Bad Experience With Arlenewedding


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I’m writing to share my bad experience with @Arlenewedding

We signed a PWS package with arlenewedding at BOWS 2018. One of the staff and Maggie (Assistant general manager and Singapore in-charge) served us. Although Arlenewedding is fairly new in Singapore and there wasn’t much review, we decided to give them a chance and signed the package as Maggie promised to help us find our ideal gown/suit and photographer since our wedding is so far away in 2020. We even paid a higher deposit than the market rate at her request.

The nightmare begins when we visit their shop to talk details on the package. Maggie was there on our 1st visit (jan 2019) and she then told us the photographer will be based on their availability on the day of our PWS. We also noticed the gown and suits selection was very limited (only 2racks). When asked about the gown and suit, Maggie say that there will be new arrivals later half of 2019 and it is really pretty etc. So we naively trusted them. This was the 1st warning sign already.

We arranged for viewing later half of 2019 (2nd visit). It was the shop assistant, Winny who served us:
1. There were still only 2 racks of gowns and we were told that we can only pick certain gowns and they have to be repeated for PWS and AD. It did not seem that the gowns were any different from the previous visit. And the designs were outdated.

2. The men suits selection was even more pathetic. They brought in funky purple and pink suits (not our style). And the normal coloured suits buttons and thread were falling off.
We complained and Winny said she can’t make decisions and told us to contact Maggie as she is the Singapore in charge. But Maggie is not around and we have to wait for a week. (It’s so frustrating to keep having to wait, Maggie is always not around)

We met Maggie a week later (3rd visit) thinking she can help solve our problems but wow that was when she showed her true “pattern”. She was so sarcastic and the whole experience was horrendous.
1. She started saying she can fly HK gowns over for us to choose etc. Meaning we have to wait again. (At this point, we realised that her tactic is always to say she will bring things in from HK and tell us to wait etc.) We say we don’t want to wait already. Luckily our wedding date is not near, couldn’t imagine the stress we would have to face. We should have look through reviews from their Facebook page, as we saw similar issues raised by other customers as well

2. So she suggested to view gowns at their partner shop, which we had visited before but did not manage to find anything we like. She then sarcastically said, “FINE, I WILL BRING YOU TO THE MOST EXPENSIVE SHOP IN SINGAPORE CAN? I don’t believe you can’t pick any suitable gown.” She seems to think that bringing us to the most expensive shop will solve the problem.

3. Next, she threw her hand phone on the table and raised her voice “WHICH SUIT U LIKE? I MAKE FOR YOU, YOU SATISFIED?” At this point her tone and attitude is already very demeaning.

4. We brought up that this was not what she promised at BOWS. She admitted that it’s common that wedding vendors over promised during roadshows, and we should have known (How can a assistant general manager say such an irresponsible thing?) I told her that they are being dishonest to the customer and her attitude is unacceptable. She then said “Ok, I admit my attitude is wrong. So what? You expect me to kowtow and kneel to you all?!”

5. My HTB got agitated and asked how can she talked to us in this manner. She then accused that he was threatening her by raising his voice.

6. We were really disappointed so we requested to talk to HK main office to speak to the big boss. At this point, she started saying her boss is on the planes can’t attend to us etc.

7. We called HK office on the spot to complain about Maggie and request for refund. Concurrently, she started typing on her phone and taking photos of our invoice, which I believe is she telling HK main office her side of the story. But given her credibility, we had doubts on how she relate the whole case to HK side. HK side said they will give a reply by the next day so we decided to leave. Despite all these, we still say goodbye but Maggie had her back facing us and did not bother to see us out or say goodbye.

8. HK office called us back and said that they have reviewed the CCTV and saw Maggie’s actions. They apologised for Maggie’s bad service and offered to change the team etc, but we were too traumatised by the “service” we received from Maggie. And we insisted on the refund. They also said that they have already rendered services to us and hence we are not eligible for refund. HK also added that we should have list this as a requirement at the time of signing the package. (As if they would let us include this requirement to refund if we received bad service).

Overall, we feel that @Arlenewedding is dishonest and insincere. We think that the attitude of the staff shows much about the company, what more the attitude of the assistant general manager (Maggie). We deeply regretted giving them a chance at the start. They may seem very flexible to get you to sign the package but the problems will surface once you start on the after sales service. And I’m sure you will not want to deal with such bad attitude especially when you paid so much for the package.

We are writing this post to help all the brides/grooms out there to be careful of @Arlenewedding.