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January 2020

Andrea and Samuel’s Mixed-Culture Void Deck Wedding in Clementi

Who says you can’t have an aesthetic and gorgeous void deck wedding? Samuel and Andrea did just that and wowed their family and friends at their void deck wedding in Clementi on 4 January 2020.

The void deck wedding of Samuel, 32, Devops Engineer, and Andrea, 32, Curator, was the talk of the town on the first weekend of 2020. With a fun mix of cultural elements combining both Samuel’s Jewish identity and Andrea’s Chinese traditions together, good ol’ Indonesian food and Singapore traditional ice cream from the ice cream uncle, and family and friends from around the world, the couple celebrated their union at a simple but beautiful void deck in Clementi… and had a lot of fun while at it!

Tell us a little bit about your story.

Andrea: We’d both been invited to have drinks with a mutual friend. Both Sam and I arrived before that friend, locked eyes, and the rest was history… or so we wished it was that easy or romantic. We did first meet at the bar but it took several months of pursuing Sam before he clued into my intentions and feelings towards him.

What did you love most about your partner? What made you fall in love with your partner?

Andrea: I love that he makes me laugh and is sensitive and kind-hearted. I continue to fall in love with him more and more each day. What made my heart swell the most was seeing how comfortable he was with my family and them, with him. It was apparent that our different races or religions didn’t bother either sides.

Samuel: I love her warmth towards so many people. She has so many friends, family, and people that she cares about, yet she reserves a special place in her heart for me. She also motivates me to be a better person, to exercise more, and is always supportive of me.

What was the proposal like?

Andrea: It was a complete surprise, and I hate surprises! The proposal took place in Chicago where Sam was working at that time. Sam’s best friend, Sunil, flew in from San Francisco to visit us and made a show out of it by taking photos of the architecture of the city (which was in itself stunning).

Sunil made a bold statement about wanting to see the Bean (Cloud Gate) in the wee hours of the day before the tourists descended upon it, and so we found ourselves there at 6am on a crisp Sunday morning. Sunil orchestrated a “test shot” of the Bean, and I turned around to see Sam on one knee. It took me a while to register what was happening because we regularly take the mickey out of each other with regards to proposals (Sam has bent down to tie his shoelaces in front of the Eiffel Tower, for example).

Following this initial blank, I said yes!

Tell us about your fun and unusual wedding celebration! How did you incorporate both of your cultures into your wedding? We heard you had a lion dance, chuppah, horah, and an ice cream uncle at your wedding.

Samuel: We just wanted to combine the fun elements from our cultures. I knew the ice cream uncle would be a fun addition, and would cool people down in the heat, so Andrea hunted him down the week before and asked him to come back “this time next week”.

We had the solemnisation under a chuppah (a canopy used in Jewish weddings) and I broke a glass at the end. The lion dance crew visited and entertained guests during the meal. We also had a traditional tea ceremony the day before for Andrea’s Chinese family and my Jewish family.

What was your wedding day like?

Andrea: It went by in a frenzied blur! There were the expected delays that set things back and caused suspense, the humidity of the tropics that saw Sam soaking and my makeup melting before we even began, and some confusions about who does what when… but overall, we had a wonderfully riotous day! The ice cream man, whom we hadn’t officially booked, turned up which was a relief to us and a pleasant treat to our guests!

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Andrea: I can’t think of one specific moment but if I had to choose, the most memorable moment would be having our nearest and dearest family and friends around us to celebrate this important event, and for all to witness and engage in a variety of cultural experiences in the most fun-filled way!

The Size of the Wedding: No. of guests ~170
The Venue: 306A Clementi Ave 4, Void Deck
The Wedding Day Photographer: Just Like Magic Co.
The Gown: ASOS
The Bride’s Shoes: ASOS
The Suit: J Crew
The Groom’s Shoes: Marks and Spencer
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Jodi Life
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Jodi Life
The Caterer: Warong Nasi Pariama
The Wedding Cake: Eat by Nico
The Nonya Kueh: Lek Lim Nonya Kueh
The Wedding Stylist and Furniture Rental: Inside the Knot
The Wedding Planner: Beautiful Gatherings
The Solemniser: Mrs Divya Jiwat Advani
The Customised Cocktails and Mobile Bar: Mixes From Mars
The Outdoor Tentage: Singapore Events
The Sound System: Show Production
The Portable Air Coolers: Max Cool Industries
The Portable Toilets: Porta Pumper
The Potted Plants: Prince’s Landscape
The Plates and Utensils Rental: Steward’s Solutions
The Lion Dance: Yong Fong Production
The Poster Illustrator: Kristy Poh
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Credits: Images by Just Like Magic Co.

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Andrea and Samuel’s Mixed-Culture Void Deck Wedding in Clementi