Sembawang Green BTO sep 06


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Winson Tay
Tau Interior Design
Tel: 6787 5797
Hp: 9665 4252
[email protected]

call uncle winson if you don't receive a reply via email, he might not be reading the emails.

You can say is recommended by Jeslyn from Sembawang 488. He just came by to take measurements last sat.


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Hello kwoni,

have shortlisted and selected a curtain maker. Can go back and pm you the contact if you want.

Can try to ask for discounts if we can consolidate more orders.Let me know if anyone else is interested.


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My sister went to see... the living room window grill simply... sucks!!! Why?!?!? Can they let us have the freedom to decide what kind of grill? Its suppose to be a wonderful bay window....

Now I am thinking of changing the color of the grill... since they say cannot remove but they never say cannot paint or change its color.


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I am interested to know cherylkjh reno final cost as i am also a minimalist.


do you have a break down on the costing/quote?

1. painting
2. kitchen cabinet(top+bottom? inclu. cooker and hob?)
3. raise up platform (for what? 1x master bedroom?)
4. wiring n lighting (include false ceiling?)
5. window grills



my quote is without the window grills cos havent finalise yet and nt yet get keys ma...

yes i have the breakdown. ur email


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Cherylkjh, the service yard dun have based lah... i dun tink i need it. y u need to do based for the washing machine?

ur hse is bay window or wat? for wat i knoe rite? only bay window hav the window grill nia..


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Hihi... need to ask those who collected keys.....

Did you all pay any $$$ beside clearing CPF? Any cash must prepare when collect keys?


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Hello Nichiyobi
AIG Fire insurance in cash less than 10 bucks..
Opening of SP account no need cash
Monthly Conservancy fees of 48 bucks in cash....

There were so many things/documents from them... that they gave us a document bag. hahaha....


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Nichiyobi, that Stateart's 3D drawings are not even precise and "3D" enough as compared to other IDs' works. Moreover, they could have showcased their customers' completed home to increase their credibility if they want to, but it's not there..


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I went to see one of the show room today at level 7 of 488. The contractor seem to have clinch 5-6 units for reno. If the owner is reading this posting, maybe can email me what is your quotation? Thanks in advance.

[email protected]

That unit did all the built-in wardrobe for bedrooms, top and bottom kitchen cabinet with fridge and washing machine base. A slide door for section between kitchen and living. A bomb shelter conceal with altar. Lightings were simple and nice, just installed on default HDB wire point. No false ceiling done.

I have to comment that I like their concept of having the kitchen basin at the kitchen windows. More or less is what I have in mind too so now at least I know that the space given is feasible for my initial ideas. That is to say the entry point to the kitchen now is more spacious as the fridge is next or in line with the long cabinet follow by a L to the basin.

I see the remaining 3 blocks are touching up the windows already. Although other blocks or rather my block is slightly slower in progress, but I am glad also that at least I get to see some show flat to get a feel first. Those 488 owners shall be the commandos to move in first. I see a few units ready moving in condition. So thank them for sharing with us.

The guest room size is pretty ok, really squarish. The study room size is really smaller not recommend for a double bed. Children room just nice. Masterbed room is also ok. If I recall correctly, the show flat wardrobe followed the HDB mock model. A 3 door wardrobe and probably a Q-bed beside it follow by a small side table. Would say that Master room look spacious if you plan it well.

One think I noted is that all the units have doorbell and viewing hole at door ready??? Is that a default for everyone or???

All the rooms have TV points!!! Hurray!!! But will MDA charge us 3TV license???

The bay window is slight disappointment but still ok considering the view still ok. I guess everyone will have a headache on how to place their TV, HT, Sofa, dinning tables and display shelf if any. My old TV is not LCD type and quite a waste if I dump it away. Although having big LCD in living room would really look cool.

I was looking at the chinese lunar calendar. If 487 really get the flat keys at end of July, we would only have less than 19days to move into the unit. Why? Because.....Aug19 later.. will be....chinese hungry ghost festival!!! Many will think its inauspicious to move in... so if you wait... that will be till mid September then can move in. So sad!!!!

Hope more owners can share their reno photos and quotation here.



Hi Sharon,

We got our curtain at a good price of around S$500/- your home is the same as our's facing the garden. Can contact me or my husband if you interested ?


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wow!!! Looks like in future we can rent out the bomb shelter as a room!!!

I also want to know where to get the cheap curtain leh.... can email me?

A lot place having GSS now.


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Nichiyobi:Each unit will just pay 1 TV licence which last time used to be $110 per year. And the viewing hole is install on every door. Door bell not too sure, din really see it on every unit.

This afternoon I did went to Blk 488 too and manage to go into a showroom flat which facing outside at Blk 488 level 8. The masterbedroom is really very small. The other 2 bedrooms size look ok if just put 1 single bed, 1 wardrobe & 1 study table.

For the living room, is my biggest headache
Really dun know how to place the TV, sofa & dinning table at such a small area mann.

Got 2 other contractors approach me, but I still feel much more comfortable with the contractor which done up the showroom flat on level 7 (facing park), most likely will engage him


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Xuan_ting, I saw the lift have some "vandalism" stating the show flat unit and number to call. But didnt know level 8 is open as theres no banner.

So what the level 8 unit do?

Also what you intend to do?

I didn't ask him how much the level 7 unit reno costing cuz i think they surely gave more discount for using that unit as show flat.

But he keep saying price can work it out. Also about economy no good etc..

I think we should consolidate and refer each other maybe can get a better deal.


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Do you all think IKEA kitchen cabinet are ok to buy? I have never hear or see anyone buy IKEA kitchen cabinet. But they look very nice at show room. Should be quite durable? Cuz they have warranty???


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Hi Nichiyobi, I almost wanted to have IKEA cabinet but after you start designing and get the things you want, the prices escalated and it's much more expensive than contractors. What I would recommend is that you go download the IKEA Kitchen tool (Have price update) and do your design and get your contractor to qoute based on your designs.


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For those who have not got their aircons.
I finalise my aircon deal with a shop in Toa Payoh call "BEST TECH". I got myself the Mitsubishi 3 in 1 invertor. The reason I got the shop is based on the following points.
1) They have their own contractors performing the piping and they show you the piping material they used (One of the leading top quality)
2) They recommend you what you need rather than what is being advertise heavily
3) They do not have any free gifts for you but they gave you the best offered price.

I got a few friends getting the services from them and they are very please with it. The price of my aircon is $2600 (Including installation and piping). Its a new model with side swing motion. Much cheaper than what COURTS, HARVEY NORMAN and BEST DENKI offering. For those without aircon contractors yet, please go take a look.


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For level 8(showflat-face outside), it indicate inside the lift too, and they did put a red banner hanging outside the window. When I pass by the blk, I was caught by the red banner, and quickly go up & see, as my unit is facing outside too. The contractor is an uncle, Company Name: Thiam Yew Seng. His package for 4rms is S$10,388.00. I dun really like his selling style, he want me to sign agreement with him after a simple introduction to his package lor. Too pushy le. That unit, do up kitchen cabinet, but not yet fully completed, flooring. That all i saw.

For level 7 (showflat-face park), this is my 2nd time go in, their kitchen cabinet had done up, very nice. Build-in wardrobe not fully completed yet. Their package is $11,488.00, Company Name: Fortuna Renovation.

Yesterday, there is one more contractor approach me, he do up 2 units in Blk 488, one facing park, the other facing outside. Company Name: Thian Ho Renovation. He dun have package to show me. He will just code the price which you want to do lor.

For these 3 contractors, I have check thru HDB website le, all still active & no bad points.

For me, I just want to do up:
1) Kitchen Cabinet
2) Masterbedroom Wardrobe (sliding door)
3) 3pcs Sliding window for service yard
4) Window Grille for all windows
5) Painting

I still thinking should I do up the fridge base & washing machine base or not? What is the purpose for that huh? Is it becos so that it won't be easily wet when cleaning the floor? Can anyone advise me about this? Thanks.

For aircon & lighting, if you buy from those shop, they will automatic install for you for free.

For the Ikea Kitchen Cabinet, I did thought of that too, and instead I went down to Ikea to take a look 2 weeks ago. To my disappointment, the cost are much much higher than getting a contractor to do it. So, I have drop the idea for buying from Ikea le.

Yesterday, when going to left the site, saw a lorry sending furniture, and saw a lorry look like is moving house. So fast, got owner moving in le, but dun know is Blk 488 or Blk 486.


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Hi Xuan_ting,

I seriously do not think our reno will cost more than 10K. 5-7K max I think. Why? Because we are not doing any flooring at all. If that level 7 unit really spent >10K for its reno, I think its really quite expensive.

I think the fridge and washing machine base is mainly for washing floor purpose? If really don't have then also ok. can always DIY something.

I think the kitchen cabinet, the type of table top material will determine the costing too.

I actually walked several levels and saw some units in 488 ready moving in condition. Not surprise got people already moving in.


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I asked the contractor on the total reno for the level 7 and he say it is 25,500 including aircon.

Am interested in either level 7 or level 12 ad their workmanship is one of the better ones.

Any owners here who engage them can share their quotes? Thanks.


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what??!?!? sure???

The man told me level 7 aircon is not in the package and at most the cooker is part of the kitchen package. OMG... how the reno reach 25k??? Their flooring is all HDB OCS. I ever see the reno design plan. How come so ex??? So weird...


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Nichiyobi, $25,500.00 for level 7, might be is true, cos the owner do up some extra items which not listed inside the package lor.

Rainne, level 12 should be contractor Thian Ho, if I not wrong.

Hmm, so far from what i know those items which i want to do, the contractor quote such prices:
1) Kitchen cabinet - $2900;
2) Hood, Hod & Basin plus Tap - $800;
3) Window Grills - $1200;
4) 3pcs sliding window (SY) - $300;
5) Painting - $950;
6) Masterbedroom Wardrobe (Sliding) - $900.

Total sum around S$7,050.00. I need to do up the fridge base & washing machine base too, dun know how much that cost.

Anyway, I will see look around, probably will ask for detail quotation from that 2 contractors - Fortuna & Thian Ho after I get my key then.


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Yup. That is wat the guy told me when i ask about the reno cost.

Let me recall what i saw

Carpentry work
1. Kitchen Cabinet
2. Alter
3. Bomb Shelter wall
4. TV Console Wall Feature (not done yet)
5. Built in Wardrobe for all 3 rooms
6. Study table (not done yet)

1. Hood, Hod & Basin (mention to me that it comes together in a package)
2. Window Grills
3. Aircon
4. Painting

He also mention abt the free gift, the 3 sliding windows for the yard.


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U from Blk 487?

Yup, Level 12 is Thian Ho and he told me that he will have Level 6 ready by this weekend for viewing.

Fortuna told me that there are 2 units from 487 signing with them.


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Hi Guys
Not to badmouth any contractors here, I think the contractor from Fortuna is not exactly good. Initial qoutation from him is different from the 2nd qoutation. The first qoutation we got from him was $14K and the 2nd qoutation was $15.6K. When I ask him why is your 2nd qoutation so expensive? He replied saying that because I did not let his team do the flooring (I got my friends' lobang), so I have to charge you more to cover here and there.
Here is the guide for you all to see.
1st Quotation (Kitchen)
$100 per feet
2nd Quotation (Kitchen)
$120 per feet

1st Quotation (Doors)
$280 per door
2nd Quotation (Doors)

1st Quotation (Wardrobe)
$1.5K (est)
2nd Quotation (Wardrobe)
$2.5K (est)
Luckily he is not my first choice, no doubt his workmanship might be good but he did try to force a lot of stupid ideas like walk-in wardrobe in the masterbed room (as if my room is not small enough), TV console and etc. I do find his reasoning ridiculous because the flat he did in Level 7 does not require him to do the flooring as well.
I will be having a meeting session with another contractor who have being very consistent with his pricing, if I succeed in getting him, I will feedback and release the pricing guide here.


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Rainne, Yes, I from Blk 487
Fyi, the window grill, hood, hod & basin, painting all come from the package, except aircon lor. Yes, got 2 units from Blk 487 sign with them le, but not me. I still feel that get the key first before signing any contract with these contractors, more safer. Somemore, the sqm & layout is totally diff as compare to level 7 that showroom flat which facing park lor. I will make sure these contractor come to my unit, measure it and then quote me the price. For Thian Ho, he show me that 2 units, n level 6 is the one which same as me, facing outside. That unit do up walk in wardrobe. I still feel unbelieveable, cos that masterbedroom really very small le. The contractor told me that the owner will put their study table behind the door, which most of us will do the build-in wardrobe there lor. Anyway, we shall see.

Finn, thanks for sharing your comments about Fortuna. I will see what he will say about mine when asking them for quote then.


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Hi Xuan Ting
I think it is much better if you got the keys, because it's your house and it's how you like it to be designed and manufacture. Not a carbon copy from other sites. I feel the contractors have a common behaviour, when your keys are not with you, they will give you good pricing, asking you to be a demo site and blah blah blah... but once you get your keys... they felt you will have a urge to do it immediately, they will up the price and give you some ridiculous reasoning, like, you did not allow him to perform flooring, you did not let him get you the aircon deal and etc, etc and etc. I think that is not professional at all.


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Finn, yes, that why I dun sign contract with them without taking my keys first lor. Dun worry, I dun intend to take other ppls design, go in to the showroom flat, just becos want to see their workmanship & the layout of the unit. I only have tiny budget for the renovation
Just curious, howcome they can do up a walk in wardrobe in such a small masterbedroom, i mean those unit facing park lor.