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January 2018

8 Wedding Resolutions To Make For 2018

Include these 8 wedding resolutions into the ones you’ve made for 2018!

Congratulations! It’s 2018 and you’re getting married this year, aren’t you? Before you get all excited and jump into wedding planning head on, here are eight wedding resolutions any smart bride and groom should adhere to. Make these “I will” vows to yourself before you make the real ones to each other. Use these resolutions as a guide to tackle the big decisions you definitely will have to make before your wedding. Then just trust the Universe, and enjoy your wedding planning. It’s going to be an exciting year, and we are here for you.

1. I will discuss these five things with my partner before the wedding

The proposal was exciting. You said “Yes!” surrounded by family and friends/in a beautiful foreign country/with breakfast in bed/fill in the blanks. Your heart is pumping happiness and you can’t wait to find your perfect wedding dress. But, are you really ready for marriage? This may sound like a dampener on your joy, but you’ll be glad you did this difficult but eye-opening exercise.

2. I will be smart about money matters

Image from Audrie and Eugene’s Dreamy Pre-Wedding Shoot by Smittenpixels Photography

Having done the above exercise and aligning your thoughts about married life, it’s time to hunker down and grab wedding planning by its horns. The average Singaporean wedding is rather unique. Most couples here will own – or be in the process of owning – a home together first before they are officially wedded. So they start their wedding planning IN DEBT. Money becomes an issue right at the beginning, and that could either guide you well or ruin your joy. Then after that comes the baby. Will it ever end? (Nope.) Remember that you’re not the only one going through this. We interviewed five couples who have survived the process and they have some tips for you.

3. I will do research and get organised with a To-Do List

Speak to any newly engaged person and likely, they are procrastinating and saying “Ah, it’s still early. I’ll figure it out.” Then the next time you meet them, they are frazzled because the wedding venue they want is fully booked for the rest of the year. Don’t fret! Like I said earlier, we are here for you! Need inspiration for your wedding decor and detailed information about all things wedding planning?

Here’s the link to the articles we have done for all the questions you could possibly have about wedding planning. All your research in one place. We also know the hardest part is not knowing where to start planning. So we have a fully customisable To-Do List in our Wedding Planner page. We’ve included everyhing you need to do before your wedding in the app, but you can remove or add an item, with a timeline. We hope the app points you in the right direction to begin your wedding planning.

4. I will choose a wedding venue I love

Elegant English Garden Styled Shoot at Wheeler’s Estate by Andri Tei Photography

We know weddings aren’t just for the bride and the groom. Yes, it IS your wedding, dammit, but you want your parents and guests to be happy too, don’t you? Your happiness and theirs don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You know what the solution is? Distract them with beautiful decor and delicious food!

If food is your weapon of choice, choose a restaurant or hotel that is well-known for their wedding banquet! If a gorgeous view and atmosphere is what you are going for, you are spoilt for choice too. Expertly decorated hotel ballrooms or restaurants serving bespoke menus were equally popular in 2017 and we don’t see the trend changing in either direction any time soon. No matter if you have a bursting guest list or a manageable one, keep food in mind to narrow down your choices, then get inspired with decoration ideas to materialise your dream wedding!

5. I will trust my vendors and treat them with respect

Runaway Flowers X Winifred Kristé Cake Wedding Packages by The Analog Co.

There are now many wedding vendors in Singapore, even though our market is so small. Most of these vendors work alone or with a small group of talented individuals, so their time and attention are short, even as the efforts they have to put into each wedding are huge. If you are going to entrust a part of your wedding to them, you’ll want them as your BFFs. Woo them with your lovely personalities and get their attention by being clear and detailed about what you want. And most importantly, remember they are human beings too. Not sure what I’m talking about? Read this.

6. I will learn to be healthy, for my wedding and for the rest of my life

It’s that time of the year. Newly signed gym memberships. New resolutions to lose weight before the wedding. They last as long as the hangover from the New Year Weekend. We want a sustainable weight loss system and we want it last year! But instead of searching the Web for a new-fangled diet fad or some high tech machine to dump our weak will upon, why not look inside ourselves? Are we just lazy to exercise? Do we have bad habits that we should quit in 2018 instead? Are these reasons why our gym sessions and diets don’t work? What if we took these three extremely simple steps to adjust our lifestyle, in time for the wedding?

7. I will not compare my wedding with anyone else’s

AforArcade Founders Min and Collin’s Beautiful Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore

If there’s one parenting fail from our childhood that has carried onto our adulthood that I’d like to eradicate, it is being compared to others. We bring the competitiveness and lack of confidence into our adult lives that only causes pain to ourselves. How inefficient and redundant! Someone will always be bigger, harder, richer, so why complicate your wedding? Why would you want someone else’s wedding? (But I’d happily take Song Hye Kyo’s husband for myself.) Internalise this: There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to weddings. Still not convinced? We give you five more reasons why you shouldn’t compare your wedding with another’s. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. Om.

8. I will remember that the wedding is for one day and the marriage is forever

Eve and Scott’s Bright and Cheery MacRitchie Reservoir Wedding Solemnisation by Andri Tei Photography

I know it’s easier said than done, but shit happens and we need to let go of things that won’t matter a year from now. All sorts of hiccups will happen at any event, and though it may seem like the world was conspiring against you on your big day, one year on, when you reminisce on that day, you’ll have interesting memories to laugh about. Did you get rained on during your photo shoot? Remember how you and your photographer got creative. Did your heel break just before you step into the car? Remember how you rocked your wedding day in a comfy pair of sneakers. Did your flowers turn out purple instead of pink? Remember that no one else noticed.

Keep in mind that all these are not important and we promise your wedding will turn out great. What really matters begin the day after the wedding night – your marriage. Concentrate your energies on that, because your effort will last you your lifetime. Here are six signs you are in a lasting marriage, and if you don’t have some of these yet, 2018 is the year to work on them.

Credits: Feature Image from Victoria and Kris’ Breathtaking Bali Wedding with an Overwater Aisle by Terralogical.

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