Anybody try permanent hair removal before?


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Yes i went to beauty face wellness and it was a horrid experience.

can i ask is CPL or IPL more painful?

seems the consultant at beauty face told me those that did the CPL underarm hair removal cried due to the pain. then she started recommending the cooling treatment(additional treatment payable) to cool down the skin from the burning sensation from the CPL.

would anyone dare to try the CPL after hearing from their own consultant that the treatment is so painful?

btw, I bought this on an online promotion thats why i was only aware of the harshness of this treatment when i went for my first appointment.


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Hi Spore Gal,

Ya! Same experience here! I bought from Groupon.

As my pain tolerance is low, so i was warned how pain it is and advise me to add in cool treatment which cost $280/session. And if sign package would become $170/session for 10 session package.

I was so regreted to take the package!

So did you sign up any package after this?


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I bought the deal, but I did not even try the treatment after what the consultant described to me. I made a complaint to the deal/promo company and managed to get a refund.

I've not signed up anything else since then as there are quite a few treatments out there so I am reki-ing first.

Are you still going for CPL treatment at Beauty Face?


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Just wondering, for those who felt pain, were you asked to shave prior to the treatment? CPL or IPL is shooting intense light energy at certain wavelength into your skin. The light energy is absorbed by the hair and converts to heat energy. The darker your hair....the more energy is absorbed...the more painful the sensation....but then pain is subjective.


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Bought a deal for Elva Beauty Clementi, for PTF (coz I heard ipl can be painful). Was pleasantly surprised with the service. 

So nervous about the session before I went, coz the pubic area is so sensitive. Amanda, the therapist, assured me that she will not continue if it's painful. So we got started. 

First, she would shave. The shaver is a brand new disposable one. The shaving is unpleasant mostly because of the thought of a blade so close to the vagina. But Amanda is quick and effective. Then, the cold gel is applied in generous amount. I requested to see that she sanitized the IPL machine One zap is tested on the bikini area, and u decide if the power can be increased or decreased. As she gets closer to the sensitive areas, she will warn you, and pause between zaps so that u can breathe! Lol. About 20+ zaps or 12 mins later, you are done. (i went shopping after that)

Of course, Amanda sold her services. I took a 2 session ($60 each) one to try out the effect. She was not very pushy, and for her standard of service, she is obviously proud and she knows customers appreciate it. 

The next 2 days were very uncomfy. The hair grew out everywhere and it itches so bad. Since I did not purchase any lotion, I tahan the itch. But you are not supposed to do anything to the area since it has been traumatized, lol. On the third day, I cannot tahan anymore so I went for Brazilian wax. 

All safe and sound until the next session 1 month later. The same thing repeated. This time, the hair grew back very slowly, and very fine. Surprised that the effect is so obvious only after 2 sessions. 

I bought another deal at zenique beaute and made an appointment. I don't have a good vibe about this salon because they surprised me by informing me theres a $5 charge for shaving. Duh, the PTF cannot commence without shaving because the hair absorbs the light, so the longer the hair, the more painful it is. And they gonna charge for it. Pooi - Hidden cost don't impress nobody. 

Will return for another review. Definitely try out Elva, ladies! 


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Zenique beauty at clementi block 449 was a total disappointment.

Bought the bigdeal voucher at 19x2=38, and it was so easy to make appointment. So I happily went down to my appointment.

Then the treatment started. As the therapist shaved the hair, she nicked my skin. It was painful but an accident, so I decided not to be a bitch about it. The sanitation steps were suffiicent. However, It was the first time I heard of a Brazilian ipl treatment forgoing the cold gel. The therapist told me that for trial, they don't use the gel. I was mortified. I asked nicely so the therapist gave me the gel.

To my utter surprise, the treatment ended with just 7 zaps. It was bikini more than brazilian ipl. Totally ready to leave the place for good, but obviously they stopped me to give a sales talk. I told the sales person upfront that it was a very scaled down session, and she said of course it was just a trial, it was only $19 (obviously I paid $38 but I couldn't be bothered to correct her). The machine is super high quality and very expensive, they can't afford to provide full treatment for trial price, blah blah. I say it totally backfired on them since anybody who has knowledge on economics could tell that the machine was already a sunk cost and the number of zaps does not mean equivalent increase in cost per use.

The offer is 5 times per package, and costs only 380. I thought it was cheap, but the attitude pissed me off badly. Plus, I had such a good experience at Elva, I'd rather go back there.

Conclusion: not recommended.


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Hi gals, y not try out Bare Aesthetics (The Hair Removal Specialist) @ Raffles Hotel #02-24 Tel: 68832295.

No hard SELL!!!
Using latest IPL machine, painless & fast treatment @ special prices!

Unlimited underarm treatment @ $128 nett plus a 1 x bikini IPL treatment FOC!

Refer a fren programme and get a small part for free for member.


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Bare Aesthetics Pte Ltd
(The Hair Removal Specialist)

Special promotion for Full body hair removal treatment.

Call at 68832295 for more info.


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Who had any experience using IPL at bare aesthetics? Was it painful? Pls share the experience.. Kindly interested to know how fast hair growth? Painful? Service? Thanks


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Been to musee lately to sign up their package. It wasn't as what was shown in the review. The service received was more of "read and go" instead. I dragged a gf of mine along with me and felt so bad when we didn't receive the proper service (as I told her its really good). The lady at plaza singapura directed us to a room. I assumed that i will be briefed in detailed for the process as shown in the review. For info, I was using the groupon deal. Before that, I did send an email to enquire as I seen several good reviews on musee. And fortunately, found the deal via groupon. The lady whom attended to me n my gf passed us all the forms to fill up, ask us to read thru some info on our own and followed by,"pls call to make reservation quoting your member no. as we r fully booked for this month." that's all. The saddest part is when I feedback this via email to the lady whom replied to my email earlier pertaining to the price, there's no reply for 2 weeks (they replied to my initial enquiry and apologised for late reply for a week). It's my first time trying out ipl and it's an awful experience.


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signed up with mussee sometime ago last year.. was quite satisfied with their services, that i actually recommended some colleagues over. so quite surprised to see negative comments here..


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Read the good reviews that's why I am giving it a try. Didn't expect that too.

Have not booked any appointment for first session yet. Kinda reluctant due to the first bad experience with their service. And of course, no reply from them on the email feedback. Hopefully it'll turn out fine during the session.


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Have had really really bad experince with Beauty Face Wellness. Got the groupon deal at $48 for unlimited CPL underarm hair removal.

Like Spore Gal, I was intimidated by the way the consultant described the pain and all, how some clients got burnt etc. I did IPL on my face before, so I thought it was their tactic to make us pay for the post-treatment.

1st treatment, I felt a little pain, but the after pain was still bearable. I saw a burn mark on one side, tried putting mask and moisturiser, scab dropped off after a week plus.

29 days later, I went again coz my hair started to grow again but they say my hair not long enough, have to be at least min 0.5cm. So i made a wasted trip there.

1.5 months from the 1st treatment, I finally went again. This time another consultant who told me once again about burn mark etc and asked me to sign again that I was warned about it since I declined to pay for anything.

To my horror, this treatment was painful. I don't know if it's their way to make me pay for package or just to stop me from going again, they definitely increased the intensity compared to the first treatment. I suffered from burn and pain for few days on both underarms. Changing clothes was a torture the first 3 days. Am currently salvaging my "damaged" underarms.

Will never go back nor recommend anyone to Beauty Face Wellness (grassroot outlet).

Btw my hubby asked me to take a pic of the damage, but no use right, coz I signed on their paper that I was warned.

Lesson learnt. If only I was as decisive as Spore gal, I wouldn't have scabby underarms right now. Only wish is my underarms recover asap so I can wear sleeveless clothes and swim in public again. :-(


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Hi All

I signed up IPL underarm package visit once a month * Most Perfect treatments compare other clinic no pain after 4sessions **Finally choose a right place for IPL

Im going to try Slimming package machines too.

After 10years experiences, i spent more than $80k unexpectedly ** Can stop their sweet talks sometimes always give chance and sign wasted 25sessions* No much improvement result** i can say 20 out 100 salons are good service.

Nowadays, i learn a lesson not to sign on if amount more than $3k but ask for trial price $88-$120 - $388 is reasonable . If feel all right then continue to sign FULL PACKAGE. Sometimes i share with forum members or relatives , friends ...

I not enclose details here to avoid banned ..

Interested email [email protected]
I can share more details and answer your doubts.


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Hi Kobosi, Katz, Jeannie ciu,

Have you gone to the home-based beautician at chinese garden for the permanent hair removal? How was it? Is the result good?

Thank you.


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I wanted to try IPL hair removal some 5 years back so i just thought i would walk into a well known Japanese salon, Regina.
Their advertising almost everywhere caught my attention.
At first glance, their prices were really tempting as they were affordable for even minimal wage workers & the staff were friendly and non pushy.

So after much thought, i decided to give it a go and got my sister to sign up a package as well so i wouldn't be alone during the sessions.
I must say, in certain ways, the Japanese staff i would see occasionally at the salon were VERY professional.
They were always polite and smiling during the period i was there.
They would also clearly explain step by step the procedures as they were performing the IPL shots.
It's a pity they weren't permanently stationed at the salons as they were only here to guide & had to return to Japan.

However, unlike the Chinese female staff there, they were rough, unpleasant & extremely impatient throughout my package sessions.
At times when i had questions about the hair regrowth, the Chinese staff would be reluctant to answer or most times just give "oh because it's your body" random answers just to brush me off.

Also, they would try to push promotions & packages to me during ALL my IPL sessions which caused A LOT of uncomfortable & awkward silences for me as i couldn't relax due to them being so pushy.
Many times i would reject telling them i would finish my package first before considering another one but they STILL insist it every time i appeared for my appointments.

It is very frustrating to have to explain to them time and again that i felt i needed to speak out in forums to alert other ladies out there.
My sister went through the same difficult and unpleasant sessions as i did so i wasn't the only one.
Please reconsider other salons if you have a choice.

I WOULDN'T recommend Regina to ANYONE no matter how low their prices go.
It's just not worth it.

P.S : Both my sister and i feel that despite going through numerous IPL shots, our hair growth still seems visible & rough.
Thankfully, we signed up packages on our limbs just to see how it went, instead of our faces.
All in all, a complete waste of 3k each for "permanent hair removal".
Very, very disappointing and a terrible experience.


I signed up IPL permanent hair removal with Musee, so far havent see any results yet as it's only my 2nd treatment. The beautician told me I need at least 12-18 treatments for the hair to be permanently removed, can't wait for the result. :)
Can try pink parlour at captiol mall, i went there for my hair removal & was deeply impressed by their service, & if you're lucky enough you gals can get to see the boss/manager & chat with her while u are at it .. haha. She's very friendly & charismatic i would say. Price wise is ok too, but from what i heard the outlet at capitol mall is for their VIPs.. but i went there anyways because it's the nearest to my work place teehee~ Give it a try gals ! :D


Have tried musee and Regina. Prefer musee as less pushy. But both I think are not bad. Musee very difficult to make appt tho. Have been doing underarm ipl for a few years already and I think it's considered hairless liao. Haha.


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Hi I did it on my legs and underarms and I am really happy with the results ! I did it in O medical clinic and it was done in 5 sessions for my underarms and 7 for my legs. Now my legs are really smooth, it didn't hurt it just smelled like rosted pig during the treatment. it was quite cheap because I booked via Vaniday and they always have good prices. On my last appointment they had to cancel the appointment so they gave me a promo code if you guys want to use it 20% off all their website V15OLAW. In the end I paid 350$ for everything.