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September 2016

O and Teing’s Spectacular Ip Man Pre Wedding Shoot

Fans of the martial arts film, O and Teing starred in a stunning Ip Man pre-wedding shoot in Thailand that will blow you away. Full of emotion and action, the photos are truly a knockout!

Phimpitcha Lisawad, 26, better known as “O,” and Rath Limwattana, 29, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, known as “Teing,” decided to turn their pre-wedding shoot into a kungfu-packed adventure on the rooftops of Chinatown not just because they loved the Ip Man movies, but also because they were inspired by the Grandmaster’s love for his wife. Running with the concept, photographer Sanit assembled a fighting crew of “gangsters” to tell an action-packed story of love conquering all, shot in Yaowarach or Chinatown in Bangkok.

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How did the two of you meet?

O:We met each other in Khon Kaen University, Thailand, where we were studying in different faculties. At first, I wasn’t interested in him because at that time, I wasn’t looking for a relationship. He messaged me every day without me replying. Months later, I answered him. We talked together a lot through chats and on the phone because he worked in a city, 240 km away from where I lived. Teing came back to see me every weekend. He took care of me a lot when I was sick.

What drew you to each other?

O: I realised that he was a very good man, one of the best that I have ever met. We learned about each other for years. He is always consistently looking out for me.

Teing: We have quite different habits, but we get along well. We think, “We do not match, but it is perfect for us.”

What was the proposal like?

O: He surprised me after we swam at his condominium one night. He asked me how much I loved him while I was wiping my hair with my towel by the pool. I said, “Absolutely, yes, I do love you so much,” while continuing to wipe my hair. Immediately, he held my hand and showed me the ring. He asked, “Will you marry me? If the ring is too loose for your finger, I will change the size for you so that it matches. If we have not matched with each other, I will give my whole life to you to solve every thing.” I was stunned for a couple minutes before I said, “Yes, I will!”

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How did you come up with your Ip Man pre-wedding concept?

O: First of all, Teing really likes Grandmaster Ip Man’s movie. I wanted to see Teing happy. He has liked Ip Man for such a long time. My lover should be the person whom I must consider and care about the most. So most importantly, I wanted to make my lover happy and do what he’s wanted to do for such a long time. It’s more important than the idea of a pre-wedding shoot to me. A pre-wedding shoot isn’t more important or more meaningful than love. Teing’s character is like Ip Man’s, too.

Teing: It’s not only about the Ip Man movie, but the main reasons why we chose the Ip Man pre-wedding concept are Ip Man’s philosophy in life, and his character. Ip Man isn’t a talkative person, but he knows how to present his love for his wife. He is a grandmaster, without boasting about it. He protects the weak with his Kung Fu, Wing Chun, and knowledge. Under his straight face, he is very polite and reasonable. Moreover, to our parents, Grandmaster Ip Man is a great role model. He always behaves himself well, and he provides good leadership to his family. In our opinion, these are good themes for beginning our married life. That’s why we chose an Ip Man pre-wedding concept.

How did you create your Ip Man pre-wedding shoot?

O: Firstly, We told Sanit, our photographer, about our Ip Man pre-wedding concept. Secondly, we prepared our clothing. They were tailor-made. We didn’t talk too much about this concept with Sanit because he really likes Ip Man’s character, too. He is very nice photographer. Next, I sent some photo references to Irina, my makeup artist, for discussion. Finally, we met Sanit and his team on the shooting day. Even though, it was the first time we met each other, it was fun and exciting. They’re the perfect team, and we became friends. Teing’s birthday was a day before our pre-wedding shoot. I think that it was a birthday gift for him, haha!

You were both very convincing in the photos! What was the experience like?

Teing: We don’t have experience with shooting or acting because we are not actors, haha. Actually, we just imagined scenarios in our head, scene by scene. We also liked to practise Wing Chun together in preparation for our Ip Man shoot, but it was not seriously. We had stuntmen to coach us in Wing Chun poses for the shots; they are Sanit’s team whom you see in the pictures. We took the photos in Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand.

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Will you be having a themed wedding too?

O: Of course, we will! Our wedding theme is “Chinese 60s,” and our wedding will be held in Chinatown in Thailand. I resigned my job to prepare our wedding because Teing has been working for seven days per week! Sometimes, I have to decide things instead of him because he’s always in surgery. He is a nice man, and so hardworking in taking care of his patients. That’s why most patients and others love him. So, I’m just doing what I must do, and I want to take care of him because he has no time to take care of himself. He’s very tired but I have never heard him grumble about work or anything. He just smiles at me, just like Ip Man’s character, right?

The Groom’s Outfit: Lee La Thai, Khon Kaen province, Thailand, specialising in international clothing
The Groom’s Shoes: Nithiya Wanit Store, Chinatown
The Bride’s Outfit:Lee La Thai, Khon Kaen province, Thailand
The Bride’s Shoes: Clarks, bought at Central World, Bangkok, Thailand
The Photographer:Sanit
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Irina Mysova

Credits: Photography by Sanit

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O and Teing’s Spectacular Ip Man Pre Wedding Shoot