Anybody try permanent hair removal before?


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Hi all,
if interested can try Hairaway at The Delfi Orchard. I found it very effective in removing the hair permanently (the hair i 'zapped' abt a yr ago has not resurrected yet..) but its pretty costly at $350 per session & average person needs about 6-8 sessions. can check out their website:


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don't ask for the address cause it's not efective and expensive.
I went for a few courses at a few beauty salon and it is not effective at all.
At last one of the honest beautician told me the secret...
It takes approx 1 year - 2 years of IPL to enable all hairs to be removed and do not grow back!
In 2-3 years you will have to repeat the procedure again...
I'm not that rich and I wish I could tape down or had all their claims in writting and SUE them for false information!!


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Hi Jolene,

If you are reading this thread again, would you kind include me in your email distribution for the doctor you have visited?

Thank you.


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Hi all
I have just joint this forum.
Just to share with you about the purpose of hair growth in our various parts of our body.
Especially,longer and coarser(terminal)hairs grow thickly where they are needed for extra protection:- eyelashes-filter out dust and dirt and shade the eyes from excessive sunlight,eyebrows-protect the eye area and 'cushion'the brow bone,scalp hairs-prevent heat loss from the body and protect against inury to the head, underarms/pubic area-protect against friction, body hair-provides some insulation and has a sensory function linked to the production of sebum(oil).
There are 3 stages of hair growth-Anagen(active stage),Catagen(transition stage)and Telogen(resting stage).The only way to stop this cycle permanently is to destroy the structures involved with responding hair cells. Treatment with electrical epilation can do this.
Hope you will benefit from my sharing.


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whether the IPL is effective or not it really depends on individual's hair follicles, energy set, and the machine. the machines in the salons or spas are not medical grade, so they can't deliver fast and effective results.
For clinic wise, the IPL machine they have is also important. The newer machines have better technology and gives better results.


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Hi, anyone recently went for hair removal of any kind that's good? Or anyone has recommendations for any doctors who do hair removal as opposed to salons? Thanks.


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Has anyone try DPL (Dynamic Pulse Light) technology at Only Aesthetics? I have seen this advertisement on April issue of Shape magazine. It claims to be able remove hair for good and its better than IPL. Let me know if anyone has tried it. Thks


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Hi, I'm thinking of going for IPL but thought that it's kind of embarrassing to go to the salon with such hairy legs and underarms (cos need to avoid shaving for like 1 week?). Can someone share their first time experience? Thanks!!


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HI all...i went for ipl hair removal and it's the BEST invention on earth...haha..i don't have to shave anymore..maybe once a week now? anyway, the hair growth is really slow and the hair is so fine. I went to this clinic called "The Medical Practice" at One Raffles Link. The doctor is Dr Kho.
I don't find the treatment expensive. One session costs $150 and there is a 10% discount if you can pay 4 sessions at a go. I just went for 5 sessions and my "Hair" problem is solved now.


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hello, i just checked with Beauty Express for their rates for IPL underarm cos I already have another package there (which i bought when i was younger and naive). it costs $3000+ AFTER 50% discount. And to get the 50% discount, you MUST buy 3 products which total $2500+.. madness right? I have made appointment with Summit to do mine : )


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I tried IPL before with a GP for underarm, the hair is not removed completely but becomes very fine. However, after about 2 years, the coarse hair starts to grow back and it's like back to square one!! So I don't trust IPL anymore.

Now, I'm giving it a second try with the Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) at Amore on my legs. It's suppose to be more effective. It's been a year now, the results I feel are better though you still have fine hair. Really keeping my fingers crossed that it'll last. But still ... way better than waxing every month.
Hi all,

Re: Laser Hair Removal - Private Practice or Hospitals?

I read that National Skin Center, as well as hospitals like NUH and Mount Alvernia, provide Laser Hair Removal treatments. Has anyone gone there for hair removal? Care to share the experience and perhaps pricing?

From various forums, it seems like most people consult doctors from private practice instead. Wonder if hospitals provide just as good service but at lower rates?


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hi all

Can someone tell me why the contacts for the doctor at Boon Keng is being kept so secretive?

If not, can someone post this publicly please? Thanks


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Hi all,

I have done IPL for my underarm and Laser hair removal for my brazilian.

IPL 4x for underarm at Genenis at Raffles Hotel Level 2 done by Doc Ho.

Laser hair removal for brazilian at Ageless aesthetic with Dr Lam.

I would say result is good.


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Hi, I came across spa ziwi in several forums and saw many good reviews on this spa especially for hair removal for armpits, legs and etc.. There are remarks like they are cheap and effective and not pushy.

In one of the forum, I came across their website on their IPL services and checked it out. It is very informative and also very tempting. It is They use UK-made IPL and have UK-certified therapists.

I am considering to go there for IPL hair removal trial for my lower legs and armpits which cost $68 and $28 only, maybe I will do it next week & share with you after that.


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Hi there,
I did my IPLs for underarms at Dr BC Ng.
I saw pretty good results after my 2nd session.

Previously, my underarms are of a dark shade due to plucking and there's alot of unsightly bumps too! But after I went for IPL, it not only reduce the hairgrowth it also lighten my underarms and got rid of the bumps!

I'm delighted with the results!


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hi gals,

got an amore $50 spa voucher. can use for permanent hair removal/full bodymassage/purity facial/body contouring. no min. amt. spent required. PM me if anyone is interested. must use by 31st march 2009.


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Hi all,
I have tried laser hair removal treatment at a clinc called Orchard MD located at Taka. It has very good result even though with only 2 sessions of armpit. Machine used is called Medlite, very effective to remove hair, and also can reduce dark pigmentation, unwanted smell too. I used to pluck my hair every 2 weeks, now after using this laser treatment, the hair growth is slower & finer. there is no 100% hair removal which IPL salons claim to have.. Even the doctor said that. the charge is $100 for 1 armpit, $150 for 1 leg. No hidden charge..


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i am interested as well.can i have the add and tel no for the doc at boon keng?also, you know how the doc charge for leg hair removal.
summit charge/ sarah charge 300.


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I did IPL Hair Removal for armpits at Spa Ziwi. Mine were cleared in 8 treatments and just signed one package for lower legs as they have grand christmas offer. Trial for underarms $28, lower legs $68. 10 session package is now about $560 for armpits and $888 for lower legs. 15 sessions package is cheaper but i guess i sign the 10 session first.


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I signed Regina's "IPL underarm hair removal" @ $388 (for unlimited sessions) meaning service for lifetime. =)

They're good as I've visible results upon 1st treatment. Very detail is understanding the status of the customer before performing the IPL services.

Thumbs up!!


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Hi Jay Jay,

You can call them @ 6438 0010/6438 0020.
My consultant is Lisa. She very friendly and easy going. You can ask her as many questions as you want.

As for me, I arrange an appointment with them cos over the phone they can't examine my skin conditions. During the consultation, the therapist and consultant examine me thoroughly, my body hormones & skin conditions to see if I'm suitable for IPL before they perform the treatment on me. Though it takes some time but I feel safe. =) Till now I'm happy with my results.

If ya really keen in removing your unwanted hair, I suggest to arrange an appointment with them. Oh ya you need not worry if they're the hard core pushy sales type. Cos from my experience they're not. So no obligations. =)


wow derine, that good a deal? So did you pay in full for it? Its not done by Drs? By e way, where is it? Any website?


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Hi mel ng (phantazia),

Yet I paid in full. =)
Its not done by Drs.

Regina is @: 16 Collyer Quay #02-11, Hitachi Tower S049318 (Near Raffles City MRT station)

I'm going for my next appointment. Will update u guys on my results. =)


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I was recommended by my fren to GloAesthetics for permanent hair removal treatment. I did underarms hair removal and i see very good result after 2 treatments. The prices are very reasonable and the staff are very friendly and not pushy at all. I am very happy and am going for legs hair removal package soon



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how many times did it take to work for you gals to have the hair at underarms totally removed?

i went for 1 session so far only.


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Hi Sprouts,

I did 2 times so far, my underarms hair already grow slower and much lesser..i have 4 treatments to go, will update you


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hi yaya1009sg,
age 15 can do or not? i don want wait 3 years....
then need how many sessions then can see results for upper lips? help pls... and how much for leg and arms? can provide link?