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May 2020

Cindy and Stan’s Stunning Wedding at Changi Cove Hotel

Cindy Sugianto and Stan Goh were not only able to plan the wedding of their dreams, but they were also able to plan it with the best vendors (and friends) there are in the industry. The duo celebrated their union with a stunning wedding at Changi Cove and Empress Restaurant with their family and friends.

Cindy, 32, Financial Consultant, met Stan, 32, Wedding Photographer, on a dating app and their love story quickly unfolded. With their experience working on weddings and in hotels, they were able to quickly settle their details and rope in many of their favourite wedding vendors and friends in the process. The result? A stunning and elegant affair at Changi Cove and the Empress Restaurant to celebrate the start of the couple’s new journey together.

Share with us your story. How did the two of you meet?

Both: We met on the dating app. After a few months of chatting almost daily, we decided to meet up face to face and the rest was history.

What made you fall in love with each other and what do you love the most?

Stan: Her beautiful eyes and independence attracted me. What I love about her the most is her understanding towards my odd working hours and how she gives me the space to work and meet with friends. She also acknowledges my weaknesses and flaws and is willing to work together with me as a couple. She’s also willing to compromise and experience new things together.

Cindy: What drew me to him was his openness, sincerity towards our relationship. He’s also reliable and has a sense of humour! Above all, it’s his calm temperament and generous nature towards friends and family that I love the most about him. He is also trustworthy and I know I can rely on him to be there for me and to keep his promises.

For me, I knew that he was the one when I realised how willing he was to listen to my displeasures and when he made the effort to understand my point-of-view, and to constantly improve himself.

What was the proposal like?

Cindy: We hiked for about two to three hours up at Krabi’s Hang Mak Mountain when Stan got down on one knee at the peak and proposed with a candy ring. Later on, during a sunset dinner at The Cliff Restaurant, that was when he took out the actual diamond ring.

Initially, I had told him that I did not need an engagement ring as I felt that the money could be used for other purposes like buying a house. I was definitely really surprised when he took out the diamond ring!

What was the wedding planning journey like?

Cindy: Looking back, our wedding planning journey was a relatively easy one as Stan had so much experience in the wedding industry and I had some experience from working in hotels. My wedding coordinator for the actual day, who is also my good friend, used to work in hotel banquets so she managed our wedding like a pro!

It also helped that Stan and I had already agreed on many things when we started planning: for example, we knew that we were going to do an elopement overseas and video that to share with our family and friends on our actual day. We knew that we did not want a gate crash, and so we actually started the day in the afternoon and gave plenty of time in our schedule to do the tea ceremony and dinner banquet.

We were very pleased to have wedding vendors, who were all also our friends, help us with our planning. They eagerly stepped in with advice and helping hands. In fact, almost all of the vendors listed below are personal friends of ours!

Having said that, we still faced challenges during the planning such as dealing with last minute changes to the guest list. The biggest challenge we had was working with Changi Cove Hotel as we were the first wedding to be held at their venue. We had to work out the décor ourselves which in itself led to much exasperation – we even decided on an easy way out by engaging a wedding stylist just one week before our actual day!

Did you have any favourite moments during this process?

Stan: My favourite moment during this entire process would definitely have to be when we were exchanging our vows during our pre-wedding shoot. I cried like a dog!

Cindy: I have so many favourite moments! Seeing the drawing of my wedding gown become a reality by Amanda Lee Weddings’s Pearlyn, the intimacy of exchanging our wedding vows in the presence of our close friends in Bandung, and Stan bursting into tears when he first saw me in my wedding gown.

What was your wedding day like?

Both: We held our wedding at Changi Cove Hotel. We heard about the venue from one of Stan’s clients and fell in love with it when we came for the site recce. It had a lot of natural lighting, was among nature, and looked so classy!

During the wedding day, we felt at ease as we knew that we were well taken-cared of by our bridal party and our wedding coordinator. We were also excited to get the day started as we had been planning it for the past year.

How did you create and decide on your wedding theme?

Both: We wanted a theme that was timeless. Also, due to Cindy’s pollen allergy, we couldn’t use fresh flowers. Therefore, we decided on green leaves and white candles. The confetti thrown during the march-in were leaves as well!

What did your friends and family have to say about your wedding?

Both: They loved it! From taking the buggy up to the venue to the sparkler march-out, they loved it. We did our best to engage our family and friends throughout the event. For example, we had them participate in the shoe game where they could hold up cards printed with our faces to vote for either of us. We had also put a disposable camera on each table so that they can take photos of each other throughout the event. Cindy also wrote a personal card for each of her guests.

Cindy also received compliments on her hair and gown, and also when the gown could easily be changed to a jumpsuit for easy mobility halfway through the banquet!

Share with us the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Stan: The shoe game which our guests participated in was the most memorable moment for me! That was before the cringe-worthy dance-off…

Cindy: The dance-off between Stan and me. This was something that our emcees threw into the programme without telling us so we were both caught off-guard. I cringe while looking at the videos our friends took of us dancing, but it’s definitely a moment that will forever be etched in my memory.

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with other couples who are also in the midst of planning their wedding?

Both: Work with vendors that you like and trust, and don’t be afraid to ask them for advice or about any aspect of your planning. We’d actually also used SingaporeBrides as a resource to look for inspiration and advice when we first started our planning. For example, we used them as a resource to search out potential wedding venues and make-up artists!

The Size of the Wedding: No. of Guests – 120 Guests
The Cost of the Wedding: $45,000
The Venue: Changi Cove Hotel & Empress Restaurant
The Wedding Day Photographer: Ivan Seah Photography
The Gown: Amanda Lee Weddings
The Bride’s Shoes: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
The Suit: Bespoke Tailor Bangkok
The Groom’s Shoes: Groom’s Own
The Engagement Ring: Jann Paul
The Wedding Bands: LivLov Jewellery
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bridesmaids’ Own
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Groomsmen’s Own
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Ling’s Palette
The Nail Artist: Callinails
The Florist: Amy T Fleur
The Wedding Stylist: Medkarlek
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Terralogical
The Videographer: Ppairs Collective
The Photobooth: The Photobooth Guyz
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: TheBigDay App (Wedding Invite & Table Management)
The Wedding Favours: Changi Cove Hotel’s Own – L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, Tea Forte Tea Bag, and exclusively designed eco-friendly pouches and pins from Taobao
The Solemniser: Mr. Tam Chee Wah

Credits: Images by Ivan Seah Photography and Terralogical

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Cindy and Stan’s Stunning Wedding at Changi Cove Hotel