Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package


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This is a list I compiled for my friend which I learnt when choosing my bridal package. Hope this will help other brides to be...


- No of photos – this is most impt. Most $3k package give u 24 pcs and upon bargaining might only top up to 30

- Cost of additional potos top up - $65 - $80 is standard mkt price. Rem to ask them whether smaller pieces is cheaper eg $35

- Photo album size. 12†x 15’ or 15’ x 20†And, whether they’ll give you a smaller album

- Digital ( magazine ) style or normal? And additional price per piece

- Do they do touch up on your photos? Santiago refused to do touch up for my sister as they claim they only do touch up for digital shots

- Most BS will give u a large framed up pix. Can change the frame or change to 3 smaller pix framed up?


- MTM or OTR? If, you take OTR, how many additional potos u have?

- How many pieces are u allowed to have on your actual day? Eg 1 kua/tea dress, 1 bridal gown and 1 evening dress?

- Groom’s jacket. How many pieces?

- Can the actual day gown be different from photoshoot gown?

- Can keep the gowns?

- If my customary and wedding dinner is 2 diff days, any additional costs?

- Any restrictions in choosing the gowns? Or you can choose any gown in the shop?

- Need to top up extra for more embroidery or lace?

- Will BS provide accessories for my photoshoot and also actual day? How many sets can I rent?


- Polaroid before every change in style?

- How many changes in style you’ll have? Change in make up also?

- Do u need to provide transport for photoshoot?

- Optional: If you want to have photoshoot spread over 2 days, how much extra u’ll have to pay?

- Able to get back negatives? And when?

- Need to pay MUA for $20 collagen & $15 false eyelashes for photoshoot?

- Fake or real bridal bouquet on actual day?


- Any additional costs to MUA besides $20 for collagen & $15 for false eyelashes?

- Need to give MUA transport costs?

- If MUA needs to reach my house before 6am, any additional charge?

- No of makeup sessions

- Same MUA for photoshoot & actual day?

- If my customary & wedding dinner is 2 diff days, any additional costs for MUA?


- free car rental & what brand & model?

- if downgrade to lower brand/model, can change for more photos?

- If dun want car, how many more pieces or reduction in package price?

- Driver provided?

Actual day photography

- is it provided?

- Who’s the photographer? Same as my photoshoot photographer?

- No of free rolls.

- Able to give me unlimited shots in CD rom?

- Any additional costs for photographer, eg transport costs & costs if he needs to be there by 6am.

Others ( these are additional things you can bargain for, most BS will give u )

- No of tabletops

- No of corsages for parents, bridesgroom, best man

- Rental of teadress for sisters ( with free dry cleaning & alteration charges )

- Father and father in law jackets ( as above )

- Any wrist corsages for brides or sisters?

- Guest book

- Can borrow ring pillow for ROM ceremony?

- No of pieces of thank you cards for friends

- Any free anniversary shots & for how long? If there is, how many free pieces are you entitled? And how much per top up piece?


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hi roxy

i've been searching for such a list. thanks soooo much for the info.


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Thanks so much, roxy. I have been looking for a reference to what I am looking for in a bridal studio.

Kudos to you!!


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I think i would like to highlight somemore on top of Roxy great help..

The photos album that given is usually without any artwork ..just full page of the photos..

If you want artwork or design in magazine style .. will be additional charges ? how they charges ?? If you choose the magazine style.. how they count the photos ?? if you top up for the magazine style.. ask them to give extra photo on top of the basic package..

No harm and do not feel shy to ask for more !! :p

For eg: if you do not want any table top, you can change to how many extra photo.. i would suggest to request only after you have bargain for extra photo lah .. :p

It is best to Ask for all the things that you will need or want to change before you have pay any deposit.. cos they want your business !!


Hi all,

Need advice on the following BUDGET Bridal packages:

$399 (Indoor only)
20 pcs x 5R
2 Wedding Gown + Bridal Make-up

$999 (Indoor & Outdoor)
20 pcs x 8R
1 Piece A3 Montage
3 Wedding Gown + Bridal Make-up

20 pcs x 10R Album
1 Piece A1 Montage
4 Wedding Gown + Bridal Make-up


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Hi Jessie, no offence here. wit the price u paying most of the bridal shop wil only let u try on few gowns which had been worn many hands b4. check on the ends of the gowns or try to smel it when they let u try. if u ned the new design gown then u wil ned to top up. so end uo the 2k package might end up a bom...


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Hi newbie here i would really like to ask a silly question.. r we allowed to try on the wedding gowns before deciding on any bridal studio?


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Hi Rene

Yes. They shld allow u to try on their gown. Insist that you want to try. If not, do not consider sign with them !


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Hi everyone

Can i ask for the main album when they stated in the forum 20pc is mean what? I dun see anyone mentioning the pages that the BS is offering.

I went to one bridal and they offer 20pg and 28 poses in 12X 15 size.
Hi Fantasayall

It means you will get an album of 15R size with 20 pages (excluding the front page). 28 poses means if you use one pose for one page, you have extra 8 poses which you can use it to design as digital style format. Means one page can have 2-3 poses and some pages are 1 pose only.

Of course they will then try to get you purchase more photos to design it as a story.

Honestly, 15R size is consider small and usually it's 18R and with only 28 poses, it's very little but I think this is a basic package.

For mine, I've 40 poses with 18R album of 20 pages too. This gives me at least 2 poses for 1 page.

Of cos bottomline is your priority. For me I like to have more photos so I will search for package with a lot of photos but some others may not need tat much. So you have to know what you really want and need.

Hope the above info is helpful to you.


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i compiled a checklist of things which one must look out for when shopping for a bridal shop...can PM me with you want


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Dear All,

Actually all bridal shops suck all your hard earned money dry by asking you to top up photos.
Why do you have to pay about $30-$100 just for one photo and can't get back the softcopy.

(Please wake up and open your eyes, why have to bargain so hard for additional photos or poses ?)
To a bridal shop owner " Ok, I give you more photos, I just do less photoshop for you, or give you a lousy photographer and make up artist ".
This is unheard of in other parts of the world.
This practice simply fleecing consumers money by subjecting newly weds to unnecessary debts.

I would suggest all to take up the photography elsewhere. It will cost you about minimum $1000, maximum about $4000 and you can get back all the photos. A professional photographer will not ask you to top up the photos.

My photographer gave me back in a CD (800 poses) in total. I can develop the photos anytime.

I also get a coffeetable album.

All costs less than $2500.

I did all ala carte so I can get the best services for photos, make up, and wedding gown.

You can rent a very nice wedding gown for only $350 for actual day and $80 for photo shoot.
Men's Suit rental at $50 .
Kua rental at $80
makeup artist at $500
Florist at $300 (Very nice flowers , about 30-40 blooms ones, imported flowers)
Actual day videographer at $800 only
Actual day photographer at $800 only

How ? all cost less than $6000
And you get the best of all, don't have to worry about bad service as you can always change the people who is serving you as they are independent of each other.


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You can look for Dreamz Wedding. 52A Rochor Canal Road. (The row of shophouses opposite bugis). It's a shophouse, the studio is above MacDonalds. very near Fu Lu Shou Complex


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Hi Tango Bride,

If I know you earlier, I can probably save at least a thousand dollars for all the necessary things for wedding.

Yes, I agreed with you. If I do ala carte, probably I will get the best services for every area.

My BS is terrible, all things need to charge. ANGRY ANGRY


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Hi Saddy

is it too late for you to change anything ?
If your actual day is 3 months away, you can always re-do your plannning.

My wedding date in Dec. I only started planning in early Sept. I finish my planning in 3 weeks flat. Me and hubby split our tasks.

Hubby good in negotiating, I am particular on service and details.

Hubby in charge of : Finding venue, calling hotels and negotiating with banquet coordinators.

Me in charge of :Wedding gown, make up artist, photography, florist, videography.

Customary procedure : together as need both family's agreement.

We were very efficient as we devote one hour each day for research. Or full weekend.

Music : borrowed CD from friends who just got married.
Appoint people to help you :
Look for most trusted people in each group:
Colleague, relatives, friends, (appoint 2 from each categories as your helpers).

Ask your friends and colleague to call on your behalf to RSVP (example, 1 person to call 2 table of people).


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hi Tango & Saddy,

Sometimes it depend on luck to get good services and reasonable package. I remember my cousin got one very good deals from one of the friend and she recommend her to those we needs.


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Hi Jenny,

As mentioned, your cousin has a very gd deal regarding wedding package. Can you pls provide more details? Like the bridal shop, contact details.. etc. Thanks.


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Hi Jiajia,

Usually bridal studio will allow u to try on before u sign (as they will wan to entice you with their range of gowns).... for me i also tried out at different bridal studio before deciding which 1 to sign on...


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Hi All,
Just want to share my experience with everyone, previously i was deciding between:
a. $3998 package
- excludes PS but ties up with famous photographers that charge $1000 - $1500 (don't remember how many photos, think about 30 pcs)
- MTM WG & EG (to keep), MTM men's suit (to keep)
b. $3777 package
- includes everything but WG & EG are off the shelf.

Naturally with a budget in mind, i took the (b) $3777 package.

1. i top up $1500 for photos so end up i spend the same amount as package (a)
2. my photographs (esp. indoor ones) are not what i wanted and the photographer's angle made me looked fat (we did communicate with him b4 hand) We top up cos my hub wants memories
3. my BS tells me now that they have no halter and very limited sweetheart neckline WG. Reason: s'pore brides don like it so didnt bring fr Taiwan. Imagine this! And before i sign for package (b), BS said they will bring whatever i want from wherever n if all else fails, then they will MTM one for me as long as the design is popular!!! SO what now?

why i would choose package (a) if given another choice:
1. MTM has different meanings in different BS. Most cheaper BS just ask u for photos, make a gown using cheap material and lace, and charge u extra for extra lace, crystals, embellishments etc They produce what u want, without considering suitability (as with the price they charge, they do not have the professionals that can give such advices). Then another kind of MTM is the designer kind where they let u try different designs to first determine suitability, then sketch your dream WG. This is with special consideration for what kind of necklines are suitable, what kinds of materials are suitable to create the perfect look, what kind of colors suits u, and most importantly, you create a gown that is of the correct length. (so u don have to be in the curtsy position by holding the 2 sides of yr WG, or buy highly uncomfortable 5" or if u r tall, flat shoes, just because yr WG is off the rack and length cannot be altered!
2. i get professional photographers, that is more impt than having 80 pcs of unflattering photos
3. i can have my flattering sweetheart or halter necklines on what could possibly be the most impt day of my life, SIMPLY becos they are more suitable for me, and not becos the rest of spore are more suitable for bustiers!!!!!!!
4. i get to keep 1 EG, and 1 men's suit

point made, and will be glad to share more


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Hi Gracie

Lots of bride have the same experience as yourself.
We must be more vocal so there are some standards in the wedding industry.

I really do not understand how come bridal shops limit the customers wedding photos to only 30
Imagine, you have only 30 photos for your wedding.

All the dressing up, make up, slimming is only for the 30 photos. Tats why most people will top up more photos and end up paying much more..


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Hi Tango Bride

Thanks so much for sharing! I think its a wonderful idea of yours. My Hubby & I are having headache after hearing so many bad service from BS from friends.

Would you mind to share your contacts for the Wedding gown, make up artist, photography, florist, videography?

My email is : [email protected] =)


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Hi all, i'm new here.. me and fiance planning to get maaried next year Dec or Jan 09. still deciding due to most of his relatives are base overseas.. meanwhile, we are not sure where to start of.. and what are the things we need to do.. is there anyone who can help us out by giving us some guidelines what to prepare and stuff like tat will be very much appreciated..

We have source for the wedding banquet and have tentatively booked the venue and will go back to our church to confirm the date.. and we are stuck here..

As wedding is once in our life time.. bet all girls wants it to be perfect to leave the good memories.. i would also like to check whether is there any BS we need to avoid or which BS is best recommended by all..

Hope someone will reply soon..

thanks in advance for helpin!