Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package


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sososo sorry all! I'm so new to this forum thing, not sure why cannot PM and how to PM, so many of you asking for my package,think i post here better:

Pre-Wedding Items:
•Up to 2 Bridal Gown and 2 Evening Gown for the Bride for pre-wedding photography (Basic)
•Up to 2 sets of suits for groom for pre-wedding photography (Basic)
•Up to 4 sets of make-up and hair-do for Bride and Groom (ampoule and fake eyelashes exclusive)
•Rental of silk flower hand bouquet for pre-wedding photo shoot
•Free alterations for all chosen gowns and suits
•Free rental of accessories, veil and can-can to match your chosen gowns
•Free laundry for all rented gowns and suits
•No limit in changes of personal clothes for pre-wedding photography
•1 pc Photo Book with 24 returned images in 20 pages
•8 hour session of photography, including make-up and break time and transportation for up to 2 venues (choice of studio & outdoor or full outdoor)
Actual Day Items in Package:
•1 pc Bridal Gown and 1 pc Evening gown for the bride (Basic)
•1 suits for the Groom (Basic)
•2 pcs Fathers’ suits
•1 pc Chinese Kua or cocktail dress for tea ceremony
•Up to 4 pcs Brides’ Maids dresses
•Free alterations for all chosen gowns and suits
•Free rental of accessories, veil and can-can to match your chosen gown
•Free laundry for all rented gowns and suits
•1 pc basic hand bouquet for the Bride
•Matching corsage for the Groom
•4 pcs standard red roses corsages for the parents
•Bridal Car Decoration, with max. 6 pcs accompanying car ribbons
•1 Day and 1 Evening Make-up for the Bride (Ampoule and Eyelashes exclusive)
•Free rental of ring pillow and flower basket if required by couple

I upgraded 1 classic gown for my photoshoot and took only 1 white gown and 1 evening gown cos i dun think i want to change so many times. AD gown I upgraded to a super premium. Added $600 for all my soft copies. Spent only $3618. I think it's a steal cos my hubby & i went to a few bridal shops in tanjong pagar and asked around too, after comparing, we saved at least $5K cos of the number of pictures we got back!!!


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oh forgot to tell u all, they have a few packages, i almost signed for the $3688 package dun need some items, so jacelyn asked me if i wanted to take the $2380 package instead. saved another $70 ;)


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Hi ladies I have signed up a indoor PS package with Thomson and was just wondering if any of u BTB's chose your own photographers and which one is good?


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Hi All, I am new to the forum. Wedding date planned March 2012 but just started looking for wedding package i.e pre wedding photos, gown, location etc.
Can anyone guide me along if I should take my pre-wedding photo in Singapore, Malaysia, Bintan or Taiwan?!


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Anybody used the AD $688 photographer before? Tot the package very reasonable but just wondering how is the attitude? Saw their sample, look quite good compare to other BS, manage to capture the feeling of a wedding. The lady Jacelyn, told me the photographer is from Indulgz Photomoments, only have this package with Bridal Affairs bcos i emailed to the company and they say don't open this package through their company, must get exclusively from Bridal Affairs. My hubby & i already signed for the gowns but considering taking this add on for our AD photos. Please advise if anyone use Photomoments or this AD package before. TQ


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nyone interested in buying my pre-wedding photoshoot package with LISHE bridal?

My package as below:
Royal Precious-Collection in 12" 30 poses @ S$2XXX

1) 12" with 30 poses photo album (additional mini album x1)
2) 2 White Gowns
3) 3 Evening Gowns
4) 5 Styles
5) 24" carved frame with Canvas Photograph
6) 100pcs thank you cards (additional x 200pcs)
7) 10" Crystal Picture Frame (additional Ferris Wheel frame x 1)
8) 1pc CD-Room of all selected photo
9) Studio shooting and out-door scene shooting for a whole day
10) Bridal veil and hair ornaments provided
11) Groom's tuxedo and formal suits x few sets, ancient chinese costume x 1 set
12) Waist cummerbund, shirt and boutonniere for groom x5
13) Guest Book x 1
14) FOC 2 nights stay at their selected hotel
15)sister card with cover 4R x40

Selling at S$1500

this package can keep for 5 years and we just bought on nov 2011.

Please kindly drop an email to me if interested to buy and enquiry: [email protected]

Thank you

Best Regard,


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Hi all,

To those who r still looking for bridal packages, I hav signed mine with White Link, and the sales person is Ellice (9006 1681)

Service is good, and she has given me a very gd package at $3k. I'll be chosing my wedding gowns soon, as my wedding date is in July!


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Hi, We have put a deposit of $406.60 for My Dream Wedding Package however, my wife is unable to find a gown that suits her. Therefore, we hope to find someone who is interested to know more about the package and willing to buy over from us. We will not want you to follow our footstep so before you buy over from us i want to make sure you have tried and like the gown. Please let me know if you are keen. ([email protected])


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Hi XingLing (daddylonglegs), just wanted to ask you how is the service provided by Bridal Affairs?

Any other BTBs signed up with Bridal Affairs?
Care to share your experience?

We are thinking to visit them because we like the works of one of their photography partners. But not sure about how are their gowns and after sales service.

Thanks in advance!