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June 2016

10 Tips to Look Better in Your Pre-Wedding Photos

You’ve hired the photographer, chosen your outfits, and decided how you want your make-up done—what else is left to do? Follow these simple tips for looking instantly better in your pre-wedding photos.

Your pre-wedding photos are the most important ones that you’ll take, outside those at your wedding itself. It’s a big day, and you want to make sure that you look your absolute best. But maybe the stress of wedding planning—or of this photo shoot—has been weighing on you, and you’re feeling nervous, or looking a bit tired. If so, follow these 10 simple tips for looking instantly better in your pre-wedding photos.

Prewedding photography in Morocco by AndroidsinBoots 49Darren and Sophia’s Breathtaking Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Morrocco by AndroidsinBoots

1. Abstain from alcohol and caffeine

As relaxing as that post-work glass of wine might be, it’s taking a huge toll on your skin. Both alcohol and caffeine dehydrate your entire body, and make your skin more susceptible to free radical damage. So while it’s no fun, abstaining from alcohol and caffeine a week or two before your pre-wedding shoot is one of the best ways to make you look better in photos.

Replace your morning coffee with a warm cup of lemon water, which will help to flush out toxins before you start your day. In the evening, melt away the stress of the day by curling up with a mug of decaffeinated tea or a turmeric latte. Turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory that will keep both your skin and your stomach happy.

2. Drink water

As you replace alcohol and coffee with healthier beverages, don’t forget to drink plenty of water, too. Nothing will make your skin look plumper, younger, and more energised than regularly drinking water throughout the day. Keep a water bottle with you at all times as a reminder to stay hydrated.

3. Groom your eyebrows

One of the simplest ways to give your face a natural lift is to groom your eyebrows. Two to three days before your shoot, get your eyebrows professionally shaped. You’ll be amazed at how this seemingly small change enhances your entire face.

If your skin is extra sensitive, you might want to allow for an extra day or two to reduce inflammation. Applying a cold compress and some aloe vera post-wax will also help to soothe your skin.

Sherlyn Chan Bali Pre-Wedding with Z Wedding D'sign 65Sherlyn and Deyao’s Bali Pre-Wedding Shoot with Z Wedding D’sign by Chris Ling International Photography

4. Give your skin new life

The morning of your pre-wedding photo shoot, apply an oxygen face mask. No, not the kind from hospital—rather, a beauty mask that will infuse new life into your skin. It’s great if you can use this regularly in the weeks leading up to your shoot, but even one application the day of will get your skin glowing.

These masks energise your skin by promoting cell regeneration and better absorption of your other skin products—so that that expensive anti-ageing serum that you’ve been using religiously is even more effective.

5. Reduce eye fatigue

Have you noticed your eyes looking tired in the wake of wedding planning? Look bright and refreshed in your pre-wedding photos with this age-old trick: steep two tea bags in hot water for 5 minutes, squeeze out the excess water, then refrigerate for about 20 minutes. Once the bags are chilled through, lie down and place them over your eyes for 15 minutes.

The tannins and caffeine in the tea help to reduce inflammation and will leave you looking more awake.

6. Break a sweat

Give your cheeks a natural flush by doing a quick exercise routine before your shoot (and your shower!). Avoid anything too strenuous—you don’t want to be exhausted later in the day—but a light yoga routine or short run on the treadmill will give you a boost of energy and get your skin glowing. You’ll look and feel much better!

7. Slim down

Slimming down for the camera doesn’t have to mean going on a crazy diet or losing weight. For a quick fix, focus on your pose. Standing up straight is a great first step, as well as angling your body toward the camera. Avoid letting your arms lay flush against your body, which can make them appear larger in photos.

Slay any worries about a double chin by sticking your head up and out slightly. It may feel funny, but it will make your neck appear longer and your chin slimmer.

8. Get a leg up

Sure, you’ve picked out the perfect outfits for your shoot, but what about footwear? Now is the time to slip into your highest heels—even if you’re not usually a fan. A tall, thin stiletto will give you an extra three or four inches of height, elongate your legs, and make you appear slimmer. They might kill your feet, but you’ll only have to wear them for a few hours and you won’t be walking around too much, anyway.

And while heels are a great addition to any photo shoot, wedges and espadrilles should be avoided. They’ll add weight to your bottom half, making your feet and ankles look heavier.

The Peeping Thom; engagement shoot; animal masks; rustic pre-wedding; Singapore; MAADMAAD About You by The Peeping Thom Photography

9. Use props

If you feel a little awkward taking photos, you’re not alone. Many people are uncomfortable being the centre of attention, and taking pre-wedding photos is no exception.

If your photo shoot has a theme, try incorporating props into your session. If you’re holding something, it might help you feel a little less stiff. And if all else fails? Grab your sweetie’s hand!

10. Act natural

Yes, these photos are going to last a lifetime and you want to look your best. But one of the best ways to take a great photo is to simply act natural! If you’re forcing a fake smile, it’s going to show. Instead, think of a silly moment you’ve shared with your fiancé. Your lips will part naturally and your beautiful smile will shine through.

These tips will help you to look your best in your pre-wedding photo shoot, but nothing helps more than having a confident attitude. If you act the part, you’ll look the part—and it will come through in your photos!

Credits: Feature image of Joy and Ben’s Steampunk Wedding on Nikoi Island by Daniel Beh Photography.

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10 Tips to Look Better in Your Pre-Wedding Photos