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September 2019

Emily and Jun He’s Wild and Breathtaking Pre-Wedding Adventure in the Faroe Islands

Emily and Jun He went off the beaten track for their wild and adventurous pre-wedding shoot in the unexplored the Faroe Islands.

Emily Tan, 26, Cabin Crew, and Neo Jun He, 27, Teacher, were introduced by a mutual friend, and Jun He surprised Emily with a proposal on a sunset sail in Barcelona, where their “fellow tourists” on the yacht turned out to be the photographer and musicians he secretly hired to execute the proposal! The couple celebrated their love for nature and adventure with a pre-wedding shoot in the wild and unexplored Faroe Islands, against the islands’ jaw-dropping natural beauty of steep coastal cliffs, grassy heathlands, and misty waterfalls.

How did the two of you meet?

Emily: It sounds so cliché but my best friend introduced us! She claims full credit for this.

Jun He: As Emily is a cabin crew, my most common response to this question is that I asked for her number whilst on her flight. On a more serious note, I recall marking my scripts one late Friday afternoon in office when Emily’s best friend, whom I met at SMU, asked me to meet Emily alone for dinner! In the end, the three of us met for dinner that night and Emily and I never looked back.

What made you fall in love with your partner?

Emily: Jun He has the biggest heart, really. He’s the kind of guy who will donate the last dollar in his pocket to someone who needs it more! And he always gives his 110% for his students, even at the expense of himself.

He’s super humorous (I swear he makes me laugh every single minute, it’s insane)! And I love the fact that he’s very motivated and holds very similar values in life to mine.

Jun He: She’s really adventurous and interesting, and believes in many of the things that I do as well. Emily never fails to listen to me patiently after a long day’s work and also challenges me to be a better version of myself all the time. Also, she’s a really loving person who gives everyone her all. You should see the amount of love she gives to the people around her and our cat Fei Fei!

What was the proposal like?

Emily: He proposed on a boat in Barcelona! He told me we were going on an Airbnb sunset sail experience and had me completely fooled. He even hired photographers and musicians to pretend to be tourists going on the same boat trip as us!

Jun He: My initial idea was to propose to her in the Moroccan desert, but I ended up aborting the plan as it was logistically not possible for me to arrange for someone to capture the moment, as the desert was a 10 hour drive out of Marrakech!

Then, whilst browsing through Airbnb, I chanced upon their Airbnb Experiences and realised that I could arrange for locals to capture the moment for us! There were many guided tours that came with photo taking but Emily really liked this sunset sail experience that I was browsing and I went ahead with that idea.

It was quite difficult to make so many things work as I was worried with things like whether the diamond ring would make it past the customs, whether I would lose it, and whether she would find out about my grand plan. On the big day, I actually wore slippers with my shorts and shirt (but we were going aboard a yacht anyway) to throw her off so that she wouldn’t suspect that I was going to propose!

The proposal was really memorable as I arranged for a live acoustic band and photographers to join us for the trip. Like Emily mentioned, they played the part and posed quite realistically as fellow travellers. In the end, the yacht captain gave the cue and I proposed just before the sun set in Barcelona. What we remember for the rest of the proposal was… We got super seasick and couldn’t really join the rest of them in celebrating the occasion!

Emily: Hahaha yes we were so seasick and giddy from happiness!

Tell us about your pre-wedding shoot. Where did you go?

Emily: The Faroe Islands! Both of us are big on nature and when we saw Synchronal Photography indicate interest to head there on their website, we were immediately sold. Plus, of course we wanted our shoot to be a little different from everybody else’s.

Jun He: I had been to Iceland before and thus really wanted to bring Emily to see the beautiful country. However, being an adventurous couple, we eventually decided on somewhere that no one has been before and yet could offer something similar to Iceland. Of course, Synchronal Photography being keen on going to the Faroe Islands helped as well!

What was it like in the Faroe Islands?

Emily: Both of us are actually very camera-shy but Synchronal Photography made everything so comfortable and fun! The entire shoot was just filled with laughter, great company, and amazing coffee (by Synchronal)! I was really hoping to capture a good shot with the Faroese sheep and they did just that!

Jun He: We actually saw the experience as a road trip with our good friends from Synchronal Photography rather than as a wedding photoshoot! We planned out the sites to visit together and wanted the shoot to be as natural as possible.

Thankfully, they were as spontaneous as us and we ended up climbing random mountains and waterfalls for the shots when our original plans did not work out. As Emily and I are nature lovers, we wanted to include as much scenery as possible and the Faroe Islands gave us just that!

When will the wedding be?

We actually had our solemnisation earlier this year at The White Rabbit! It was an intimate affair as we only invited our immediate families and closest friends to the event. For tradition’s sake, we’ll be having another one at the end of this year at InterContinental Singapore!

The Photographer: Synchronal Photography
The Bride’s Outfits: Bride’s own
The Bride’s Shoes: Bride’s own
The Groom’s Outfits: Groom’s own
The Groom’s Shoes: Dr. Martens
The Engagement Ring: Jann Paul
The Wedding Rings: Livlov Jewelry
The Shoot Locations: The Faroe Islands
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Bride (I don’t think I could have hired anybody to help me with HMUA in the Faroe Islands!)
The Florist: Liz Florals
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Images by Synchronal Photography

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Emily and Jun He’s Wild and Breathtaking Pre-Wedding Adventure in the Faroe Islands