Renovation & Interior Furnishing with budget


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This post is not an advert and I purposely omit details of any company, brands and names. I'm just really grateful and impress with the works and wish to help such a good contractor. If you want the contact and more information, I can privately msg you.

Details: Resale Condo (Loft 2 room unit)
Dmg: 2k~
Works Done: Interior Films (wardrobe, bedframe, flooring, wall), Handyman works, Space planning,

Hi All,

I've been staying at hillier condo for 3 years and everything is starting to be stained and falling apart. My husband and I bought this unit because its small, cozy & modern but now its getting further and further away from our initial ideal home.

After moving in, we had accumulated quite a lot of things(rubbish) throughout the years and its scattered all over. The idea of renovation and repainting works dread us because how are we suppose to move all the things and furniture. On top of all that, budget is our top concern.

Just last month, we went to my colleague place and it was so different from when we visited her place a year ago. She told us that she initially wanted just wall paper and engage a wallpaper contractor. Turn out he used to be an interior designer, gave her ideas and solutions. Apparently the wallpaper company do not just do wallpaper. She spend less than 2k and man.. Im surprise at what a transformation it made with just 2k. Best part, the whole thing just took a full day to complete. Im sold. Asked for the contact and there we go.

Called the number to make an appointment, I was impressed that he could meet us at 8pm on the same day we called. He advised us on how we can just transform our space with minimal moving just by using something call interior film(never heard of it). He even gave us quite a few tips on how we can do up our house with minimal moving and budget. We don't even need to pack and move out from the unit when works are carrying out (something i fear). I was the one pushing my husband to renovate the unit and he was sceptical but after our consultation, he was the one being sold whereas i prefer to sit and consider our options.

The whole consultation took about 2 hours and it just felt like he was not there to sell us anything because he did not push for a specific service/product that his company carry. We signed on that day for a partial revamp. He told us that we can try a small area and if we like what we see, we can always add on to the whole house without any charges or trouble. The package cost about 1.5k to change the wardrobe, bed frame and flooring design and colours.

On the day itself, 3 guys came to work at 10am. We did not need to move any furnitures but we did clear some of our clutters. By 4pm, its done. My husband and i was so impress by the huge change in concept. The professionalism of both the sales and the worker made the whole process smooth and easy. Im really very impressed to the point I took time off to write this hoping this can help him and his business. This experience is really the best experience i had with any contractors that i had to deal with.

I tried my best to keep it a short post but its still longer that i wished to. I omit out quite a bit of details to keep it short. If you have any question or wish for more information, im more than happy to share it with you.

P.S the consultation is free and casual with no pressure or sales talk.