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To All Brides & Bridesmaid,

I would like to share my experience with Queenie cong Makeover.
We hired 2 MUA for 3 bridesmaid's makeup & hairstyling but was extremely disappointed with the outcome.

1. Skin preparation before makeup wasn't done
2. Foundation picked incorrectly for 2 bridesmaid's skintone
3. Concealing existing brow embroidery (making it looks like 2 thick caterpillar , left side lighter shade right side darker)
4. False eyelash was glued in a wringling style (if you take closer look)
5. Curls hold for barely 15mins

This is the first time i hired MUA but i think most of us should know that skin prep before makeup is important for us to acheive a fitting makeup.
But i was shocked when i found out that the MUA applied only primer before makeup. They did not even check with the bridesmaids if they applied any moisturiser yet.
And yes, we did approach them for touch up but setting spray was done for their face and hair and with remaining time 20mins there is nothing much they can do.
So.... yea i have grumpy 3 bridesmaids :( lucky the 4th one did the makeup herself.