Any Pet Grooming service to recomend..

Discussion in 'Anything Under The Sun' started by von, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. sakana

    sakana New Member

    Hi! just saw thise thread. You can try Rompin Doggies. I bought my puppy from them and their after service is very nice!

    Rompin' Doggies
    No. 2 Lim Tua Tow Road
    Singapore 547710
    Tel: 62896912
    Opens Daily
    Mon - Sat: 10am - 8pm
    Sun / PH: 12pm - 8pm

  2. kite~

    kite~ Active Member


    my pup hasnt gone through all vaccinations. Is it advisable to bring her for grooming as she is just 3mths old? cos i m afraid she might get diseases outside w/o the vaccinations yet.

    so how? any advise?
  3. cody

    cody New Member

    should be ok lah, but if really want to take precaution, you can contact my groomer who comes to my house to do the grooming.

    here are his contacts:
    Kelvin Koh
    Mobile: 9730 0296
    (tell him that cody recommended)
  4. dabee

    dabee New Member

    3mths old only dun need to groom lar. better to vaccin ur pup first
  5. shane

    shane New Member

    JRs being short coated dogs are easy to groom by yourself. They just need to get their ears clean, nails clipped. Not sure if they have paw fur, if yes, then just trim away. As for anal sacs, u can also squeeze them yourself. It's kinda yucky, but after awhile it's alrite.
    You can save some $ doing grooming for ur own dog and bond with ur dog as well. [​IMG]

    I groom my own dogs myself as well.
  6. kite~

    kite~ Active Member

    Hi gals,

    mine is a maltese leh, very fury n puffy. her fur seems so long now even though she is 3mths yr old. neccessary to groom n trim her fur?
  7. weishien

    weishien New Member


    Maltese need to be groomed frequently cos the fur at their paws will grow long... They need to be keept clean if not tear stain will appear.

    I recommend this groomer for maltese n shihtzu
    Annie Pet Corner (at Toa Payoh)
    Tel: 6352 8100
  8. chalris

    chalris New Member

    Had Feng with me today.
  9. dec03wedding

    dec03wedding New Member

    hi, all

    i bring my bichon frise to dog care at mt pleasant hospital whitley (won't recommend the vets there, but that's another story).

    anyway, the groomers at dog care are excellent - gentle and patient with my boy who can't stand having his legs and paws groomed... maybe scarred by experience with previous groomers at a nth-eastern branch of a certain huge petshop chain (should have given heed to my misgivings abt their grooming area being totally out of public view and fact that they had been knocked by spca for using water bottles and too small cages for their pets on sale).

    well, the time he came back with a horrid rash around the stomach and groin area from too close a razor clipping, we decided enough was enough. so what if it's cheaper by a bit. that $5-10 saved is not worth my boy's discomfort.

    apart from the doggy biscuits my boy gets after his grooming and the little cute bow on his head (love those! the equivalent of the drink we get at hair salons and the finishing touch of a professional coiffure), the groomer at dog care also checks-in with the furbaby and parent client before the grooming to see what needs to be done, giving time for proper goodbyes etc. and checks-out after the grooming by giving feedback on how baby behaved, any follow-up needed, grooming tips, etc. basically just making sure everything is alright.

    dog care is also a grooming school which means they teach the other groomers in town. of course, it also means that your pet may be attended to by a student groomer (which reminds me.. must ask them the next time why no cheaper rate if cut by student..hmm..) but, in any case, from what i've seen of them, think it only makes them gentler around the animals for fear of incurring the teacher and clients' wrath, perhaps.

    anyway, if you're interested think they've got a website, too. maybe you want to check google or yahoo?

    just thought i'd share.

    then again, maybe i'll give feng a call, too :p .. then don't have to go to mt pleasant which nearly killed my chihuahua (vet recommended euthanasia. we refused. if die also must die at home. in the end he lived another 6yrs) and managed to kill my in-laws' maltese (wouldn't have gone there for the world but it was new yr's day and they were the only clinic open. would have opted for autopsy but didn't want to prolong their grief so told them death was inevitable. i have my doubts).

    hmm.. guess i told the other story after all :p
  10. breemer

    breemer New Member

    incidently, feng is a graduate from dogcare. Heard a petshop owner say that she normally will recruit groomers from dogcare cos they're generally of quite high standards.
  11. chloef

    chloef New Member

    hi all, any groomers to recommend for Westie?
  12. yun76

    yun76 New Member

    hi for those who engaged Feng b4.. is she still come ur hs do grooming? her charges still the same?
  13. kellyng81

    kellyng81 New Member

    Hi all,

    My groomer is holding a US recommended cert. His teacher is well-known in Singapore who has lots of regular. She got her cert in US. Really very friendly and patience groomer whos a dog lover himself so u dont have to worry to hand ur dogs
    to him. Hes located at 2Kovan road #01-04 Simon Plaza S(548008)=)
  14. fresh

    fresh New Member

    Gotten info that she is on confinement now. Too bad , wanted to try her service but wrong timing. Heard that she's good.
  15. beebeegal

    beebeegal Member

    hi angela,
    feng recommended her friend, janet to groom my westie. janet is pretty patient with my doggie & during the whole grooming session, she keeps talking to my little furkid[​IMG] janet's contact nos. 96901317.
  16. diamond42

    diamond42 New Member

    Hi bbgal,

    Janet come to your house for the grooming or u need to send your furkid over?
  17. ceciliatan

    ceciliatan New Member

    any comments on the groomers at Upp Thomson? eg. furkids, joy doggy or royal petique :)
  18. september

    september New Member

    one of them hv a bad reputation and hv a case file wif CASE....
  19. ceciliatan

    ceciliatan New Member

    got file with CASE? oh dear thats not very good....
  20. autumni76

    autumni76 New Member


    anyone knows of any good westie groomer who knows westie cuts and will not cause the fur to become soft soft and will come to house to cut fur one?

    pls recommend. Thanks.
  21. yc_mw

    yc_mw Member

    Hi Sun_flower, tink u can try Bark & Bubbles. They have got good reviews from Forumners..
    Check out the webbie bah.

    My furkid always go there..
  22. autumni76

    autumni76 New Member

    piglet, you go to dogs forum?

    i heard from my westie's breeder, there's a way of cutting to allow the coat become rougher when it has grown long.

    need to look for a really good groomer.

    bark & bubbles know westie cuts well? and can fetch my boy or not? To and fro?


    any other recomendations pls
  23. pkum

    pkum New Member

    hi ppl, any good groomer in sengkeng to recommend?

    I just got a 3mth old pekingese. i have not bath a dog for a long time kinda rusty.

    can u advise what does the home groomer do when they come to your house?

  24. yc_mw

    yc_mw Member

    Hi Sun_flower,

    Yer. Just goin & look c look c lor. I tink the method u're refering to should be call Hand-Stripe ba.. Heard my fren who has a MS mention bout it b4 leh.

    Their full grooming is $45 for full grooming, transport is free der lor. Unless u only want basic grooming, then tink got $10 bucks der transport fee.
  25. princess_hazy

    princess_hazy New Member

    You can try pets and family. They handle pets with good care and maybe can give u some advice whwn u ask questions...
  26. ngfifi

    ngfifi New Member

    Try Singapore Pets at 92211558 (Jeron), juz says recommended by Jennifer

    Tink they charges abt $45 for small/medium breed
  27. mitzi

    mitzi New Member

    hi, am also looking for a good groomer around sengkang [​IMG] do give ur recommendations..
  28. sensech

    sensech New Member

    My MS went for grooming at Noo Age Dog. It's at Teban Gardens but I think they provide transport service. There is this couple who lives in SengKang but sends their retriever to the pet shop for day boarding every day.
  29. diamond42

    diamond42 New Member

    Hi Mitzi,

    Not sure do you still looking for a good groomer around sengkang? My groomer stay in Sengkang and does house calls or you can send your pet to her place for grooming. I have been with her for 4 years.

    My shih tzu was badly abused during one grooming session at one of the petshop located in Upper Serangoon Road when my lady groomer was pregnant. Ever since that fateful incident, she is the only one who can calm my shih tzu during grooming. If you are interested, i can provide her contact here. [​IMG]
  30. happylace

    happylace New Member

    Hi diamond,

    I need a good groomer around sengkang.

    Can i have your groomer contact ?

    how much does she charge if i send my dog over ?
  31. sherry79

    sherry79 New Member

    u can try this Bow Wow 63836019, located in Nam Peng building in Upper serangoon rd. They can arrange to pick up your furkids. My maltese got a nice cut everytime. Think small/medum abt 40bucks. I dun like to walk in cos shop is quite untidy hahaha.. other than that, the groomers are all pretty nice...[​IMG][​IMG]
  32. xta

    xta New Member

    Wow.. ur maltese is soooo cute!
  33. sherry79

    sherry79 New Member

    heehhe.. thanks.. i love her to the very bits too!

    If u intend to get a puppy.. shld try visiting this kennel near the pet hotel in lorong halus...

    Their pups are so healthy and adorable..
  34. yun76

    yun76 New Member

    anyone who visited hotdog at river valley, pls ensure them won't lose ur dog when grooming.

    That's happened to me. after hearing all e comment on hotdog. i gave it a try, brought my dog for grooming but who know that day was the last day of seeing my dog.
  35. tingz

    tingz New Member

  36. sherry79

    sherry79 New Member

    Apple: u mean they lose ya dog while grooming? My god.. didnt they do anything after that?
  37. yun76

    yun76 New Member

    yes. they called me evening time said can collect my dog. who know less than 5mins called again say my dog sneaked out frm back door. I quickly rush down to join in e search (im preggie that time, edd just 3 days apart) for 3-4hrs. But still cannot find.

    Den they did advertised on paper after 1-2 days. Printed notice.. but still can't find.. haiz
  38. barberry84

    barberry84 New Member

    My sister went to De Groomer for her dog grooming regularly. Want to know more, perhaps you can check your PM..
  39. xta

    xta New Member

    Mine goes to Annie Pet Corner or Bark And Bubbles.. They are quite good..

    Oh btw, if you ladies need tuxedos and wedding gowns for your doggies, do check out this website:
  40. phoenix_sky31

    phoenix_sky31 New Member

    My dogs go to Petz Couture & Grooming Salon every month for grooming. The owner does everything herself. She will pick up my dogs, check with me and confirm the style i want and then later in evening she will sent the dogs back personally. Thats wat i want. Personal touch. And during holiday seasons, she will give small pressies to the dogs. I also order my dogs food from her too.
    check out her blog
  41. tomidia

    tomidia New Member

    hi, anyone knows if Feng still do grooming?
  42. blueberrytea

    blueberrytea New Member

  43. evililicious

    evililicious New Member

    Hi... I'm looking for those freelance groomer who is able to come up to my house to do grooming for my Gal (Yorkie) Any recommendation?

    I used to engaged the very 1st groomer who came up last time. i think* her name is Janet? (Her name card is in light purple color) but I've lost it =(
    When she came up to groomer my Gal she will bring along a table on her own.....

    Someone happen to engage the same groomer? If so, please email me her hp... Thanks alot =))
  44. blueberrytea

    blueberrytea New Member

    dear all,
    i'm urgently looking for a good groomer that I can send my westie to for a full grooming on this coming Thu/Fri.

    I require that the whole process, including bathing, to be able to be viewed by me, even if it's behind some glass panels.

    Do post here if you can recommend me any.

  45. klar1

    klar1 New Member

    Hi, I just wanted to give pet lovers here a heads up on a UK trained and certified dog groomer (she grooms cats/dogs) she has 18yrs experience and has groomed overseas in UK/USA/Taiwan/Canada, she grooms from home (amk/yck/lentor area).

    I'm not sure if I can actually put up her details and website here but if you're keen, pls PM me and I will provide you with her details.
  46. maylitte

    maylitte New Member

    we have a Shih Tzu ourselves and were being told to bring her to Norris on 37 Caine Road (do not know the name of the shop, close to escalator). Norris listens to your requests and knows how to deal with dogs in a gentle way. After 2 hours we could collect a happy, clean dog. He charges HKD 380. We will certainly go there again. I really have the comfy feeling that he likes dogs but at the same time knows how to handle them. We will certainly bring her to Norris again. Succes!
  47. Stephen0426

    Stephen0426 New Member

    I can understand your problem ,you can groom your pet yourself at your home by using pet vaccums.
  48. Mandolindeee

    Mandolindeee New Member

    Dollhouse pets! Kampong bahru rd. They have such cute doggies and the place is big as well!
  49. Sanchester

    Sanchester New Member

    Any good groomer who allows the puppy owner to be around when he or she grooms?

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