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January 2016

6 Wedding Resolutions For Every Couple in 2016

Let’s ease into 2016 with a list of wedding resolutions you should keep.

It’s 2016! How quickly the time flies! If you have already set some personal goals for yourself, why not put in a little extra time and think about how you can make your wedding planning process even better? Whether you only begun planning today or are already counting down to the big day with your fingers, grab your would-be life partner and do some reflecting on the past year. Maybe you’ll just break that bottleneck you’ve been experiencing with guest list planning! Have a good 2016, and happy wedding!

1. Get in shape for the big day.

Getting fitter seems to be the one thing that is on everyone’s list every year, but it’s also one that is the first to disappear on everyone’s minds. Use the wedding as justification to stick to an exercise regime. With a regular workout and a healthy change in your diet, both the bride and groom can get their bodies ready to fit their outfits better, and maybe even lose some weight in the process. The best part is, you will already have an exercise buddy. Encourage each other to get fit together! Here are some videos we’ve put together for you to do in the comfort of your home. No need for gym memberships!

2. Avoid wedding debt.

Most couples have commitments like a new home or a baby fund before they even get married, and the last thing they need is getting deep into debt because of their wedding. It is there very important that you prepare a wedding budget before anything else, and stick to it as much as you can. Look through the list of things you want for your wedding and decide if they are really necessary. Find something you can compromise on, such as number of guests, wedding venue, or wedding favours. You can even DIY some aspects if you’re feeling crafty. Here are some tips on how you can avoid sticky debt situations.

3. Don’t call on your Inner Bridezilla.

The Bridezilla lives in every woman and rears her scary head the nearer it is to the wedding. We know the wedding HAS to be perfect, but at what cost? If you’re worrying about and trying to control every tiny aspect of the wedding, you are not able to see how beautiful is is actually turning out to be. The trick is how to tame that beast. Remind each other of what’s important. Plan a romantic staycation and put wedding planning aside for the weekend, or go have a spa day with your besties. Schedule wedding-planning timeouts. Ask a third party, such as your maid of honour, to steer you back to the nice person that you are should your horns start to appear. If you no longer recognise your wife-to-be, set time aside to reassure her that everything will be over soon. Oh, by the way, Groomzillas exist too.

4. Customise your wedding so that it’s uniquely yours.

Browse all the wedding magazines, scour all the wedding websites, and stalk all the Instagram accounts you need to get wedding inspirations and find something that appeals to you. There are many wedding trends that look beautiful in the photographs, but what is more important is that both of you should agree on your wedding style and feel comfortable with it. Don’t have an outdoor wedding if you’ve never liked being in the sun. Don’t wear a strapless wedding gown if you are not comfortable revealing your cleavage. Don’t fall for the trending wedding decor just because everyone else is doing it. Have a wedding that is you. That’s a wedding worth remembering. Read about how these weddings fit the couples’ personalities perfectly.

5. Always communicate with one another.

Communication is key in every relationship, so always keep this point in mind through the wedding process. And this applies to more than just between husband and wife; involve your family, your in-laws, and your bridesmaids and groomsmen too. A wedding is an exciting event, and everyone who loves you want to be there for you. Even if your parents are very hands-off, keep them updated on your wedding planning so they know what’s going on. That way, you keep misunderstandings to a minimum. In fact, communication should start even before you begin planning your wedding.

6. Enjoy the journey.

No matter what’s constantly being said, you will always be a little nervous, a little tensed, and a little scared before your wedding. But don’t let that distract you from the real thing: your marriage. Set realistic expectations for your wedding day. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Handle guest-list complications with grace. We promise all those little things won’t matter after the wedding day. Take it from Sub-Ed Audrie, who got married at a beautiful and cosy do last year!

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6 Wedding Resolutions For Every Couple in 2016