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I held my wedding at Peach Garden @ OCBC in June 2022, and would like to share my experience for couples who are considering this venue!

My husband and I booked the venue in August 2021. We picked the place because of the good food reviews, central location, and how the packages fit well into our budget. The main dining hall has two large pillars near the front, but we were ok with that.

Over the 10 months of planning, PG imposes changes and conditions which created a lot of stress for us. There were also issues during the actual day:

1) Three weeks before the wedding, PG texted to inform that we no longer meet the minimum pax requirement to use the entire main dining hall due to easing of covid restrictions (we met the requirement when we booked the venue during stricter covid restriction period). Hence, they will partition the hall for dine-in/walk-in customers. They offered us options to top up the tables, or to have the whole hall but give up our bridal changing room. The latter option was not going to work for us in any way (the bride [me] will have to change and do my makeup touch up in the unused staff toilet). Thus, we gave up and agreed for them to partition the hall.

2) The night before the wedding, the sales manager texted to inform that we will be given the whole hall after all, as there are not a lot of other customers. We thus edited the finalised the floor plan at night. During the wedding, however, the restaurant was very full and they seated customers along the corridor, right outside the wedding hall. It was awkward for my husband and I to stand beside a table of dining strangers while we waited for our march-in etc.

3) Despite us finalising the floor plan the night before event, the restaurant printed out the wrong (old) floor plan and messed up the seating plan. Some of my important guests were tucked away at the back of the hall, far from the stage.

4) The banquet manager was extremely inexperienced, considering the history of the restaurant and how PG @ OCBC sells itself as a fine dining establishment. Although the programme and key timings were conveyed to the restaurant in advance, the banquet manager was clueless and had to ask the emcees (bride's friends) instead of being the key person cueing them.

5) For those booking the main dining hall, do note that the servers come in and out of the hall when serving food to the other rooms (kitchen is located beside the main dining hall). Thus, there was a need to wait for servers when marching in, and there were just a lot of additional people going in and out of the hall.

In a nutshell, PG has affordable packages (but not super cheap), the location is central, the decorations are quite nice, and the food is generally agreed to be good. However, the venue management may impose last minute changes which can be very stressful for couples in their wedding planning journey. Hope this post adds information that will be useful for all you brides-to-be!
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