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August 2023

The Wedding Gown Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Trains and Veils

In the second part of our wedding gown guide, learn about the different lengths of wedding trains and veils to help you pick the perfect wedding gown for your big day.

Wedding trains and veils have been a cherished feature of a bride’s wedding attire for centuries. With their varying lengths and characteristics, choosing the right train and veil length can help make your bridal outfit look regal and majestic, romantic and girly, vintage and glamorous or modern and elegant.

To help you choose the perfect length of wedding train and veil to complement your chosen gown silhouette and neckline, we’ll be exploring some of the more commonly worn wedding train and veil lengths in the final part of our wedding gown guide.

Wedding Trains

A wedding train is an extension of fabric that trails behind a wedding dress. Depending on your preference, you can choose to have an elongated extension of fabric that trails dramatically behind you as you walk down the aisle, or if you prefer to move around easily without the worry of tripping over excess fabric, you can opt to have a shorter or no train.

To help you determine which length is better for your needs, here are six wedding train lengths you should know.

1. Watteau

Michelle and Juen’s Heartwarming Wedding at 1-Arden by Leslie Photography

The Watteau train is characterised by a panel of fabric that attaches to the shoulders or upper back of the gown and falls gracefully to the floor, creating an elegant, flowing effect. It adds a touch of romance and sophistication without the hassle of a traditional, full-length train that, giving brides the option of wearing it just as long as their dress or longer for a more dramatic flair without restricting their movement.

2. Sweep

Yu Rong and Kevin’s Laidback Outdoor Pre-Wedding Shoot and Cosy Wedding at Wheeler’s Estate by GrizzyPix

A sweep train is one of the shorter train lengths characterised by a gentle extension of fabric that sweeps or lightly touches the floor. Practical and easy-to-move-in while still being elegant and formal, the sweep train is a popular choice amongst modern day brides who want a touch of elegance without the hassle of a longer train.

3. Brush

Min Er and Gary’s Enchanted Forest Wedding at 1-Atico by Lensofmira

Longer than a sweep train but shorter than the traditional cathedral of chapel trains, the brush train looks exactly like its name – it lightly brushes or skims the floor behind the dress. The brush train is the perfect choice for brides who want a longer train length than a sweep train without the hassle and restriction in movement that accompanies a cathedral and chapel train.

4. Chapel

Indri and Kevin’s Elegant Blue Wedding at Caroline’s Mansion, The St. Regis Singapore by Depth of Tales

The chapel train is a popular choice amongst brides. Measuring approximately 60 to 90 centimetres long from the base of the gown’s hemline, the chapel train is the perfect length for brides seeking a regal and romantic look without the longer and usually more cumbersome cathedral train. Brides also love that the chapel train can be easily gathered and secured with buttons or hooks to allow her more freedom to move around throughout the day.

The chap train can be paired with various wedding silhouettes, but it works most perfectly with an A-line gown to create a dreamy, elongated silhouette that is ethereal and elegant.

5. Cathedral

Sheena and Jing Wen’s Elegant Forest Wedding at Clifford Pier by Pixioo

Known for its stunning and dramatic appearance, the cathedral train is one of the longest and most formal styles of trains, designed to extend about 1.8 to 2.4 meters or longer from the base of the dress.

Reserved for only the most formal and traditional of weddings, cathedral trains unabashedly regal, elegant, and show-stopping, perfect for brides looking to make a majestic statement on her special day as she gracefully walks down the aisle. Due to the length and formality of its appearance, cathedral trains are usually paired with the more dramatic ballgown or its subtler, sister silhouette, an A-line dress, to complete the look of grandeur.

For ease of movement, brides can opt to have their cathedral train removeable or bustled after the reception.

6. Royal

Serene and Jacob’s Modern Elegant Wedding at Raffles Singapore by Pixioo

Do you want your wedding to have an impact on your guests? Do you want your wedding train to be the talk of the town? Then, the royal length train is your thing. Approximately 9 feet long, this train length is for royalty, literally, because even Princess Diana (hers was 25 feet!), and the many royals before her, was required to wear a traditional royal train for her wedding, and for those who wish to add a touch of royalty to their wedding.

You cannot go wrong with this length of train when it comes to extremely formal weddings. Brides who opt for the royal train should also ensure the rest of their ceremony and reception does not pale in comparison, so if you choose the royal train, go all the way with your wedding planning and make it as opulent and grand as the train trailing behind you. If you are planning a semi-formal or an informal wedding, do give this length of train a skip.

While the royal train is grand and great for creating an impression, help is needed to get and keep the train in order. Bear in mind that a train this long only looks great when you are not weighed down by it (or trip on it) and the length of fabric is where it needs to be – elegantly trailing behind you in an orderly manner.

Wedding Veils

The history of wedding veils dates back to ancient times and have evolved from their origins as symbols of modesty and protection to become iconic bridal accessories that hold cultural, religious and sentimental significance.

Today, the wearing of wedding veils are mostly done to symbolise a bride’s transition from being a single woman to a married one. Whether you prefer a chic, fuss-free veil that gives off a vintage vibe or a more traditional veil for the classic romantic veiled look, you’ll find the perfect one for your wedding amongst these 10 charming wedding veil lengths.

1. Blusher

Nicole and Meng’s Lively Squid Game Themed Gate Crash and Joyous Wedding at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach by Multifolds Productions

A blusher veil is a short, single-layered veil that covers the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle. An example of a blusher veil is a birdcage veil, or it can be worn in a longer length, and can be layered with other lengths of veils to create a layered look to complement the wedding gown.

Blusher veils are popular among modern brides because they offer a classic wedding look with a contemporary spin that is romantic and timeless.

2. Birdcage

Stefani and Kevin’s Glamourous, Art Deco Wedding Aboard the Orient Express Singapore by Dapper Pictures

A birdcage veil is a short style bridal veil that covers part of the bride’s face, usually reaching just below the eyes or to the chin at its longest. Usually made of netting or tulle, birdcage veils are extremely popular amongst brides seeking a vintage-elegant or old Hollywood inspired look for their wedding.

Although it is most commonly selected for its more vintage vibe, birdcage veils are actually pretty versatile. You can evoke a chic and timeless feel by choosing to wear the veil simply without any accessories, or you can opt to pair it with feathers, pearls or crystals to enhance its vintage look.

3. Shoulder Length

Katrina and Naresh’s Sunshine Yellow Wildflower Wedding at The Alkaff Mansion by Lydia K Photography

One of the most versatile and sought-after length, the shoulder length veil looks exactly as it is named – it falls to or just below the bride’s shoulders. Considered a perfect length for a veil as it retains the tradition of wearing a wedding veil without being overly heavy or cumbersome, shoulder length veils add elegance and romance to a bride’s wedding outfit, allowing her to sport a veiled look without covering too much of her gown.

4. Bouffant

Natalie and Clinton’s Vibrant Floral Wonderland Wedding at The St. Regis Singapore by Bobby Kiran Photography

Voluminous and glamorous, a bouffant veil is a pouf veil with a rounded and elevated shape that gives off a distinctive 1960s flair. Brides who looking to make a bold statement with a touch of retro or vintage-inspired glamour will love the bouffant veil, as it can be worn alone or paired with a blusher veil for a dramatic flair.

Although the bouffant veil pairs well with most hairstyle and gown silhouettes, it is important to consider the balance between the veil’s voluminous shape and the overall proportions of your gown and hairstyle for a cohesive and harmonious look.

5. Elbow Length

Rebecca and Abloy’s Destination Pre-Wedding Shoot in Switzerland with Breathtaking Scenery and Powdery White Snow by Wanderlust Dream

Elbow length veils are loved for its graceful and timeless appearance that goes well with most gown silhouettes and frames the bride’s face beautifully. As its name suggests, an elbow length veil falls to or just around the bride’s elbows, offering the traditional veiled look with a touch of oomph without the hassle of a floor length veil like a Chapel or Cathedral length veil.

6. Fingertip Length

Estee and Ernest’s Ethereal Capella Singapore Wedding Filled with Floral Clouds by Antelope Studios

A popular and versatile length of veil that even the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, wore on her wedding day, the fingertip length extends to the bride’s fingertips when her arms are comfortably resting at her sides, painting a graceful and elegant image.

The flattering length and classic beauty of the fingertip length veil makes it the perfect choice for brides who are after a traditional yet modern and romantic look for their wedding.

7. Ballet Length

Vanessa and Bryan’s Classic Wedding with White Florals and Green Foliage at Capella Singapore by Iluminen Singapore

For brides who are after a longer veil that still gives them the drama of a chapel or cathedral length veil without the restriction in movement, the ballet length veil is the perfect choice.

Falling anywhere between the knee and the ankle, the ballet length veil elongates the body and creates a flattering silhouette. It can be paired with a shorter length veil like the blusher veil to create a more voluminous and romantic look.

8. Chapel Length

Shauna and Rainer’s Minimalist and Modern Zen Wedding at Raffles Hotel Singapore by Iki Company

The chapel length veil is incredibly romantic and elegant, and ideal for formal weddings. It goes all the way to the ground and can be combined with a blusher or an elbow length veil for a layered look.

9. Cathedral Length

Felicia and Jonathan’s Lively and Colourful Wedding at The Alkaff Mansion and The Church of St. Francis Xavier by Sloth Creatives Weddings

Typically worn in church and very formal weddings, cathedral length veils are floor length and wider than the frame of the gown by a few inches or several feet. This style of veil is great for creating a dramatic walk down the aisle.

10. Mantilla

Mary and Rizal’s Blooming Garden Wedding at Villa Anugrah, Uluwatu by Lydia K Photography & Nice Print Photo

More of a style than a length of veil, a mantilla veil is a traditional Spanish-style wedding veil that is recognised for its ornate lace trimming, scalloped edge and circular shape. Pronounced as ‘man-tea-ya’, a mantilla veil can be worn as a blusher veil on top of other traditional veil lengths or on its own as a chapel or cathedral length veil that drapes gently over the bride’s head and down the length of her gown.

Although mantilla veils have cultural significance in Spanish and Latin American weddings, it is a popular choice amongst brides all over the world due to its timeless, soft and romantic look that goes well with most gown silhouettes. It can also add a touch of vintage charm with the right wedding dress, adding to its versatility.

Choosing Your Dream Wedding Gown

Now that you’ve completed our two part wedding gown guide, you are ready to embark on an exciting wedding gown shopping journey and visit some of your shortlisted bridal boutiques. Although selecting the right gown silhouette, neckline, train length and wedding veil are they key components to finding your dream wedding gown, don’t forget about other factors that may affect your attire.

Aside from these four key components, consider if your wedding celebration is going to be a formal or casual one, whether your venue suits a more dramatic wedding gown or something more minimalist and low-key, and what accessories you have planned out for your wedding attire. The perfect wedding gown should be one that not only complements your body shape and enhances your natural beauty, but also complement the formality of the celebration.

Credits: Feature image from Natalie and Clinton’s Vibrant Floral Wonderland Wedding at The St. Regis Singapore by Bobby Kiran Photography

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The Wedding Gown Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Trains and Veils