind the camera helping couples to document their wedding day since 2011.


I’ve been blessed to witness some of the most genuine and heartfelt moments one could bear witness to – the anxiety of the groom before seeing his bride, a proud father walking his daughter down aisle, people from different cultural/ethnic backgrounds vowing to commit to each other – these moments are a such privilege to be a part of.

What’s most important to me is capturing the essence of your wedding, its story and soul. I believe in finding beauty in unlikely places, amid the laughter and the tears, but most of all, in giving you a memory of a day that reflects who you are.



133 Photos

Tom & Joyce

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Sean & Kay

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Roger & Berdine

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Farukh & Bea

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Amos & Pam

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Thomas & Jane Actual Day

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Marc & Gayle Actual Day

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Jonas & Melissa Actual Day

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Eujin & Ying Actual Day

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Bertram & Jasmine Actual Day

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Alex & Ashley Actual Day

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