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January 2021

The 9 Most Popular Weddings of 2020

It’s the start of a brand new year of beautiful weddings! Before we dive into 2021, we look back on the past year with the 10 most popular weddings of 2020.

What a year it’s been! As we bid adieu to 2020 and its rollercoaster of emotions and wedding changes, we’d also like to celebrate the couples who overcame the challenges posed by COVID-19 and celebrated their unions in spite of a global pandemic. We applaud them, and you did too!

These are the real weddings we featured in 2020 that you guys loved the most. From a minimalist and unplugged solemnisation in an art gallery, to a void deck wedding celebrating different cultures, to a lush and botanical outdoor solemnisation, to a grand Roaring Twenties ball, these are the weddings you were most inspired by in 2020. We start the countdown with number 10!


Images by Andri Tei Photography

“We love how empty the gallery is and it suited us perfectly. To us, less is more. We’re both into sustainability as well so it is very important to us that every decision we make minimises wastage.”

While many other couples began postponing their wedding plans, Rachel and Aaron decided to push on through and focus on what matters the most – who they are marrying and the marriage itself. They invited their friends and family to do the same; without the worries of the pandemic or the distractions of mobile devices and cameras, the couple celebrated their love with an intimate and “unplugged” wedding at Maison Miaja.

The Size of the Wedding: No of guests – 105 pax
The Cost of the Wedding: $43,000
The Venue: Maison Miaja
The Wedding Day Photographer: Andri Tei Photography
The Gown: Caramel & Co.
The Bride’s Shoes: Reike Nen
The Suit: ln Personam CC
The Groom’s Shoes: THEY New York
The Engagement Ring: Oore
The Wedding Bands: BVLGARI
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Kat Zhang
The Nail Artist: Calli Nails
The Caterer: Tim’s Fine Catering
The Wedding Cake: Sarah’s Loft
The Wedding Stylist: 8dec
The Wedding Planner: Rachel Eng
The Illustration: Branches and Strokes
The Tables and Chairs: Tiffany Chairs Rental
The Videographer: JH Pix
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Rachel Eng
The Wedding Favours: Kindred Teas
The Band: VETTA
The Solemniser: Ms Joanna Portilla


“We just wanted to combine the fun elements from our cultures. I knew the ice cream uncle would be a fun addition, and would cool people down in the heat, so Andrea hunted him down the week before and asked him to come back ‘this time next week’.We had the solemnisation under a chuppah (a canopy used in Jewish weddings) and I broke a glass at the end. The lion dance crew visited and entertained guests during the meal. We also had a traditional tea ceremony the day before for Andrea’s Chinese family and my Jewish family.”

With a fun mix of cultural elements combining both Samuel’s Jewish identity and Andrea’s Chinese traditions together, good ol’ Indonesian food and Singapore traditional ice cream from the ice cream uncle, and family and friends from around the world, the couple celebrated their union at a simple but beautiful void deck in Clementi… and had a lot of fun while at it!

The Size of the Wedding: ~170 guests
The Venue: 306A Clementi Ave 4, Void Deck
The Wedding Day Photographer: Just Like Magic Co.
The Gown: ASOS
The Bride’s Shoes: ASOS
The Suit: J Crew
The Groom’s Shoes: Marks and Spencer
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Jodi Life
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Jodi Life
The Caterer: Warong Nasi Pariama
The Wedding Cake: Eat by Nico
The Nonya Kueh: Lek Lim Nonya Kueh
The Wedding Stylist and Furniture Rental: Inside the Knot
The Wedding Planner: Beautiful Gatherings
The Solemniser: Mrs Divya Jiwat Advani
The Customised Cocktails and Mobile Bar: Mixes From Mars
The Outdoor Tentage: Singapore Events
The Sound System: Show Production
The Portable Air Coolers: Max Cool Industries
The Portable Toilets: Porta Pumper
The Potted Plants: Prince’s Landscape
The Plates and Utensils Rental: Steward’s Solutions
The Lion Dance: Yong Fong Production
The Poster Illustrator: Kristy Poh
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides


Images by Darren and Jade Photography

“The wedding theme for the night was ‘The Roaring Twenties’. We were both obsessed and inspired by an English drama, ‘Peaky Blinders’. The theme for our solemnisation was ‘Old Shanghai’ as the Summer Pavilion at The Ritz-Carlton possessed that vibe of a Chinese restaurant in the 1920s. Both themes were set in the time period of 1920s which reflected the East and West influences in us when we met.”

With event-planning experience on hand, Lyn and Ming Xian tailor-made their wedding of their dreams with a “Old Shanghai” themed solemnisation at The Ritz-Carlton and a “Roaring Twenties” themed dinner banquet at Capella Singapore, and it was nothing short of exquisite and majestic.

The Size of the Wedding: No. of guests – 300
The Cost of the Wedding: $140k – 150k
The Venue: The Ritz-Carlton’s Summer Pavilion (Solemisation), Capella Singapore’s Grand Ballroom (Dinner Banquet)
The Wedding Day Photographer: Darren and Jade Photography
The Bride’s Shoes: Bd Dance
The Suit: LAICHAN & Suitsupply
The Groom’s Shoes: Magnanni & Suitsupply
The Engagement Ring: Love & Co
The Wedding Bands: Love & Co
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Beautygodmama
The Caterer: Capella
The Wedding Cake: Capella
The Florist: Capella
The Wedding Planner: Capella
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: KnittedLoveStories & Crystal Sim
The Videographer: Android in Boots
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Capella
The Wedding Favours: Capella
The Band: The Wedding Buddies
The Solemniser: Mdm Joanna Wong
The Wedding Car Rental: Kombi Rocks
The Reception Display: WULALA!
The Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
The Sound Designer: Aw Wei Zheng
The AV/Light Equipment: Atelier Vista Pte Ltd


Images by Ivan Seah Photography

“The dance-off between Stan and me was the most memorable moment of the wedding. This was something that our emcees threw into the programme without telling us so we were both caught off-guard. I cringe while looking at the videos our friends took of us dancing, but it’s definitely a moment that will forever be etched in my memory.”

With their experience working on weddings and in hotels, Cindy and Stan were able to quickly settle their details and rope in many of their favourite wedding vendors and friends in the process. The result? A stunning and elegant affair at Changi Cove’s Command House and the Empress Restaurant to celebrate the start of the couple’s new journey together.

The Size of the Wedding: No. of Guests – 120 Guests
The Cost of the Wedding: $45,000
The Venue: Changi Cove Hotel’s Command House Glass Marquee & Empress Restaurant
The Wedding Day Photographer: Ivan Seah Photography
The Gown: Amanda Lee Weddings
The Bride’s Shoes: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
The Suit: Bespoke Tailor Bangkok
The Groom’s Shoes: Groom’s Own
The Engagement Ring: JannPaul
The Wedding Bands: LivLov Jewellery
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bridesmaids’ Own
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Groomsmen’s Own
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Ling’s Palette
The Nail Artist: Callinails
The Florist: Amy T Fleur
The Wedding Stylist: Med Karlek Inc.
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Terralogical
The Videographer: Ppairs Collective
The Photobooth: The Photobooth Guyz
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: TheBigDay App (Wedding Invite & Table Management)
The Wedding Favours: Changi Cove Hotel’s Own – L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, Tea Forte Tea Bag, and exclusively designed eco-friendly pouches and pins from Taobao
The Solemniser: Mr. Tam Chee Wah


“I used SingaporeBrides to plan my wedding! My favourite resource was the wedding spreadsheet. I relied on it heavily for most of the planning and I think I did a pretty good job keeping to the timeline that was suggested. The wedding was a few days after my birthday and my bridesmaids surprised me with a birthday cake on stage after our speeches. I also really enjoyed the speech my mom gave—she joked about her internal struggle as a mother when she allowed us to date as teenagers.”

Best friends since primary school, Hui Kin and Andie celebrated their long journey of love on 22 December 2019 with a beautiful and laid-back wedding in The Glasshouse at Andaz Singapore filled with paper flowers and a surprise birthday cake.

The Size of the Wedding: 250 guests
The Cost of the Wedding: $65,000
The Venue: The Glasshouse at Andaz Singapore
The Wedding Day Photographer: Joy de Vi
The Gown: Rico-A-Mona for white gown // Mama & Misse for cheongsam
The Bride’s Shoes: The White Atelier
The Cake: Cupplets
The Florist: Florals Actually and Andaz’s in-house florist
The Wedding Stylist: 8dec
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Jemma Keech, Perth
The Photobooth: foursnaps
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Pine on Paper


Botanico at The GarageBotanico at The GarageBotanico at The GarageBotanico at The GarageImages by Antelope Studios

“I loved our vows exchange because both Andy and I were very heartfelt with our words to each other. It was a very touching moment for us.”

Drusilla and Andy had to cancel their wedding due to COVID-19, but thankfully, they had this gorgeous solemnisation at Botanico at The Garage to celebrate their union. Filled with lush pampas arrangements in an outdoor ceremony lit with fairy lights, their intimate party ‘leaf’s us—and you!—breathless, all right!

The Size of the Wedding: 80
The Cost of the Wedding: $30,000
The Venue: Botanico at The Garage
The Wedding Day Photographer: Antelope Studios
The Gown: Truly Enamoured
The Suit: Bridefully Yours
The Engagement Ring: JannPaul
The Wedding Bands: Cartier
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Esta Hsu
The Florist: Florals by Benita
The Wedding Planner: The Wedding Entourage
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: OneThreeOneFour and Bridelope Productions
The Videographer: Sense Gallery Production
The Solemniser: Mr Edward Foong


“Our vows were a culmination of years of feelings and thoughts we have for each other. We hope for it to serve as a reminder, in decades to come, of our original feelings for each other and to never lose sight of these promises.”

Jen and Zheng Wei’s wedding in InterContinental Singapore was nothing short of elegant and romantic, with its colour palette of blush and white, beautiful floral arrangements, and mirror aisle to reflect the ballroom’s classic architecture.

The Venue: InterContinental Singapore
Cost of Wedding: $90,000
Size of Wedding: 250 guests
The Gown: Bespoke from overseas
The Bride’s Shoes: Anna Nucci
The Suit: Bespoke from overseas
The Groom’s Shoes: Simon Carter
The Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands: JannPaul
The Wedding Photographer: Kent Wong Photography
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Kenneth Ong (Hairstylist) and Benji Oo (Makeup Artist)
The Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Taobao
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Taobao
The Nail Artist: Colour Workshop
The Florist: Sing See Soon (Long table Decor) and Bucket Full of Roses (Stage and staircase decor)
The Wedding Stylist and Planner: The bride
The Wedding Videographer: Sense Gallery Production
The Photobooth: Booth For Fun
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Papypress
The Wedding Favours: Macarons
The Wedding Band: High Notes
The Solemniser: Joanna Portilla
The Wedding Car: Bride’s own
The Host: Herbert Liu
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides


“The garden setting of Arbora captured our imagination – the beautiful views, the cable car ride up and even the magical light show on a tree (admittedly, it’s a regular tourist attraction, but we loved having it play on our wedding day)! When we said our vows in front of the Faber Peak bells, the significance of our union hit me and I started tearing up.”

You guys loved Jessica and Jun Wen’s starlit wedding at Arbora at Faber Peak, with its romantic hilltop garden setting, classic wedding bells, and fairylit outdoor dining!

The Size of the Wedding: No. of guests – 210
The Cost of the Wedding: Slightly below $40,000
The Venue: Arbora at Faber Peak
The Wedding Day Photographer: Knotties Frame
The Gown: BQueens
The Bride’s Shoes: D&C
The Suit: BQueens
The Groom’s Shoes: Frank Williams
The Engagement Ring: JannPaul
The Wedding Bands: JannPaul
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bangkok
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Arieltistry
The Nail Artist: Kelly Nail House (Pasir Ris)
The Florist: Listoria Floral
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Bridelope Productions
The Proposal Photographer: Santorini Tours
The Photobooth: Selfiprint Singapore
The Wedding Invitations: Dreamweavers
The Wedding Favours: Dreamweavers
The Solemniser: James Teo
The Wedding Car Rental: BW Venture
The Fairy Lights: IM-Perfection
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides


“So many memorable moments but I would vote for the sparklers send off too! It was too magical to pair it with our favourite song, favourite people, and a gorgeous sunset against the dusky sky!”

The most popular wedding of 2020 is Mabel and Cheong Jun’s intimate lawn wedding at Wheeler’s Estate! This beautiful couple celebrated their union in a carefree outdoor solemnisation with a stunning pampas arch that glowed during golden hour, and walked down the aisle with a sparkler send-off! Keeping things simple and casual with a dessert table instead of a reception, Mabel and Cheong Jun kept their wedding cost to just $10,000!

The Venue: Wheeler’s Estate
Cost of Wedding: Approximately $10,000
Size of Wedding: 40 guests
The Gown: Wedding Crafters
The Bride’s Shoes: Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Cream White
The Suit: Military No.1 Uniform
The Groom’s Shoes: Military dress shoes
The Wedding Bands: SK Jewellery
The Wedding Photographer: Juanmoley Fotologue
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: IHeartBlooms
The Caterer: Wheeler’s Estate
The Florist, Event Stylist, Dessert Table: HelloFromFlour
The Pastry: Tiong Bahru Bakery
The Solemniser: Mr Goh Khon Chong
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

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The 9 Most Popular Weddings of 2020