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March 2023

Nicole and Meng’s Lively Squid Game Themed Gate Crash and Joyous Wedding at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

Nicole and Meng’s wedding was nothing short of fun, including a Squid Game themed gate crash!

Although Nicole, 30, Banker, and Meng, 31, Banker, were schoolmates at the Singapore Management University, they only met each other at the Ultra Music Festival back in 2016, and found themselves instantly attracted and connected. After a romantic proposal in Switzerland, the lovebirds planned a grand wedding celebration full of fun and heart at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach with their family and friends, after a lively morning of gate crash themed after the popular Netflix Korean series Squid Game.

How did the two of you meet?

We were actually schoolmates from Singapore Management University but we only met during the Ultra Music Festival Singapore in 2016. We were attending the event with our mutual friends and ended up chatting with each other while we waited for the rest to arrive. The rest, as they say, is history.

What drew you to each other?

Meng: Initially, I noticed Nicole in school because I found her pretty, but when we met at the Ultra Music Festival, her fun-loving and carefree character attracted me. As I got to know her better, I found out that she was more than just a pretty face; she is actually a person of so much character!

Nicole: I liked that he was fun-loving, spontaneous and had similar interests with me. What drew me most to Meng was that he was confident in asking me out and made the effort to lock in a day for our next meet up before we parted on our dates. That showed me the commitment he had towards us, and I loved that.

What is it about your partner that you love the most?

Meng: What I love most about Nicole is how she is truly a very kind-hearted person, caring for everyone around her and always being willing to improve the lives of others whenever she can, sometimes even at her own expense. I also love that she has a great sense of humor and yet matured in her thinking, always being able to share the best advice during times of adversity and also very efficient when it comes to whatever planning and decisions we have to make.

Nicole: I love the way that Meng provides for and takes care of the people that he loves. Over the five years that we have been together, I have seen first hand how Meng tries to provide the best for both his and my family. He is a filial son who brings our families out for nice meals, and makes the effort to bring his parents overseas and show them more of the world. During our vows, he promised to care for my family the way he had for his, but little did he know that his actions had already shown me that fact a long time ago.

What was the proposal like?

Nicole: We were traveling in Interlaken, Switzerland with our friends back in 2021 and Meng suggested for us to split from the group as he wanted to bring me to a scenic area alone. I could sense he was very jittery in the morning and even almost lost his phone as we made our way there. He brought me to the Lake Brienz in Iseltwald which was where Capital Ri Jeong Hyeok played the piano in the K-drama series Crash Landing on You and it was absolutely beautiful. There wasn’t a single soul there besides us, and he got down on one knee.

Tell us about your wedding. What was your chosen wedding theme?

Our wedding was held at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach. We really loved the beautiful ballroom with the huge screen in front as well as the forest lighting. It was actually one of our top three choices and we were elated when we found out that the hotel was available on our chosen wedding date, which was an auspicious date chosen by our trusted geomancer. We then found out that it was the date of the F1 race in Singapore, but thankfully it did not cause too much disruptions to our wedding!

Although we did not have a specific wedding theme in mind, our choices unknowingly led us to having a Korean themed wedding. Our proposal was at the K-drama Crash Landing on You filming site, our bridal party wore outfits modelled after the popular Netflix Korean series Squid Game, and our march-in song was Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang as well.

Take us back to your wedding day. What was the day like and how were you feeling?

Meng: Definitely very nervous! There were so many things going on on the actual day and speeches to do in front of hundreds of guests but I am super thankful to my sister who was our wedding co-ordinator, and also to our groomsmen and bridesmaids for taking charge of various aspects, allowing Nicole and I to enjoy the most important day of our lives without any worries.

Nicole: Contrary to what I expected, I was very relaxed the whole day and had a great night of sleep the night before. I wanted the wedding to be a light-hearted, stress-free day of enjoyment and that was really what we achieved, all thanks to our wedding coordinators and bridal party. Well, I think all in all, I can say that I had lots of fun that day and would love to relive the moments again.

What did your family/friends have to say about your wedding day?

Many of them thoroughly enjoyed the wedding for various reasons, including the surprise dance performance, the memorable wedding highlights video by our videographer, Yang from Substance Films, the heartwarming speeches, fun games, as well as the amazing food from the hotel!

Share with us the most memorable moment of your wedding.

Meng: For me, it was most definitely when the wedding highlights video played. I was really looking forward to the video as I have seen some of Yang’s works and really wanted to see the product of our Squid Game themed gatecrash! The highlights video managed to exceed my already high expectations and I enjoyed every second of it! The large screen in the ballroom definitely made the video even more epic than it already was. Even after the wedding, we had guests asking us to send them the video so they could watch it again!

Nicole: My most memorable moment was during our first and only march-in of the night where we danced to Bang Bang Bang with our closest friends. While walking in, I was overjoyed to see the faces of all our relatives and friends cheering us on as we took the steps to our next phase of our lives and I was deeply moved by that.

What is one lesson you’ve learned from your wedding planning that you’d like to share with other couples?

Meng: Definitely to start planning early and not to leave anything last minute. It is no secret that there are many things to prepare for a wedding, from the choosing of gowns and suits to the writing of vows and speeches, and any last minute planning will only lead to frustration and stress. With ample preparation ahead of the wedding, the couple will be able to be more carefree on the actual day, which is of utmost importance!

Nicole: I think its important to have a good support system and also trusted vendors that will help you with the details for your wedding. It important not to be over-stressed up about the small details and just focus on enjoying the best day of your life.

The Venue: JW Marriott Singapore South Beach
Size of Wedding: 280 persons
Cost of Wedding: Approx $100,000
The Bride’s Gown: Truly Enamoured, The Ivory Bridal
The Bride’s Shoes: Bride’s own
The Groom’s Suit: La Belle Couture
The Groom’s Shoes: Groom’s own
The Wedding Day Photographer: Melvin from Multifolds Productions
The Wedding Videographer: Yang from Substance Films
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: The Thread Theory
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Groomsmen’s own
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Claire from Ladyyclaire Makeup
The Florist: Floriculture
The Wedding Cake: JW Marriott Singapore South Beach
The Wedding Planner: Han Hui Qing from Monster Weddings
The Wedding Invitation and Stationery: Dreamweavers
The Wedding Favours: Dreamweavers
The Solemniser: Chia Swee Tin
The Wedding Car: Groom’s father’s
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

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Nicole and Meng’s Lively Squid Game Themed Gate Crash and Joyous Wedding at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach