(2005) Brides of year 2005


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Hi Miraclecraz and cookie gal,

If I wait for my hair to grow long, I forever dun have to get marry liao..heehee..anyway, find that short hair suit me better..Chris Ling did my PS..I am not sure where is that place too.. should be the old Asian village I guess..


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Oh hmm, for those who have been waiting to see my pix, u've still got to wait k?
But I found a picture fr a bridal website tt is so similar to one of mine. So here's a prelude.. Heehee


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Hi milkmilk
Oh. so u be the same as me.. 18th for AD and 19th for dinner? I met the same case.. 18th no venue for dinner.. in the end, i choose 19th Sept

Hi jelly
trust meh meh... she recommend me at Nova and i bought liao.. hahaha..


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iggy: I only doze off 1:30- 2 AM everynight! Can lie in bed at 12MN but cant sleep till 2hrs later...think alot of wedding stuff.



Hi wendy, jovia, esther.

Me also live in Tampines ave 5..(My parents home)my new home is also in Tampines..

N my first fitting in end of this mth..trying desperately to loose some weight b4 i go for my 1st fitting..

Do most BS allows us to take pics during our 1st fitting or do u all take them secretly..

Hi Ning,

Jon Keng is good..Got good reviews from brides who use him. Think he will be going for overseas study for 2 years after this yr..He is rather young but i feel that he is able to capture the emotions n happiness of the couples during their big day. I will be using him for my AD too.


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So many of you staying at Tampines. I at Bedok. Include me in when you all meet up, k?

Hi gals,
What are you all in process of doing now with regards to the wedding. I am waiting for my PS in June. Don't have idea what to do now except wait for PS then discuss with parents who to invite...


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hi i_bless_u,

u oso beri stressed hor...for me, i am stressed when i am awake, the moment my head hit the pillow, i knock out in less than 5mins!!!

how's yr preps coming along?


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Hi Dey,
Saw your pics. Very unusual pics..the plaace which you took your ps. You look somehow familiar, just cant recall you look like which TV personality.


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Hi Wendy, Esther, Stars and Helen,

Yeah.. we shld meet up soon! ;p

Hi Esther,
I can see the magazine design layout of my album sometime in June, so think album will only be ready in Jul. How abt you? WIll definitely enjoying choosing the colors tonite..hehe

HI Stars,
My BS allows us to take pictures of the gowns.. no prob at all. You shld also take pics of most of the OTR gowns, esp those you try on for PS.. then it's easier for you to make a selection back home (in case u wanna change).

Hi Helen,
I have finished my PS, now i suppose I'm on the stage of choosing Honeymoon destinations, catering for church, wedding songs etc, and of course busy with my renovation!


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Eii.. only saw Icy's album inside multiply leh.. Icy, how come you got so many albums? Wedding pics, indoor and outdoor album one each? I like your album concepts.

Where is yours, dey? I want to see short-haired bride too. :p


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Hi Fuzzyberries,

haha..no lah..where got composed..me sometimes oso gan chiong one leh..kekeke...

jus took ps yesterday..caught the beautiful sunset...kekeke....

Hi wedding prep,

me oso intend to go ard March - May next year..to avoid winter...loh...hee


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that is good for u, I also find it too rush now, it just that last time when I see geomancer I dunno all this and let my mil decide on everything.

Cos I had quite a few pix so split into 2 ablums. I am getting back soft copies of all these stuff, wedding pics all in the indoor & outdoor album. Maybe I will show my album layout before banquet start so that not everyone need to rush to the ablum table to see pix.


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Hi Dey

Juz finished seeing yr pics... u really noe where to take pics... all very nice... and the first short hair bride that I have seen so far... very stylo... like some model leh...


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Hi Ying,
I got common face lah..tats why u find me familiar...ya..the place is kinda of unusual for a wedding shoot..kinda deserted and spooky right?

Hi Yuki,
we did not choose the place ourselves..it is the photographer who brought us there..haha.seems like short hair brides are rare here hor.. who else is short hair here?


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thanks Jo. btw, HOW did my post make u feel better??? hahhaahahaha coz am in deeper sh*t than u right??? hehehe...

wow! looks like we're one bunch of stressed brides hahaha...



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I bought the Diane 35 pills from doctor today, gvn 3 wks dorsage, cost $3.31 only for the medication. Doctor this one good for skin kind of contraceptive and can delay menses and overall shouldn't hv much majoy side effects. Taken 1 wk prior to menses and stop on the day u want the menses to come.


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yup, i'm unfortunstely still under 40kg.. seems tt the womanly body thingy never came true for me.. i have pimples and all but no rounder hips and boobs.. hahaha.. sad huh.. got super stick like figure... like washboard.. sighz.. haha so dun be envious of ppl tt are so light!!

pierced - hee.. i think i'll stick to 'ms' too.. in my school, some of my colleagues have children liaoz still 'ms'.. hee.. but i think when i get new sec 1 classes.. if i do, i'll get them to call me 'mrs'

berry - no prob.. hope u din mind me calling.. figured more conv than emailing and all.. so did u call derrick??

so gals, care to share honeymoon plans? guess most of us will book in sept during NATAS?


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yo meh... hahaha... i confuse u lah... i ask u where urs cos hoping to see whether same shop or not mah... i done mine liao... gog for my ring fitting this weekend... kekeke

oh bishan Junction 8 hur... can can... but maybe later lor... cos i get witch to buy the shoes for me liao... if cant then will go and take a look lor... kekeke


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caitlyn,sometimes thin is better than fat...at least u enjoy eating all nice food without worrying getting fat..for me i have to watch my diet.but we all are juz humans..always never contented of what we have...i haven called derrick,tot of discussing with my hb..
i plan to go NZ..mayb later part den decide lor..


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yo zoe!....u top up onlu abt S$500?...gosh....i have additional 20 pcs n i top up abt S$1.6K.....*Janice faint*.....my pkg alone cost me abt S$4.5.....so total up will be abt S$6K.....*janice gona faint again*


u not going to the gathering??....

so how gals...where r we going for dinnner for the gathering?? the one recommended by Jelly? i dunnno where leh.....

got ur mail....i go see now.....


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Prep going well so far. Not doing much. Waiting for my 1st fitting in Jun. Have booked all the necessary.

So envy... Switzerland and Italy is a very romantic choice. Are u joining a tour or going F&E? How many days are u going?

So fast did yr ps already? Where did u go and how was the whole thing?


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berry - my fh and i also thinking of gg NZ.. hee.. but dec is summer there rite? i kinda wanna go during winter leh.. hmm.. nvr exp snow b4.. but also budget constraints,... not sure if can afford to go.. so sad.. hee..


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Hi Icy

Think she add it in her homepage in Multiply... not the bride-to-be one... so, u gotta be in her contact list to be able to see lor...


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Hi Icy,
Yuki is right. You need to be my contact list to see the photos.

Hi Airsupply,
There is one at centrepoint. Think there is one at city link too..


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hi pinkbear,
hw's ur ps? can share where u went for ps? n wat shoes did u wear for your outdoor shoot? slippers? sports shoes? i heard it's tough to wear heels outdoors but i do want to take some outdoor pics with heels. is it too much trouble to carry the heels and wear slippers and chng each time?

hi weddingprep,
i'm planning to go europe for my HM. i've been to france, italy and switzerland 2 yrs ago during mid oct and the temp was cold but bearable. it's actually very shiok! thk temp in nov shd be fine but perhaps dec wld be too cold. me and hubby went on package tour the last time rd so planning to do free & ez this time to idle and explore on our own. oso to visit places that we haven't been to like spain, portugal and germany.
me and hubby really looking fwd to our HM.. cannot wait to relax and enjoy life together.. =)


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Hi Miraclecraz,

Oh, you're having your banquet at RH too? So coincident!

I just had my food tasting over the weekend. Meeting Sharul this week to start tying down the details. How about yourself?

Hi dey,

True true... I had a hard time growing out my hair. Feel like a "madwoman" with my long hair now coz my MUA instructed me not to cut it.

So your pics taken by the master Chris Ling himself?


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Hi Cookie gal,

You are quite determine hor.. for me, I cannot tahan..must cut..so do u intend to cut it short after PS?

Yup. PS by Chris himself.


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Hi dey,

Yah, this is the longest I ever kept my hair. Need to blow it properly every nite to avoid bad hair days.
I just tell myself that it's for the wedding lor... Haven't decided what to do with my hair after AD. Maybe trim it a few inches shorter?


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Hi chocolate cowgirl,
thks for the info, is it expensive to order ine fr there. maybe I see if there is any wine promotion coming up since great sg is here soon.


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Hi everyone, if you all dont mind, I am a July bride too and would like to join in the festivities here
just wondering if anyone has any input as to when should a July bride send out the invites? I am thinking of doing that now but am afraid it is too early.

Sharlene, you are very lucky to get your unselected proofs back to do your montage. So as not to double up on pics in albums yah? Clever
maybe I should try that at my studio too - but I really doubt mine will release them. Sigh.