Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package


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Appreciate if you can send me the checklist [email protected]



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I have a very comprehensive package from Yvonne Creative to let go due to some personal reasons. Original $3088 and i have paid $1088. Willing to let go at $700.

Pls email me at [email protected] if you are interested.



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Sorry, there's a typo error. It should be $800.

Pls email me if you are interested and i'll send you the details.



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Hihi, I am interested to have the checklist for bridal package as well. can someone send me at
[email protected]?

What's the current trend like? I heard the pricing for SG is now 3.5k avg n inclusive of AD photographer??


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Dear all,

I am interested to have a copy of the checklist as well. Can you email me at [email protected]?

Has any one compared packages between KL and Spore? If so, can you share with me your final decision?

Thank you.


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hello.. Can some kind soul please email the checklist to me as well? I am at a lost as to sign up during bridal show or at the shop where i can try their gowns


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I got a attractive wedding package from Santiago and Z wed signed up last year. My hubby is posted to United States.. so we will postpone our wedding.

Heee... we manage to get a bargain. My package is $3288. Paid 1688 already.. now letting go at $1000 only.You can choose from z wed if you cant find your gown as they are sister company

consists of:

-1 wedding Gown
-1 evening gown
(either one MTM)
-Fresh flower for studio
-8 corsages
-make up for studio and actual day
-6 outfits for photoshoot
-4 bridemaids
-2 father jackets
-1 mtm groom pant to keep
-40 poses 15r
-1 20x24 portriat
-2 6r album (duplicate of selected poses)
-buy back all photo at $800 upon top up photo
-free Rom package
-Actual Day Car (mercs e class)
-Actual day photograhpy (8hrs)
-1 talebe top
-1 guest book
-300 thankyou cards with photo
-fresh flowers for actualy day
-car deco

PM me if u keen for it... letting go soon, as I be flying off with my hubby end of Aug this yr. My email is [email protected]



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hi jiahui, can you share with me the package from The Aisle Bridal? Thank you!

[email protected]

hi badday, did u sign with Aisle?

I've not personally gone down to Aisle but is making plans to. I see that they have Vietnam PS which is really exotic imo.