(2005) Brides of year 2005


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highness - i also dunno leh... should be gg this dec.. just in case next june have a little bundle of joy in the tummy.. hahahahaha.. wat abt u? thinking of gg new zealand.. i not under 20 kg.. but u sure have colleague gg tog.. i less than 40kg ah!!


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Hi Yuki,

Managed to view liao....your ang bao box is very nice..looks elegant! where did u buy the white feather ( if I m not wrong)??

my pics also ready, if u interested to view them, please give me your email address.


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Hi All,

First time joining such a forum..hmmm..think i taking comfort that all you gals up to your neck with prep as well..so not too stressed alone! Taking my WG and EG off the rack..WG roughly have one in mind so she's holding it for me. EG so far haven't found one which I like..PS also planned for June..but thinking if i should push it to Sept. I'm teaching u see..


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Hi wendy,

They quoted me $1k for all the windows. Half length Curtains with railings (only double railings for MBR/living/dinning area). 1 set of night curtain. They will need to do exact measurement at my hse, the price will drop or increase. We intend to hide the railings by hanging the curtain higher. I find that the mat'l there is quite good, very smooth and lot of design to choose from.
Day curtain will purchase elsewhere when I settle down.
Wanted to try Jimmy textile but is too far for me so engaged Osaka lor...


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hi hi artemis..
ok, thks for that! cheers~

hi hi jovial...
sure...heehee, i hvnt had a chance to meet up with esther, maybe one of these days, we can met up for coffee/drink at tamp mall since we are so nearby each other...me hvnt taken any PS yet...but we can keep each other posted...so nice...cheers~


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oh now no sales ah?? errr.. then i think it's ok if u not tombanging us alr..
ok! hope the weather will be good there.. so our dear highness can enjoy her trip

no no no no no..... i want to see... pls pls pls??? *pleading eyes* ok, i promise u next time i wont be so blur ok??

oei! you less than 40kg?!?!?! *ashie in disbelief*


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Hi Jazzee,
I may consider putting 12 into one table if the guest list keep increasing..the ballroom will be too cramp if put in more tables..

Can share your pics with me too?
[email protected]


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By the way, I have put my PS pics on multiply too..for those who are interested can send email to me, I will forward the link to u...


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Hi Y,

Oh... Well, hope you have a good time.
That's really nice of your hubby. I still have not decided on the flowers and colour scheme of the decorations. Will probably ask the florist to advise me.
Poor colour coordination. These kind of things I prefer to leave to the professionals.

Hi gals,

Just went to Leapin' Lizards during lunch time to order my AD wedding shoes. S$99 for a plain pair of shoes with a small bow. The material provided by Stansiel. Is that ex? Stansiel was saying the standard of Leapin' Lizards is getting better nowadays.


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thks, melodie! going to which part of oz??

hi yuuri

where will ya be going to??
yeah, would love to c ur HM pix too


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wow gers,
u all r so active...within 12 hours so many posts liao......

can u share the link wif me.....i wan to be impress......so creative....i can onli simulate but cant carry out.......not so creative

it depends on how many u nid...i onli got 12 bottles so still available....got it on the spot.....i tink shldnt be a problem unless u r getting a lot of bottles....erm cannot rem the brand...will go home n check out the brand n let u noe...i onli can rem tat it costs $16.20 per bottle....very reasonable....my mum suggests tat we'll use the duty-free bottles to stand by......wat do u tink?


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Nice collage, did u DIY urself? I remember the photos are taken by ur friends right? Me also add my collage in.. still have 1 more for outdoor album. :D

I think i encounter before where by helper request guest to put down their names, else when the person registered just note down their serial number on the AP. :p

dey, I am on multiple but din see ur ablum leh??


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Hi Icy

Eeeerrr... no lah... not all collage done by me... some are by the bridal shop... some done by me of course... more for fun lah... the PS pics taken by BS lah... wanted my friend to help for AD pics.. but in the end decided to get the professional to do it too... hehehe..

Wow... that's great...waiting to see...

Hi D_woof... wat's yr email?


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Hi Icy & PPP

Juz saw yr Album...

Icy: yr collage u did yrself or the BS do for u... very nicely done... wanted something like that also... but my BS abit different concept leh...

PPP: 1st time c yr pics... another very pretty June bride... hehehe... yr collage was done very well... now, looking back... think my collage very not up to standard... oops...


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That is good, at least like have ur own design and concept, mine are all done by the BS. Urs is more boxy kind, mine is like those cropped pix in small boxes.

Me add my outdoor album liaos..

mmm. why cant I see PPP and dey's one.


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Hi dey,
Oh my god! So nice!! *envy envy!
U're such a bubbly bride! Ist time I saw a bride with short hair.. U look really gd!
*high five

Yuki: Thanx! I'll go n chk it out now..



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Hi caitlyn, nope i thk i still stick to be called Ms. hee...later mi boys all confused over the diff names, plus mrs sounds so old..

winnie, not really as i did it in mi house's function rm. juz that it was wet but still nice and cool.

watashi & highness, i did mine outside ROM, at mi place. was planning for the solemnisation to be by the poolside but luckily we changed to the function rm bef hand.
txs to all ur well wishes!

ashie, du hope that teaching give u more days of leave.. datz wad i tot too at the start but hols have to go back and work, have meetings etc, so we dun get the whole of the hols to enjoy! ;p

caitlyn, u under 40kg!!! *open eyes wide wide*
wow! so light!


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my GDL over on May 1st already, the whole process quite fast and easy. For me quite lucky, only need to deliver to 2 places, the others just send cards out or my mum personally will bring the cards to her friends.

Agree with u, my mum also chase me for layout, luckily my sis help me to talk to my mum to just plan the tables first, only after we get the plan from hotel then she allocate accordingly. My mum now request her guest not to be seated too far away from VIP tables and not near Kitchen door which is rude..... Initially i still thot i can plan my friends and colleagues near the central stage, but can't now :p

The sisters meeting up also just u gotta sms her and there. In the end, I just fixed a date where majority can make it. Had planned on 23rd May instead, only minority can't make it thus shall brief them seperately. Do agree that it warms my heart when I receive responses from sisters that, "its ur wedding, so long as it looks fantastic and complements ur theme n looks, we wil be most glad and happy to acccomodate!" so touching!

Can email me ur pics too? [email protected]
U collected ur album yet? Mine suppose by this wk, still waiting anxiously for my photographer to call....

Can email me as well?


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Hi dey & PPP,

Thanks for sharing! All pretty brides indeed.

Like Miraclecraze, I was pleasantly surprised to see a short-haired bride. And a classic Ted Wu gown indeed. Who did your PS? Did you do your PS at the former Asian Village?


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Hi cookiegal,

Was lookg throu all the dates. U'll be holdg urs at RAffles hotel as well? 1 week earlier than mine eh!! hehe..

So excited for ya! how's preparation?


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hi sierra,

that's really scary!!
one thing though, lucky you -- at least you got a head-start in mid-2004 in your search.
for me, i started really late, i only knew my date in late nov 2004. the 2 weeks of searching was *nail biting*.

heehee, yah, 18 Sept 2006, many restaurants will be booked!!

but then it'll be overwhelming with several anniversaries to celebrate a year -- from ROM anniversary, etc. *too stressed to think of surprises for my hubby*


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hi kit,

thanks for the info.
will continue to stick with 19th for the dinner -- not easy to find someone to transfer the pkg over to...


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Hey Jelly

Forgot to ask you, were you the one also looking for a pair of silver shoes? I saw a very nice pair by PrimaVera @ Junction 8 Bishan, cost ard either $69 & $79. Forgot to check out where else they are located

There's another design, but offhand can't recall, but very nice also. Definitely doesn't look cheapo & can wear for other occasions


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Hi Ning and Yen,

Just to let u know, the $699 package that i paid for [O] studio is during the promotional period, not sure about now..

Hi Wendy and Jovia,

I am staying at blk 165, facing the coffeeshop at Wendy's block. i agree that we should meet up, to share our planning and PS album. I am going down to see the soft copy of the photos this sat, to select some for them to print into hard copy, then select again next time for my album.


have you gone for your PS?


when will your album be ready? I have heard of A&D, will check with FH if he wants to get a quote. Thanks! hope you'll have a nice time choosing your cabinets material tonight!